Thursday, September 11, 2008

Akrit Jaswal - Child Genius

This is a message to Akrit Jaswal, (child genius from the foothills of the himalayas in India):

I've just watched a short documentary called "The worlds smartest boy", all about you, Akrit Jaswal, and seeing your dream and conviction at just 12 years of age, to find a cure for AIDS and all forms of cancer, and eradicate them both from the earth, I really felt a need to communicate with you.

After seeing you on TV, I really thought, I would just like to sit with you for just 10 minutes and tell you something, but, the reality of us ever meeting are of course so slim, it hardly seems likely at all..

Then I suddenly had a mini flash of genius myself, and thought.. I will write you a message on my blog, and entitle it "Akrit Jaswal highest IQ wonder child", or "Akrit Jaswal, Wunder Kind" or something similar, in the remote chance that you may one day be sitting at a computer, and google your own name..

Akrit Jaswal, If I've somehow miraculously managed to get your attention, then it cannot be without reason.. Please, please read on, I would like to tell you that you will never find a cure for cancer.

You are clearly very intelligent, and capable of rational thought, but what you are trying to do, and what many others have spent billions of dollars already, trying to do, is fight something which is a totally natural process, and thus fundamentally unavoidable..

You are in effect, barking up the wrong tree entirely.. Should science ever find a way to
effectively erradicate cancer, it will be replaced by something worse..

Where medical science is failing, is that it does not see that there are always attributing factors and that all that is needed, is to simply remove those factors and the cancer will of its own accord, disappear. It is not rocket science. The body knows how to cure itself. Self healing is a totally natural proess only prevented by poor intellectual knowledge and ignorance.

Apart from more obvious ignitors of cancer, like radiation, pollution, drugs, active and passive smoking etc, the lesser obvious, and most common cancers are caused from years of eating foods that the human body was never designed to eat..

I know that you don't know this yet, but if you could keep an open mind, I believe you will have insight enough to understand what I am trying to tell you..

You are yourself, naturally albeit unwittingly, slowly culturing your own body toward a state where cancer will form naturally within it..The vast majority of people out there are.. - Everyone will eventually develop cancer.. The only real reason not more people die from cancer, is  because they die of other things before the cancer develops..

Akrit Jaswal, the indian young man with the highest IQ, I have a present for you. Contact me, and I will send it to you.

Fight Ignorance, not Cancer!!



Manuel said...

Beautifully stated. If you want him to, he'll find you.

Anonymous said...

I have a new idea, if you play lotorey you still have 1 change to win; otherwise you never win. So Akrit Jaswal tries to find a cure, who knows?. Don't let him down. I saw some video clip about miracle heal. First I thought it's impossible, after it's possible. Maybe one day, God will show him the way to find out the cure. There is No Impossible in this world.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Manuel,

Anonymous (Orellio?), I think you miss my point.. What I am saying is that there is no cure.. only prevention through healthy living..

So not a 1 in a trillion shot.. not a one in a trillion trillion.. we are not talking lottery, we are talking a complete misunderstanding of what cancer is.. (the result of many years of subjecting ones body to nonhealthy eating and lifestyle, an increasing intoxification that can only be reversed by eliminating it's cause - if it is not too late already!!)..


Anonymous said...

Hey Mango,

It was not me. But that guy kind of write like me:(same style).

Nice video but what I will say is that a high IQ does not promiss you to find cures. What is so important is creativity. That can come with a high IQ or a normal IQ. I am extremely creative specially in the marketing field and the last group of hotels that I tried to help , did adopt all of my suggestions, then decided to fire me as a thank you. That's what I cannot stand the establishment anymore. Orellio.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, strange how I hear about Rick Simpson...some guy who got into trouble for using marijuana, making hemp oil, "almost had found a cure for cancer."

This might be of interest. "RUN FROM THE CURE" video on YT.

Aye, I definetly am aware of how the body self-heals. Especially when it comes to bodily needs. They change as one transitions to a certain diet. Supplments and medicine are only needed to sustain a disharmonious way of eating.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mango,

Me again, anonymous talked about lotorey. U said that I misunderstand your points, but what are you saying "we are talking a complete misunderstanding of what cancer is.. (the result of many years of subjecting ones body to nonhealthy eating and lifestyle, an increasing intoxification that can only be reversed by eliminating it's cause - if it is not too late already!!).." is just right 1 point only. If you view as Genetic from Parents pass to their children. There are DNA as hereditary, if both parents had cancer the percentage of their child is high. Not even you eat well or health, still had a cancer. bye the way, trillion is still a number. when you have a number , then that still find out. not today, not tomorrow maybe future. As you can see our technology growth very fast, why not in the year 2500? maybe they can find a cure for it. who knows.
Bye now,

Anonymous said...

Great site, thank you Mango.
I have a question regarding my health. I have been a fruitarian for the past 2 years now. I was doing fine until a lot of my friends and family got worried about my weight. So I decided to go back to some more vegetarian diet. However for the last 3 weeks my heart beats have increase between 90 and 110. I was concerned,so I decided to go back to my fruitarian diet. I am feeling better now, my blood pressures readings are back to normal but my heart beats are still flirting with the 100 beats. Should I be concerned? I take blood pressure medications but I was able to get ride of most of them by switching to the fruitarian diet.

