Thursday, December 09, 2010


Was taken aback and pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this youtube video this morning (thanks Rudolf!):

It seems finally that the silent plight of plants is beginning to be heard. Reflected also, I believe by the increasing awareness among some of the truth of a fruit diet.

With the advent of humans on the scene, with likely especial emphasis on the most recent centuries of our existence, indiscriminate killing of plants, probably more fittingly labeled as "plant genocide", has become a global phenomenon. Even in the mid 80s when I turned Vegan, I remember reading a PeTA pamphlet that declared that rain-forest the area of Denmark (a country I was coincidentally living in at the time) was being felled each year, and although I no longer follow closely such saddening statistics, I have little doubt that the trend continued, and dread to think of the devastation and environmental plant destruction caused within the past 2 and a half decades alone.

Also, apparently, recently, the Swiss Government's Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology concluded that plants are worthy of some rights, and that they should be treated appropriately. A majority of the panel concluded that "living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive."

So I immediately began wondering if this Ethics committee, and the authors of this declaration of plant rights could themselves be fruitarian, as to me, it seems that such a lifestyle would be the most compatible with someone who truly sympathises with the injustices plants are generally subjected to.

But after a little further research, including reading this less than favourable review of the Swiss Ethics group's conclusion written up and published a while back in the Weekly standard: Here. I noticed the immediate honing in on the discrepancy of the example given about the farmer who is harvesting monocrops as a supposedly ethically acceptable action, whereas were he to destroy wayside flowers, this would be considered morally wrong. Of course, clearly this team of philosophers haven't fully grasped the subject at hand, and still wish to justify their bread and cakes.

No, I'm not trying to say that through adopting a fruitarian lifestyle, harm to plants would cease. At least, surely not initially, but certainly I have no doubts it could be greatly lessened. Much of a fruitarians fair obtained commercially is grown through very destructive farming methods, perhaps especially the annual monocrops of tomatoes and cucumbers. And to be sure, some degree of "weeding" will likely be necessary for a good while longer. I'm not in denial of any of that, but in the long run, even such annual foods could be grown sustainably, especially if people begin taking responsibility for their own food cultivation to as little or great extent as possible.

Fruitarianism would mean a shift toward fruit tree based agriculture, and ultimately shift the consciousness of humans to make them understand and apply better more biodiverse farming methods that are in harmony with healing the planet from the devastation we've cruelly and ignorantly inflicted upon it. Humans, animals and plants would all ultimately benefit.


Frederic said...

Great post thanks Mango! Also what is killing me Mango is that you were the FIRST to start that Fruitarian stuff seriously on the web. But why you did not take the initiative of building a NING??? Or even get a Facebook account quickly? You have DR & Freelee that started their raw vegan fruitarian journey very late comparing to you but are making a killing with their site 30bad even though that they are preaching weird principles that don't make sense.!! You should be the one with 100s thousand hits every day with a NING network and 4K fb followers not them!! The beauty of the web Mango is that you can still do it but you don't seem interested. I mean those revenues could allow you to get your own farm with a lot of trees etc..? Buying more fruits? I mean the money that you would generate could be use for a decent purpose?
They apparently making most of their cash mentoring people. Well you can mentor BETTER than anybody about the Fruitarian diet. You deserve their success Mango, you really do it. I have the impression sometime that they sold your ideas and turn them into that LFRV. Anyway I hope you the best bro.


Mr. Zed said...

My humble thoughts/guesses/ideas, (and maybe Mango will come along and contradict totally contradict me):

Mango isn't a mercenary. I highly doubt Freelee etc. are very successful, remember that they want to make people believe they are and that theirs is the cool and beneficial thing to do. Mango also isn't a person who will try to gain popularity.

Trying to gain popularity or make money entails doing something you wouldn't normally do, something which wouldn't come naturally to you. Something abnormal. And you change things in yourself to do it, turn into someone else. If it comes naturally to them, then good for them. It doesn't to Mango so don't say he should do it. And in fairness, many successful people in the world have this attitude: if you really don't like or don't feel like doing something, don't do it (many also don't of course, such as people who go to medschool).

"mentoring", consultations, "examinations"... they are no better than just reading a book or an account of what the person did anyway. They're a way for people in the modern world to make money.

Mango is a person who lives with nature and isn't interested in all that nonsense. Personally, I would much rather steal (which I don't think is immoral, and I don't believe stealing fruit is even possible) than engage in an immoral activity like this.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thnks once more for the offer, but I have no desire to start a ning of my own, neither is it important to me that I don't have friends coming out my ears on facebook. I no longer have time or inclination to want to be regularly on a forum, or to really get to know facebook better. I tolerate facebook at best, because it does does serve a purpose, and I have been able to connect with many old friends I'd lost contact with.

I doubt that even if I had the desire I could ever use the internet to build up enough capital to purchase the land we so desperately desire and crave. We need $200,000+ if you know someone who has the money and would be up to lending it, then we'd accept willingly and be sure to be honest and diligent in repaying it back.. Meanwhile though, rather than pursue other avenues for attaining money that I don't agree with, I prefer to just work in my own little garden, I have enough to do there, and feel satisfied in doing it. I also don't begrudge anyone else there fame, let them follow the path they wish, and we all should do likewise.

@Mr. Zed
thanks.. My true desires don't involve the internet at all. Maybe get my 2 books finished. get that piece of land that is our birthright, plant trees, and swim in the river, becoming as self sufficient as is possible and put out an open invitation to the world to come and heal for short periods of fasting or juice/fruit cures, aiding them transit to a more sane diet. On a purely donation only basis. (ie none of this greedily insane $1000 a day just to be in my presence and fast!).

We have every faith and confidence the universe will aid in helping us attain this goal, but that doesn't stop us being often impatient!