Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Laptop fixed..

Finally back on line..

Though am planning on cutting down my internet time this time around, and will likely not be blogging as frequently.

The laptop is on it's last legs, I reckon, and still playing up some, not to mention the keyboard issues ((the letters "c" and "e" keep jamming.. I think jam under the keys..

Anyhow, thanks for all the comments that were posted while I was disconnected!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mango!

Good to see you back in cyberspace. How did you go about fixing your lappytop in the end?

Hope all is well, Matt

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Matt,

yep.. all's well.. the laptop had fan issues.. needed a new fan and apparently some adjustment on a or the controller of some kind.

I had it repaired in a local shop, cost about $220.. I'm still not sure if fixing it was really the right thing to do, or whether I should have waited for something different, but what's done's done, and I'm happy to once more be able to check my emails when I want to.


The Annie Within said...

Wow, I missed all the hulabaloo, but I sure did enjoy reading all the posts! Mango, if I had the money I would send you a lap-top just to spite Anonymous Oriello. I agree with the others, there is an abundance out here, and there are many who are willing and eager to help others in need. Besides, it makes you feel good to help others, so it's a 'win-win' situation. People get so caught up in the 'world' and how things are 'supposed' to work that they forget that there are trail blazers like you Mango that show us there are other ways to live. Better ways than filling our houses up with useless stuff just because we have the money to pay for it. Other ways than working long hours at a job we hate just so we can afford the 'stuff' we think we need. I congratulate you on being open to live your life as freely and joyously as you do, and I am so glad that you are still able to share that joy with us, your faithful readers. (followers?) (don't get scared, I don't idolize you...yet, oh bearded one LOL) I think Oriello IS jealous, or just plain mad that his life is one of drudgery and work. Where you have learned to balance your life with play and fun and joyful living. More power to you brother. I hope others will be inspired to live their lives more openly and freely. One more thing, before we went out to work for others, for money -long years ago, there once was a thing called the barter system in which people traded for the things they needed. We've just switched to labor for green paper instead of what we really need.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Mango's back!

Aye, "work and get a job" just really doesn't pull it all the time. Something I myself would hafta do, only because I am stuck in a city setting.

If one has the "chance" to live life differently, and inspire others to live differently; one should go for it.

I too agree it's ridiculous to just "work" and conform to other people's stereotypical perceptions of appearance. Hell, I too am growing my frigging beard & long hair down to my butt. HAH!

By living simple, the layers and illusions that we're forced into, (while in a city setting) while living with an unsustainable system of "money" that only puts most people to work, only to subdue this world some more...man.

I'm just sayin' I'd like to put my work into growing fruit, than building stuff that would be discarded (YET FUNCTIONAL) at the end.

Well, regardless of what we hafta compromise, or take a double-edge move with (like me and my "money" stuff I too hafta deal with); let us live our life and...ROCK ON!

I hafta admit, living on fried, cooked, & "emotionally scarred of an aura" animal flesh, it's like an addiction of pickyness. With a sort of hierarchy in it.

Same goes for "OOOH LET'S GET SO WORKED UP ABOUT MONAY!!!" Becomes such an addiction. My poor mother. Spending cash on unnecessary needs. Yet telling me to go "do this and do that" for such junk.

Social hierarchy. Who the heck needs to have a fancy "degree" if it's just for the passion of money or social status?

Heck, when I say unconditional love, people never get it. This unconditional love and respect, is always there, to anyone, even those who will be my opponents (or "enemy," yes I really dislike to say it.).

Nevertheless, let us all pursue our path to restoring the harmony out there.

(I'm detoxing after trying a bad bad unnecessary stunt with food right now, so I am in the mood to rant and ramble.)

You're all an inspiration.

Good you got the laptop back in stature Mango. (I'm just hoping it will resist overheating, since I notice with uniprocessor laptops, and new software that comes out day by day..that CPU usage may go on the rise. I dunno. Haven't used Windows for a whole year.)

Now back to my daily junk and hoping I find work soon, despite having my long black hair and and small devil's beard. HAH

Wo Dao

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi everyone,
Wo Dao & Ka, thanks for sharing your thoughts..

The truth is that most jobs have no real value. People fill their times with pointless tasks (paper pushing, governmental nonsense etc), all fo the sake of getting a pay cheque..

This is work with no proper meaning.. I am pleased that I have for the past nearly 20 years, managed to avoid getting caught up in the bulk of it.

Money is both a game, and a form of entrapment.

And there is no doubt that despite everything, and often desires otherwise, I am by no means free of it.. Yet.. But I know it is OUR destiny to be so.