Thank you,

Jane Brooksfield. NY

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to indicate my age.
I am 48.


Jane Brooksfield.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane, since Mango maybe occupied at the moment, I think I might have initial answers for the moment.

From my encounters on going back and forth from vegan and fruitarian, I find that after a long detox, say after 14-22 days of sticking to fruit, the body would adjust it's own weight. After all, we're all usually influenced by the thought "fruit keeps us too skinny" which is SO no the case. I just find that fruits are efficient foods for the body. Body tends to absorb like 87% of the fruit (varying what it is), compared to eating other solid foods. And fruits actually weigh a certain weight, right? Something else that "relatives, friends, etc." should consider, if they are doubtful of fruits in that manner. :p

Other then that, this is all just my thoughts about it. Since I had my days where I was skinny for a certain amount of time, and after detoxes and adjustments, my body just went back to it's usual weight, as if I was some sort of water balloon sponge. :p

Aye, I hope this would help in a way, if not...Mango shall be back to answer either way. :p

Fruitarian Mango said...

Anonymous, Loto,

I'm aware you are not fully understanding what I'm trying to say.

Let us, for the sake of the discussion, suppose that cancer can be cured. Via Reiki, or chemicals or noninvasive surgery, or whatever.. That the cancer can be effectively removed entirely..

What I am saying is that doing just that, without proper understanding of why it is there in the first place, is basically a waste of effort, and with due time and no understanding or lifestyle changes, the cancer will just reappear. Regrow, reattach itself.

What I am trying to say, is that if you fully remove the cause, the body will, if it has not been taken too far or too close to the edge, heal itself.

I'm trying to say, that the cancer does not need healing. All that is needed, is for the cause to be removed. It is not cancer that is the real issue, it is what has put it there..

As a very simplified example, we all have an understanding that years of consistently smoking cigarettes, will likely lead eventually to lung cancer.. There's no rocket science involved, and it's easy to see how something as noxious as cigarette smoking can slowly pollute ones lungs until a cancer forms as a totally natural consequence.

What the vast majority of people don't understand, is that eating incorrect foods, and cooking foods before consuming them, is also slowly polluting ones body, and after many years of such abuse, cancers are pretty much unavoidable, natural consequences.

In the vast majority of cases, you would be wrong to believe that cancer could not be totally avoided by eating correctly, and not firing ones foods.. Even those with weak hereditary dispositions can remain free of cancer indefinitely..

The good news is, that the body is continuously struggling toward perfect health, and all we need to do is remove the factors that prevent it from doing just that.

Cooking your food, will kill you eventually.. Don't be mistaken, it is a slow process, but eventually the body will become so polluted that parkinsons, hodgkinsons, podgkinsons, cancers and many other ailments will infest it. The symptoms may all be different, but the cause is solely due to lifestyle errors, bad living environments, and in the vast majority of cases, lack of understanding of how detrimental traditional eating is...


What can I say, I think you've pretty much answered yourself. You state pretty clearly the improvements that you see while eating fruit, so it looks like you know the answers yourself but perhaps just need a little confirmation..

The fact that you are on blood pressure medication shows me that you have a medical history that I know nothing about, but clearly you are witnessing that your body is healing, and while on fruit, you need less medication. Eventually through persistence, I have little doubt that you will be able to completely come off of the medication. No doubt, once you are at that stage, your heartbeat will decrease.. My advice is to not be scared back into old eating habits that have clearly shown themselves to not be ideal for you.. Family can be often well meaning, but I would suggest that you have stumbled across truths that they have not yet been fortunate enough to witness..

Also, often when we get very clean, small backslides and errors in our diet, will be handled promptly by the body. So if you are on predominantly fruit, but occasionally slip up and binge, your body will react much quicker in attempting to cleanse itself.. - healing and elimination will often quicken the heart..

I also agree with Wo Dao (thanks!) that the body's weight eventually stabilises, an that the key is understanding, consistency and determination..


Anonymous said...

Hi Mango,

U still not understand my point. I know you said about eating stuff and can prevent the cancer. But I am not agree with you about saying the young genus child (indian) has a great passion. whatever he tries is to help the people. that is his main point. loto
bye now i gota go to my class

Fruitarian Mango said...

I'm not sure what you just said, but I do agree that the young man has a great passion. I have no doubt that he is a good guy, and that he is genuinely trying to help. He just does not understand what cancer really is, and in his ignorance, while searching for a cure, he is himself slowly nurturing cancer upon himself. If he does not see this (ever), he may live to experience it for himself, and still wonder how it got there, and how it should be cured.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mango,

Thak you for your reply. I already feel much better and my heartbeats are close to normal now. I won't make that mistake again. Getting off medications totally is a dream for me. I have a genetic hypertension since I was 16. My worst readings were in the range of 230/140. Now with the Fruitarian diet I am around 125/84 which I think is pretty normal. I would love to get ride of my 2 medications but I am scared to do so.


Fruitarian Mango said...

great, write in on a yellow post-it note, and stick it on the wall..

I have no doubt that as your body recovers so will your mind, and you'll be free to let go of any fears concerning your medications...


