Saturday, December 18, 2010

Questioning greens on a fruitarian diet.

OK.. on the subject of greens, a friend has just emailed the following question: "What i would like to learn is that greens are not only unnecessary, but harmful to human bodies. This would be great information. Do you have an article on this, please paste me a link.". and, also relatively recently, another friend asked me "I'm just wondering if you had a list of reasons as to why greens are not an optimal food for humans? One of my clients keeps saying she is *craving* greens and I highly doubt it..".

OK, the first thing I'd like to establish is that much as I am heavily left brain centric, I consider myself to be more a man of faith than a man of science, and if all you're after is a simple yes/no answer, then I'll cut straight to the chase and tell you I don't know of any scientifically sound writeup as to why greens might be consistently harmful, or either for that matter, why someone might legitimately be craving them.

You've likely heard me quote this before, that Doug Graham once stated that if you eat only fruit, and no nuts, greens etc, you will die, and as far as I know, he also gave no valid explanation as to why he believes that. Personally, I want to make it clear, that being more someone of faith, than science, I don't like to state anything as stone cold fact. I'm just a bod with opinions who blogs them, is all, and I'll be the first to admit that they (my opinions) may not always be correct - even if I stand firm to them, and remain convicted that they are, this doesn't actually make it categorically the case.

Actually, even the so called "scientists" among us, are at heart really people of faith, for at the end of the day, it is in science they place their faith, and we all know how fickle a beast science can be. Some theories may have been reached that are difficult to dispute as fact, but concerning nutritional science, I believe we are barely scratching the surface. If you want to prove that meat is necessary for human consumption, there is internet information that will fully support that theory, blinding you with science to essential amino acids and B12s, and more. If you want to find support for the opposite, that too is out there.. they all try to blind each other with their own brands of science, each one trying to outsmart the other.

My approach is very different. Much as I once absorbed the protein books after turning vegan pushing 25 years ago, being able to recite the 9 essential amino acids names, and state their individual functions and effects their presence (or lack of it) might have upon human physiology, I soon saw that it was effectively all nonsense, and realised the truth is not complex. The truth is simple. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to get nutrition right. That, to me at least, is the truth.

But it's my truth.. my belief, if you will, and I am not robbing anyone else of their free will to find their own, even if it should vastly contradict mine. That is the individuals prerogative.

Back in the 60's there was that big hippy movement, seeing in the advent of supposed free thinking, live and let live, love, peace and flower power.. Unfortunately it came accompanied with its fair share of mind altering drugs and psychedelics, baring with them apathy and a gradual loss of ability to fully think straight, but I believe they were fully on the right track with the love and peace thing.. They saw the innecessity and folly of wars, some realised that we are all brothers and sisters, and one giant family. Others even took another step and embraced compassion for fellow animal species, turning vegetarian, and an even smaller minority likely saw yet beyond that, and adopted vegan diets and lifestyles, avoiding as much as they could all animal suffering. These were awakening people. At least, some of them were.

What they were experiencing was a widening of their circles of compassion. Where we go from initially being predominantly egocentric, to extending an enveloping sphere of love and compassionate protection around immediate family, to experiencing sympathy and empathy for friends and acquaintances, and yet further for members of other races, countries, ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, and supporters of other football teams etc.. Seeing them all as human and worthy of respect and dignity.. Widening the circle yet further, we learn to embrace other species too.. Seeing there is no real logical reason why they, purely based upon their difference of appearance and or intellectual capacities, should be any less respectfully treated and honoured.

The good thing about the circle of compassion, is that it sees no boundaries. One can forever keep extending the outer limits. Looking beyond the mistreatment and abuse of animals inherent throughout most of society as we know it, we can see the destructive effect our presence has on the environment and the rest of nature, and do our darnedest to try and minimise it. In defense of keeping the circle tight, people will often argue that you can't possibly ever encompass everything, and thus it's pointless even trying, but this argument is so irrelevant. Even if there are compromises and things still "get hurt", that is not reason for us to not make efforts and grow through doing so. It does not make us hypocrites if we acknowledge that there are times where our presence is unavoidably linked with the hurt of others. As we grow, we can learn to avoid such situations, not judging each other, but judging actions. Again, I'm not saying that anyone has to live their lives any given way, only stating how I chose to live mine, and how I chose to see mine progressing, and yes, how I believe the world would be better off, if others followed suit.. None of us are perfect, least of all me, (and i speak from experience!) but that should not prevent us from trying to improve ourselves.

