Thursday, November 04, 2010

Strange Abilities - 1 - Echo Location.

For a long time now I have been someone that adamantly doesn't believe in human limitations. Perhaps this is because ultimately I believe that we are all beings of a fundamentally spiritual nature, and even though this is something we often tend to forget on a day to day basis, occasionally the world offers me gentle clues and reminders that this is so. Thus, if you were to ask me if I believe that it's possible to ultimately live without food altogether, I would be inclined to answer "yes". Admittedly, I've yet to physically meet anyone that's put this fully, consistently into practice, and I don't doubt that for the most of us, were we to try, we would no doubt meet untimely ends.. However, I do here occasional news of supposed globally spread breatharians whose stories seem to me (perhaps naively) to be genuine. See for example the case of Prahlad Jani. I believe such incredible feats require to be entered into with a full awareness of ones essential spirituality, and without, are likely (though no 100% guarantee!) doomed to fail.

dan kisch teaching echo locationBut even still within the realms of the blatantly physical, the human body is capable of so much more than we are generally aware, incredibly, seemingly miraculous feats of strength, or endurance, or abilities to hold ones breath for extended periods of time, or withstand other extremes.

Recently I've been reading up on something called Echo Location. An ability normally reserved for the likes of sonar clicking Dolphins, Bats and possibly other blind nocturnal animals, but it seems that such qualifications are not restricted to these species alone. Indeed, there's a guy out there called Daniel Kisch who teaches people to echo locate, showing that it's a capability well within the reach of humans. Daniel himself is blind since barely a year old, and probably one of the first people to truly exploit this potential we all have.

This is Dan mountain walking with
a group of fellow echo locators

This is by far from being a one off phenomenon, with many other humans (especially sightless) recently also adopting the skill. I think you'll find the following video quite fascinating:

And if you think that's amazing, there are even dogs out there that use echo location as a means of getting around.. see this story of a German Spitz:

And similar:

Weird and wonderful stuff. (More info on Echo Location at Wikipedia)

a few days ago, taking a bath
Me, a few days ago, taking a bath in a wild creek