Anonymous said...

woh, such a great post, i have really learned something here, i had never thought about cancer in this way, but you really make sense mango! thankyou thankyou, i think one day i will have to be fruitarian too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mango,
this is Loto again, hey you said "He just does not understand what cancer really is, and in his ignorance, while searching for a cure, he is himself slowly nurturing cancer upon himself. If he does not see this (ever), he may live to experience it for himself, and still wonder how it got there, and how it should be cured." I understand what you say. But my question is how did you know that young kid doesn't know the cancer? would you explain or prove your statement. do u understand about cancer? U talk seem to me u know a lot, but actually you not fully know about cancer.
I am waiting your answer

Anonymous said...


If that kid understood cancer he will not look for a cure. That is what Mango is trying to say. By eating right with a Fruitarian diet , your chances are slim to get a cancer. That kid is ignoring the reasons why cancer attach itself to a human being but still hope to find a cure which is a nonsense . You have to understand the causes before treating or finding a cure. If a drastic diet change happens , like a Fruitarian diet then cancer will be history around the world.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Loto,
I think i understand what mango says. he says that cancer is natural consequence of pollutioning the body, thus the only reason we get it, is because of that, and the thing we need to do is remove it, is not cure it, but remove the pollutions. i think his samples of cigarette is very clear, i am curius how mango could explain better than he did already. mango?!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
loto, i think both orellio and malcom answered your question well.. (thanks to both of you!)

I have no doubt, that Akrit knows far more about recognising cancer and it's effects upon the body. He knows what it looks like, and many of it's different forms.. And he no doubt has a far superior knowledge as to how a cancer will react subjected to different forms of chemicals, radiation or other forms of treatment.. What he doesn't understand is how it gets there..

Here in Australia, statistics show that one 3rd of the population (or possibly it is two 3rds?) have suffered cancer at least once by the time they are 80.. Whether it is 1/3 or 2/3s is really irrelevant.

The only reason the figure is not three thirds, is because cancer is slow in forming.. If humans lived longer, cancer would form in all of us, (with very few exceptions), because we nearly all make the same mistakes!

Unless people can understand why their bodies become polluted, curing cancer is really just a total waste of time, as even with a cure, it will just reform itself afterwards if no other lifestyle changes are made.

I would also like to say, that all conventional treatments for cancer, if you were to administer them to a healthy (cancer free) body, could actually bring on cancer (foreign chemicals, radiation and surgery to a healthy body).. This too, is proof to me that those searching for a cure, really have no deeper understanding of what cancer really is.

I think I have said about all I care to say on this subject. Do with the information as you wish. It is your choice to not believe it if you don't wish to.

ps orellio, are you sure you don't want to be interviewed?
malcom, how about yourself, you seem pretty switched on toward fruitarianism, is it really a goal you hope to fulfill, or just curiosity at this stage??

Anonymous said...

hi Mango. I don't think I am ready to be fruitarian still. I like the idea, and really think I understand what you explain here about cancers, but there are many food I would be missing. Maybe later.

Many thanks for creating this blog, I haave really learned so much already, but I need to study more.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mango,
This is LOTO again,
You said "If humans lived longer, cancer would form in all of us, (with very few exceptions), because we nearly all make the same mistakes!" This statement is only true for statistic;however cancer is a big subject here. Why do some people eat the same thing and few get cancer and other don't? no matter what, finding a cure for cancer is good. The cure for cancer is that if any one can make cancer cell to become a bacteria cell then you know what to do. hope it works

Anonymous said...

Loto, malcom here, and when i'm reading your reply, i see you didn't understood what mango is explayning. maybe you must read what he wrote again already.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I am sure perplexed. It makes me wonder. WHat "IF" there was a cure already? I bet people would indulge themselves in self-destructing lifestyles just to fit in "socially" (as in social groups that would get picky over harmless things like a guy with long hair).

Once diagnosed with cancer "woop, here you go, eat that pill and you'll be fine. Come back for more when ya need it."

Kinda sad if you ask me. Sure there are cure for "colds" and crap like that. I hate having to put up with using medicine. It's ridiculous, and such a double-edge, even if others have not noticed it.

I mean while going all on fruit....ailments just never climb on. Man, I hope Akrit actually stumble onto Mango's blog, finds a "cure" without making any bloated medicine. You know what would be nice? Him explaining "scientifically" about the works of Fruitarianism, and how it would cure many other things. Screw the bloated pills, liquids, etc.

I mean, there's nothing to lose on the path of eating fruit. But there is something to lose if your desires and "conditioned mind" overconquers you.

Oh well, things will come into place, yet how? I am not sure, nor have it in words.

Here's my "opinion:" He's not gonna find any cure in such "modern traditional ways," but I will guarantee he will find a way to "cure it" through prevention...that it's relevant to fruit. I get this feeling his answers lay here; if not, some other fruity place.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
Loto, if we were all carbon copies of each other, and lived identical lives, eating identical meals at identical times of day, then no doubt, we would see more similar results. But we are not carbon copies, and no 2 people live their lives identically. The nearest you could get, is by monitoring sets of identical twins, that live together, work together, shop together, exercise together, and eat identically together.. And then I strongly suspect that if a cancer would form in one, then it would form in the other, too. (actually, there are many examples of such occurrences between identical twins)..

Have you any idea how many billions of dollars have been squandered trying to find a cure for cancer? It is a thriving business, and the industry as a whole, is like any other business, it has every intention of staying alive indefinitely. IE it has no real interest in ever finding a cure.