Floating like an otter, and hopefully
breaking the monotony of my monologue.

But I've wandered off course from the greens topic. My point is, it is my belief that the old much quoted Beatles refrain "love is all you need" is true. It is love that makes the world go around. Not vitamins, colostrum, glycogens, omega 3s or fat soluble acids.. Even the most hardened cold blooded killers in the animal kingdom, crocodiles and the like, if it were not for love, they too would not survive. See how protectively the mother looks after her hatched young. guarding them with love until they are big enough to fend for themselves. Some might argue that this was some form of instinct, not love, but maybe in such cases, instinct and love are one and the same.. Of course, crocodiles are hardly brimming, bubbling and overflowing with love.. far from it, their circles of compassion barely extend beyond their known family within immediate territorial range, but this still doesn't stop love being the predominant driving force that keeps the species continuing.

Now armed with my "love is all you need" belief, and again, I emphasise the word belief, (because much as I myself stand firmly convinced I'm fully on the right track, I don't really know anything!), I think that taken to it's logical conclusion the universe must work and be at it's most harmonious and gentle, balanced when this principle is fully embraced, accepted and worked upon.

To this end, it would seem natural that we try to minimise the destruction of plant life, as well as animals.. And it would seem that nature has indeed provided us with a way to accomplish such an end, by providing us with the sensory appealing fruit pulp that generally bears within it the seeds of the plant. This appears to me to be the pinnacle of foods, and the only food, as such, that is truly "given". Of course, let's suppose hypothetically one could sustain oneself on minerals, rocks and sand and gritty soil, then that too could be considered as valid ethical fair, but to be sure, nowhere near as appealing!!

I believe the essence of Eden, where all life forms interact and live harmoniously symbiotically side by side in a perfectly natural balance void of medi-evil food chains, hunter/predator, live and let die, survival of the fittest, pecking orders and alpha pack leaders. I cannot fully grasp every final detail, but this does not concern me, I have every faith that the kinks will iron themselves out, and that Eden can and inevitably (the optimist within me!) will become a reality.. at least for those that see fit to let it into their hearts.

I like to think that I am extremely fortunate reaching fruitarianism through predominantly ethical reasons. Having first gone through the revelation call of suddenly waking up to the reality of how animals are used and abused.. Unfortunately probably a good many of raw fooders don't have that same foundation. Many having never fully grasped veganism, and seeking purely benefits to their own health. I won't name any names, but there's a good many outspoken raw fooders, some that many consider leaders in the movement, that still push animal products on the masses, and there's no way their belief system could extend to seeing "just fruit" as a valid choice. Of course they may push their dried fruit potions on us, as super foods and the like, and love fruit too.. but let's face it, they don't even really get raw food. (dried and preprocessed is not raw!).

So what holds us back? because I know that I am not alone in feeling these feelings. I think there's an awful lot of fear involved. people doubt themselves.. they doubt their beliefs and their budding convictions.. they say "what if..?" And they are of course perfectly within their rights to do so.. Having doubts is part of what makes us human. Becoming fruitarian is about taking a leap of faith, because we're ahead of our time, and science is not ready to support us yet. Clearly science is predominantly backed by marketing interests.. Research is rarely done unless there can be some financial gain for someone somewhere, and until that changes, it's unlikely that someone will seriously bother to look into pure fruitarianism, and the way things are at the moment, if someone does, it is more likely that they would do so to discredit and disprove it.. The current powers that be resist change!


Masood said...

It was amazing! The most logical and honest argument! You're something Mango!