The truth is very simple, cancer can easily be cured, just by removing the causative factor. The body knows how to heal itself. But only if we give it the break it needs, and help it cleanse itself by purifying our lives and diets.

Clearly, you disagree with me there, and think that we should be able to sully our physiological selves, and have someone else clean up the mess afterwards. Well, I guess you are entitled to believe that.

I believe, on the otherhand, that instead of wasting billions of dollars trying to find a cure for cancer, the money would be far wiserly spent educating the masses as to why cancer forms, and what not to do to prevent it from forming.

Malcom, maybe loto does understand what I am saying, but just doesn't believe it. I guess, again, that is his/her choice.

Wo Dao,
There is no cure for the common cold. You want to know why? The truth is very profound.. The truth is, that the common cold, is itself a cure... All that mucus, should never be within a healthy living body, and it only gets there because the body is polluted.. A cold is the bodies way of expelling the mucus that shouldn't be there.. Forget the germs, they are no more of an issue, than are flies hovering around a dirty dustbin. If the bin is clean, the flies will have no interest.

And this really is part and parcel of the whole cancer thing.. Loto, the scientists don't even know what the common cold is!! They will never cure it.. Only the body knows truly how to cleanse itself, and it will do so naturally, once you give it the chance, and stop sullying it!!

Wo Dao, you hit the nail right on the head when you said:

You know what would be nice? Him explaining "scientifically" about the works of Fruitarianism, and how it would cure many other things. Screw the bloated pills, liquids, etc.

Yes! right on!

Every cancer can be cured already.. Unfortunately, just not every patient, because most people will be like Loto, and not believe in the sense of making changes, but demand instead that someone else fixes the problem..

This is pretty typical of the modern world with people not wanting to take responsibility for their own mistakes, but much rather believe in random unavoidable cosmic mishaps that they ignorantly believe are totally outside of their control.. Aah, what bliss there is in ignorance!!

Sorry folks, that's not how the world works.. Karma is unavoidable.

Look, I think I've really said all I want to say on this subject now. Loto, I respect that you probably haven't believed a word I've said, and that you will insist on the world spending money on something which I believe serves no purpose.. That is your choice.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mango,

This is Loto. I read your comment and I am thinking that you always talk good about your positive side, such as eating thing on the good way to prevent the cancer. I know this is true when a person won't have a cancer until he/she dies. But in other word I mean by eathing same thing is that you eat chicken, I eat chicken, you eat taco bell, I eat taco bell, you eat veg. I eat veg. why some people eat the same way have a cencer and other don't. you talked about identical twice ,, ect.. it is not make sense to me at all. I know you are genius about talking vegan fruitarian or health. but don't you think you still lack of negative informations. Let put this way, for example if anyone is in your family has a cancer, then what you should do? how do you feel? Let me answer for you. what you should do is that tell them that eating wrong thing, tell them that won't listen to you. tell them there is no cure, you will die. or I wish this world has a cure for cancer. My parents passed away with cancer, my dad died at age 70 and my mom died at 68 years old. My dad smoke that's why he got lung cancer. however my mom didn't smoke, or any thing, but she still have a cancer. how do u explain?
by the way, I understand your point, but saying waste $ for researching a cure is not right. Don't you think one day you read a big tittle of news states that we have a cure for CANCER.

Lucky, on weekend i saw on TV, that doctor used bacteria injected to cancer cell. baceria will damage the cancer cell and stop they growth. You see, this is the first step to work on.

hope you understand my point.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear about something called "PROBABILITIES"??
It means by eating a Fruitarian diet your probabilities to have a cancer are slim because the immune system is resistant. however like Mango mentioned in one of his post , we all have cancer cells because the cells are present in our system and eventually with very old age and a weak system we could develop cancer. I believe that you are playing with Mango and talking nonsense that's my last post to you.


kveta said...

raw fresh fruit is the only natural food for humans, this is the cure for all damage done by toxic substances, and only way to live disease free life.

wo dao, i like how did you wrote:
"i mean, there's nothing to lose on the path of eating fruit. but there is something to lose of your desires and "conditioned mind" overconquers you."

toxic food toxic people toxic elimination polluting earth...war

healthy food healthy people healthy elimination nourishing earth...peace to all

i enjoyed reading this discussion, thank you everyone :)

fruit fairy kveta

kveta said...

in my last post in stead of ...something to lose of yourdesies

should be
...something to lose if your desires


Anonymous said...

There is no cure for the common cold. You want to know why? The truth is very profound.. The truth is, that the common cold, is itself a cure... All that mucus, should never be within a healthy living body, and it only gets there because the body is polluted.. A cold is the bodies way of expelling the mucus that shouldn't be there.. Forget the germs, they are no more of an issue, than are flies hovering around a dirty dustbin. If the bin is clean, the flies will have no interest.

Aye, Mango, I read your article again on raw foodism, where the "cold" has been mentioned.

Seems the way urban folks like me are conditioned into also another ailment...something I've been concentrating on shaking off for years.

Or maybe it's just the "wording" and trying to fit in with stereotypical medical perceptions, to avoid any "conflict" since everyone around me won't even be skeptical one bit towards such bloated medicine.

It's funny though, here in Canada somewhere, I recall the medical industry trying to put up a bill to illegalize all "traditional/natural medicine" to put modern pills in place.

Hah, despite my slightly tainted thoughts (and wordings that I need to frigging alter into goodness..), I'll say, the cure is always.

Never had to depend on any medicine, even when I got "sick" during my days of eating tons of cooked food.

It's sad that many people think "fasting goes against actually curing the cold."

Personally, I merely just avoid eating, or indulge in fruits whenever I get sick.

When it comes to cures....sometimes mind games affects the person's path of healing too.

But yeah, I just wanna note: social control is a huge thing that many people are controlled by. And to go against any stereotypical perception would either mean ridicule, or just plain disagreement. (Such as "oooh, you're on fruits, you won't have the fancy 'nutrients' to heal your ailments). Riiight.....

Sometimes "knowledge" only becomes a mind thing, and only our built in instincts (while concentrating on avoiding harm to the life ya cherish) would uncover what's really good for us...

Aye, Mango, been re-reading some of your articles on the fruitnut site, seems like as days go by, as I uncover things...I just end up noticing similar realizations to yours.=p

*ugh* I guess the main problem around me right now, is the annoyance of people's perceptions of what healthy is. I am so not conforming to the masses. They maybe healthy now, but I will one day spit it in their faces "you maybe healthy, but is the path you pursue healthy in harmony? Oughta fix those little flaws or something's gonna sneak up on ya."

*bah* I'm not sure why I keep thinking about these things...things are bound to come into place....yet I always wonder why I insist on thinking about these things...

Oh well, another quote on health:

"If you continue to slander, and spread cr@p with a ton of stereotypical perceptions, while actually conforming the masses; you will drown in your slander."

I am actually tempted to say this to folks around me who think all those "fancy nutrients" are needed, when it's only needed to sustain such a disharmonious..and unraw way of eating.

It's funny though, fruits tend not to trigger addictions or any cravings like that at all. Yet people's addiction to other foods, would usually make them ignore fruits, and make them think "oh, I am in need of these [insert_food_item_here], and they make me feel food, hence they are good for me."

Right, and having a fixated desire onto those foods is a sign of something bad alright.......

Yeah, I even played with lacto-vegetarian, vegan, raw and unraw foods recently. And I'll admit, once I noticed myself getting fixated on such unraw body becomes oblivious to wanting fruits. But I'm just in good hands as I got this strange clairvoyant instinct and sensitivity, even built in my flesh, that reacts "GET THE **** OFF THAT STUFF!" Otherwise, my "diabetic condition" would probably haunt me by now, without me noticing it...

But yeah, I always imagine saving someone else from ailments...or even death by promoting just eating "all-fruits," yet I realize how oblivious people are, always loving their meat and cooked stuff. I guess I oughta tell myself "things will come into place," and let them question their own flaws, even if it...will bite them hard.

My bad folks...I just had to ramble all these vague thoughts much on my mind...that I found the "health related" part "appropiate" for this area for posting. =p

Anonymous said...

loto it looks like mango decide not to answer your last question. i think he answerd it all ready though, and you just asked same question again with different words.

anyhow, i was looking on his fruitnut website, and found a poem about an ambualance, and, after read it 2 or 3 times, i thought loto is really like calling 'give us ambulance!".. ha-ha!! loto you should read it, it is with the poems on


Fruitarian Mango said...

orellio, yes i think loto may have been playing games, but he may also have been serious, and just not getting what was being said. more likely the latter. For some people it takes time for things to sink in.

malcom, yes you are so right about the Ambulance Poem, I believe it really sums up how people think, hitting the nail right on the head..

Wo Dao, so glad you're getting it!!

And loto, malcom is right, i have answered your questions already, which is why I never responded last time. The truth is simple, but you may have to concentrate to see it...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mango,

This is LOTO again. Mango you are stupid because you don't understand what I said. I think you you need to stop smelling your toxic flowers. You are an idiot.


Anonymous said...

mango your a retard

let this kid dream and i think he can do it go back to your hippy ways

Kondwa said...

Food for thought: Man looks at something he tries to fix it. He looks at a tree he wants to make it straight. He looks at pests in the field he says DDT works and are pests gone. So many other problems come. Disruption of the ecosystem etc, etc. He wants transport, fossil fuel provides energy; ok lets do it! the result is global warming. When God created the world he saw that everything was 'good'. Newtons law: a body stays in constant motion or at rest unless an external force acts on it. The world and everything created stays good until man tries to some little problems he sees.
Everything the way it was created it was created for a purpose and was meant for a good reason. An error that develops in the system eventually corrects itself. Some errors exists because of our actions because we do not understand all that God created in trying to fix one error we break some other things which might have more problems than the former.
Some of the results of such problems I could think of are like cancer, High blood pressure, and maybe HIV/AIDS, etc. The more things we fix without proper understanding how it affects other things the more things we break. When geniuses like these crop up it might be indeed for a reason.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you have almost 0 study in terms of medical science and almost no understand of the true cause of cancer. Cancer is caused by mutagens that cause a cells tumor suppression gene to inactivate and thus the cell grows rapidly. The mutagens can come from a number of things, including diet, smoking, exposure to radiation and many other factors.