Frederic said...

" because we're ahead of our time, and science is not ready to support us yet".

This a true statement but I also believe that we were Fruitarian millions years ago before we start eating meat. So I believe Fruitarism is our natural diet.

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Frederic said...

Freelee and DR have the tools to succeed but unfortunately for them it takes much more than that to finalize that success. The implementation of ideas is what is truly fundamental without it just does not work! During my long years of advertising in the corporate world I was able to come with highly creative ideas & was implementing most of my ideas successfully. But I have never been rewarded for my success. Why? Because I had no degree and was bothering the top Executive marketing vice presidents for doing their jobs. So I was getting no compensation for my efforts and was supported, tolerated by the Senior executives because I was helping out getting ahead of the competition. That crap is OVER I will never help those corporations anymore and that little Network of 30bad has acted the same way than my last employers arrogantly DENYING my results and now screwed with a few members per day, despite huge efforts with facebook and all that social network.

Mr. Zed said...

"This a true statement but I also believe that we were Fruitarian millions years ago before we start eating meat. So I believe Fruitarism is our natural diet."

Yeah, I would much prefer to be far behind the times than ahead of the times in terms of diet!!! (and in terms of everything else when I think of it).

Fruitarian Mango said...

@Masood, I'm very pleased that you think so! Thankyou so much.

@Fred & Mr.Zed
Yes, I believe we were all once fruitarian too, but really, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think it's so important. We can't prove it either way, and there are plenty of people that fully believe we have always been a hunter gatherer species. Even if we were once purely frugivorous, (or purely carnivorous, for that matter), I still believe the only sane future, to slowly relieve the bulk of suffering from this grossly physical plane, is to embrace the concepts of Eden, and try our best to live as if it were an already established reality.

@Fred, well, if you helped the 30bad people and begrudge doing so, let it be a lesson to not give away things that you are not attached to, or desire credit for.

kveta said...

lol, never ending debates on greens in fruitarian diet. i think this is hilarious, since the day i first heard about it.

fruitarian, in my books, is someone who is eating raw fresh fruit.

the one who does eat only raw fresh fruit, and experience it's greatness, is free from such questions: do i need greens, nuts, am i missing something? b 12 vitamin?.. and so on.

the one who does eat only raw fresh fruit for ethical/and or health reasons, and experiences it's greatness, is free from all questions and doubts about their path. the mighty raw fresh fruit speaks for it self.

this is my very own experience. i am 24 years ethical fruitarian and i did learn from raw fresh fruit itself that it is the best food in the world. i never had doubts or questions about it, since the day one.

let love get you there and let love and raw fresh fruit be your guru you are looking for..

love and peace,

kveta said...

dear mango,

as always, i love and read all your texts. thank you, for writing my sweetness.

love and hug,

Cosmic said...

Well-thought / said, Mango!

Wishing you and loved-ones a peaceful holiday season:)


Frederic said...


I am planning to move near your place(Australia) in about 6 months from now.
Are you close to the beach? Do you believe that metal detecting is a negative activity and harm the environment? I have been doing this in Texas an Florida for years and now a professional detectorist making a decent living finding rings on the beach. Would you join me in this activity once a while? My girlfriend Sonia Stein which is also a teacher/detectorist would live with me. I am planning to purchase some land there and having some trees but will need your advices as I know very little about it.

Anonymous said...

Kveta, your message sounded beautiful.

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks for stopping by! Yes.. We are in agreement, the best way to prove something to yourself, is to experience it.. You are indeed fortunate to have experienced things so easily. Many hugs for you.

@cosmic, yesisedano thanks as always! Seasonal greetings right back at you both!

@Fred, yes, there are many beaches not far. FNQ has probably some of the longest stretch of beaches you'll find anywhere. Let me know when/if you ever make it here. and good luck with the metal detecting (no, i don't disapprove of them. i don't see how using them can really damage the environment.. and the manufacturing of them, likely no more or less than a computer.. hmm.. i guess all technology is minimally destructive, but life's full of compromise.