However, cancer is also caused by many parts of the natural human genome that are "flawed". Such examples of cancer are Retinoblastoma.. A cancer that forms in the cells of the retina. The cause of Retinoblastoma is an error on chromosome 13 called the RB1 gene. Naturally, P53 steps in to repair the RB1 gene when it is doing something it shouldn't be doing. However, in a very complicated process that requires extensive knowledge of human biology many things can do wrong. There a number of processes that can simply malfunction due to the sheer complexity of the human body.

Even if your diet is perfect and your extremely healthy, while you may not be at a high risk for cancer, there are many natural flaws in our DNA that can cause cancer. You clearly have absolutely no understanding of this. Cancer is not slowing forming in all of as. That's an out right untrue statement. It's not a fact at all. In fact, cancer doesn't begin until a multitude of errors have built up in the cells progeny.

The cause of cancer exists in all of us, it's built into our human genome. And it's not just humans, animals too. Who eat strictly natural diets and breathe clean, fresh Madagascar air. Akrit seeks to repair these genomes through what he believes to be a chemical compound. I don't see where he's going with it, but who knows. He's definitely smart and capable.

Eating nothing but fruit is a bit unhealthy. Your body needs more then what fruit can give you function at it's highest efficiency. Eating fruit can certainly help to prevent cancer, as all natural fruit contains no preservides or other chemicals that may or may not contribute to cancer. The leading cause of cancer, is tabaco smoking... Not a diet of "Un natural food". Eating a balanced diet is certainly more important then having this horrible idea rammed into your head that if you don't eat fruit, you will slowly get cancer.

I saw that you mention how the cancer rate is about one third in Australia. Do you know what else about one third of the adult population does? Smoke. Acutally, 50 years ago, almost 76% of the people in Australia had smoked, or were regular smokers. Since then, it has decline to about 25 to 35ish %. So any study done over the life time of Aussie citizens (70 years) would have been in a time of much higher smoking rates, thus more cancer.

The fact of the matter is, eating nothing but fruit really won't affect how likely you are to get cancer. And.. Cancer is not slowly forming in all of us.. >.>,

A non-deluded hippie.

Anonymous said...

Same poster as above, further elaborating my point. Mango, you seem to have shown a big mis-understanding in the workings of cancer research. Yes, it's true. Many medical companies do tend to go after money.. We live in a mainly capitalist world at the moment so, many people find profit where ever they can. And it's not cheap to run a medical lab with 100s on staff.

How ever, this is further elaborating on the point that cancer research isn't being done to help people, but rather to just make money. You assume we could have cured cancer a while ago.. By changing our diets and getting ride of so called "toxins". However, this is NOT the case at all.

Many forms of cancer are as I said before, flawed DNA. As we evolved from single cell organisms, many things go wrong as chromosomes build and fuse. And with the exetreme amount of complexity that goes in to the works of living creatures, things go wrong. Now, as I previously said, we seek to totally remove the damaged genomes and replace them with genomes that do not cause cancer. Even if you subjected your self to smoking 50 packs a day, you would ruin your lungs with tar, but, you wouldn't get cancer. As the mutagen that causes that cells to malfunction wouldn't exist.

Now, the reason it hasn't yet been discovered is because altering the genome is EXTREMELY difficult. It's re-writtiting millions of years of DNA to correct one thing that is attributed to multiple genomes and is very complicated. We have been making strides recently in the field of altering DNA, but it's a fairly new science and it's very experimental. A cure for cancer could be do in the next 10 to 50 years however.

As for "If cancer goes away, something else would come back that's even worse!" Again, un-intelligent spewing of words. If we do in fact correct the genome, it's gone. For good. Anyone that gets it would have no chance of getting it again, and assuming it alters the genome problem free, then nothing new would take it's place in relation to curing cancer. There babies would be born with the fixed genome and thus we would have a cancer free world.. Even if people are guzzling down 50 packs of smokes a day (Exetremely extremely unhealthy by the way. Even if cancer was gone, it causes a multitude of problems. I highly encourage smokers to quit.).

So please, PLEASE take a look and think about scientific FACT. Extensive studies have been done and the data is there to back it up. Don't assume such silly things, please.

A well informed, non-hippie, Atheist individual.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Aha, an atheistic man of science!

You are of course correct in supposing that I have not studied cancer. Clearly I would have no success in identifying one, with or without a microscope, but I nevertheless stand my ground, and despite that you may have far more knowledge than I of the behaviour of cancer, I believe that I have a better knowledge of it's origins..

I'll be in full agreement that there can be multiple contributing factors including, as you've mentioned, diet, smoking, exposure to radiation and more..

You've made it clear that you appreciate the role cigarette smoking can have on causing lung cancer, but what I'm convinced you are unaware of, is to just what extent diet is also responsible.

You mention that cancer is also caused by parts of the natural human genome that are supposedly naturally "flawed", and thus ultimately beyond our control unless of course, as you would have us believe, science steps in and takes control. There too I disagree.

My approach is that health is ultimately within all our grasps, should we leave behind the destructive environment(s) that causes it to fail..

What I might concede, is that this may take more than one generation to rectify.

In the presence of a potentially "flawed" genome, there will still be a reason why it is flawed. You may of course, shift the blame to hereditary causes, flukes of nature, but even so, I will insist that any hereditary flaws, or flukes, still have their reasons for being, and it is that/those reason(s), that you are likely blissfully, or not, ignorant of.

As you've pretty much stated, everyone who persists in smoking must sooner or later, in some way or another, be affected by its poisonous influence. This is pretty obvious, especially considering the 1000s of seriously poisonous chemical ingredients found within cigarettes and it's smoke.

Cooking food also transmutes the ingredients of it, creating molecules that prior to the heat process never existed. Contrary to possible popular believe, the human physiology has not completely evolved to find these new ingredients acceptable, and they will cause burden to the body. Much like with tobacco smoking, (which incidentally the body will never adapt to accept), the body will attach itself to these denatured foods, and become addicted to them, and long term addiction to any unnatural substance will play its role in whatever ensues..

Cancer may be, and often is, a result of this long term abuse.

Actually, your quote from me is incorrect, as I never said that cancer is slowly forming in all of us, although we are talking semantics now.. what I said, or tried to, was that through eating the wrong foods, we will be slowly culturing our bodies toward a state where cancer will form naturally within it.. - Just as is the case with cigarette smoking and lung cancer.

You state that a fruit only diet is inadequate, well, you don't understand how wrong you are there.. And the strange thing is that the standard cooked diet has been proven to fail time and time again with all the degenerative dis-ease that long term cooked food abuse will inevitably cause.

Also, I cannot believe that animals in an entirely natural environment, on a 100% natural and nonpolluted diet, will get cancer.. If it has appeared to be the case, then there will be a reason for such, even if said reason is unknown..

That would be where science would be useful in putting time and effort in to understanding/discovering those reasons..

Instead, the cancer reasearch industry is a multi-billion dollar money spinner that will ultimately lead nowhere - Like you said, if cancer can be prevented for smokers, and they continue to smoke, their lungs will become heavy with tar, and they will suffer potentially worse than they would have with cancer..

Push one button down, and another will pop up somewhere.


LinusRed said...

(As you can see, I'm using a blogger account now. This is indeed the above poster.)

I'll make this post a bit shorter then the last to, as it's a simple response to some of the points you have made. First, I'd like to tackle the issue of animals in a 100% natural area and with a 100% natural diet, having been found with cancer. Like I said, cancer is often caused by a flawed DNA structure within the creatures body and I'd like to dip back into that.

However, before I take a dip into that I'd like to give you an idea of how cancer attacks the body. Cells create other cells. And thus that cell passes it's genetic code onto the next. This is why cancer kills so many people each year.. Our cells normally have a sort of instinct in them that says "Hey, we need we make this many cells at this rate to do this function." When certain gene strands fail to communicate there point dye a number of factors, the cells can no longer regulate there growth. So new cells are rapidly made, with a high chance of containing the same flaw and thus creating even more cells! When this begins to happen with no signs of stopping you get tumors. This, is cancer.

Firstly, genetics is the greatest contribution to this cause of cancer. Let's assume that your father worked in a chemical factory before you were born.. Chemicals that were linked to cancer causes. Now, he has a son and a daughter. around 20 years after having children he develops cancer. Because of his workings in a chemical factory, his risk of cancer went up. Mutagens altered his DNA over time.. And that DNA plays a part in his kids lives as well. So, his kids now have a moderate chance of developing cancer. Even if they lived total fruitarian lives, they would still be at a high risk of cancer. It would take more then 23 generations of non-cancerous ( Let's assume, for simplicity, that a fruitarian diet will lower you chances of cancer to within the 10^-100x9. That would be 99%, with 100 .9s after it. As there is always the extreme unexplainable chance of getting cancer) for that DNA to totally fix it self. Plus, the other father/mother of new generations could also be at risk of cancer causing DNA, it could take 100s of generations to repair the structure. Our human body heals it self well, yes, I'm in agreeance with you here. However, it can't alter DNA alterations back to normal without forming new life.

So, the reason billions of dollars is pured into cancer research is to develop a fix for genes linking to DNA thats at higher risk for cancer, as well as a fix to stop spreading of the cancer if it has already formed. The first, would be given to babies as a shot, eliminating any bad DNA given to them by there parents. The second, would stop say, a lung cancer due to excessive smoking. Sure, the person might continue to smoke and get cancer, but he could simply get another fix and be fine. These are the two most likely forms of "cures for cancer" to be develope in the next half centuary or so.

The ultimate cure would be to develope something that completey stops cancer from forming in anything by fixing the very microbial structure of our DNA that doesn't stop send signals to cells to stop when they malfunction. This could very well happen naturally as our bodies evolve to problems over 1000s of generations. However, this could take 100,000+ years to happen. Researchers are looking for a way to speed that up. However, we have a long long way to go before we're there.

As for animals getting cancer naturally, it comes from nature. The earth does many things naturally that can cause cancer in pretty much any animal un-lucky enough to run into anyone of these elements. It could be a fire caused by a lightning storm.. the inhalation of smoke could cause the starting grounds for cancer. It might be deposits of toxic minerals found all over the planet, or by bugs or animals that give off chemical substances. Cancer occurs in nature by natural causes. That's simply the way it is.

Perhaps with this information you will see that cancer research is not such a bad thing. People cannot help there parents mistakes.. And we will never see an entire world (Once again under the assumption that a diet or something would totally prevent cancer) switch to something like fruitariasm or stop smoking all together. That's simply not the world we live in. And because people make bad life style choices a good majority of the time, a cure for cancer is nesissary.

Whether it will make soecity better or worse is for us to find out. Personally, I thinking saving lives is always a good thing.

AS you said, it would take way more then one generation to rectify. It would take up wards of more then 5000 generations of perfect envoirments and healthy eating to fix. This. Will. Never. Happen. This is why science steps in to speed the process of healing up.

I've tied up my g-mail account to a blogger account for the sake of the possibility of people imitating me here. Always a small chance. Plus, I read 100s of blogs a week, might be fun to start one.

And in closing, while I agree that to an extent, fruitrisism could very well be very healthy, as I am well aware of the benefits of fruit. It certainly has no lack of proteint assuming you eat upwards of 30 servings of fruit a day, a serving being say, half an apple. An all natural diet consisting of cooked meats from animals fed all natural grass. All natural fruits and vegetables, all natural whole wheat breads, and all natural daily products containing low fat can be just as affective, if not more so then a diet of striktly natural fruit.

You mention cooking meat as a big one it seems, I dis-agree here. Now, assuming evolution has done it's job and is indeed correct, humans as we know them today are largely attributed to cooked foods. This is due to the fact that our kidneys, which 100s of thousands of years ago once served as filters for removing harmful bactieria from raw meats and vegtables, humans discovered fire and cooking the meats to remove them and as such, our kidneys aren't in as much need any more.

The fact is, cooking food does indeed make it much more safer to eat and it does bring out the nutriests! Assuming the meat and food you are eating is ALL NATURAL and FRESH. No preservatives, no strange chemicals fed to the cows or other live stock to promote there growth, simply all natural. Cooking the food removes many harmful worms, and bactiera that can be in the food and makes it safe to eat.

If it's heavily preserved and processed meat, you're very right. It's extremely unhealthy to our bodies. The live stock can pick multiple dis-orders that can be passed on through there meat. Where as in nature, the animals eating the raw meat have a much higher tolerance due to working kidneys or other organs that serve the same function.

It's perfectly healthy to eat unprocessed, natural foods. Countless studies have been done on it. The main problem is in the candies, fast foods, and processed foods of the world. That's where the real toxins come from.

Anyway, i've dragged on long enough.

Much awaiting your response,


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Linus,
It appears likely that we will not reach an agreement. It seems, that you are a man of science, and I, one of faith. Excepting of course, that you are placing your faith in science..

I can offer you no proof that a fruit diet will do what I claim it will. One would have to experience it to appreciate it's benefits.. Similarly, your supposition that it may take several 1000s of generations to correct flaws in DNA cannot be proven either.

You mention one would have to eat upward of 30 pieces of fruit a day to get adequate protein, but again, to my knowledge, this figure is based on no real evidence. I eat far less than this, as does my partner kveta, and neither of us believe that our protein intake is inadequate.. Perhaps such statistics you know of are based on averages taken from people that eat a more average standard diet.. It can well be that their needs are greater, as fruit contains amino-acids , not protein, and the body does not need to consume any amount of protein (any protein that is consumed must first be broken down by the body into amino-acids before it can be used - that process itself is likely to screw up statistics, and lead to a false view of things!)..

It has been proven that varying vitamin deficiencies in pregnancies (Ie, incorrect diet on behalf of the mother) can cause varied birth defects. Instead of on cancer research, I still believe it would be wiser and money better spent to focus on how diet can effect our health.. - This would have the potential to save far more lives, at far less financial cost.

Your idea of an all natural diet:

.. consisting of cooked meats from animals fed all natural grass. All natural fruits and vegetables, all natural whole wheat breads, and all natural dairy products containing low fat can be just as affective, if not more so then a diet of striktly natural fruit.shows me that you yourself are still very much unaware of what effect certain foods can have on our physiology... Rather like the natural bush fires and smoke that animals may inhale causing defects, or those chemical spraying bugs you mention, some of the foods you mention above will have similar effects on humans. Whole wheat breads, cooked meats and pasteurised milks are certainly detrimental.. and long term addiction to these items will (unavoidably) lead to health problems (including cancers!)

I think we will have to agree to disagree. Try an all fruit diet for some months, and then try to eat bread or meat, and if you are totally honest with yourself, you will notice how your body is burdened by such foods.. - One does not need any amount of science research to prove that to oneself!!

I appreciate your comments, but it is unlikely that I will debate this further, now.


LinusRed said...

I will agree to dis-agree. It was nice debating with you and I suppose we will have our varying view points. While I may self won't be partaking in an all fruit diet versus a varied all natural diet, I would indeed be interested in seeing the affects. Perhaps there are some studies with test subjects on a vegan like fruit diet, and a regular balanced diet. It would be neat to see the results. I for now, will stand with my points as well.

Well debated,


Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Linus,

I just want to make clear, that I do not believe that a fruitarian diet will prevent all forms all forms of cancer.. Clearly, if you sit in a microwave, you'll get zapped, regardless of what you had for breakfast..

However, if you want to give yourself the best chance to recover (and there are countless cases of cancer somehow miraculously disappearing of it's own accord - because the body can heal itself from cancer (at least some forms!) if the reason for it's being is fully removed, and again, i'm underlying it's really all about fully understanding those reasons), then an all fruit diet will greatly assist the body to regain health..

Once more, thanks for your comments, and good luck on your journey.

Fruitarian Mango said...

by the way, I'm guessing it was you who commented on the creation/evolution post.. I just answered..