Friday, September 26, 2008

Fruitarian Interview - 23 - Katherine Freeland

Katherine has requested that her interview be deleted.

She believes the fruitarian diet did not work for her, and is now basically on an anti candida diet. No sugar, no flour, little dairy.. a lot of raw vegetables and she enjoys scrambled eggs with garlic, fishes and rarely, white meat.

She feels she functions better with this diet, and that her nerves and emotions are more predictable.

We are each and every one of us responsible for our own healths, and must reach our own conclusion as to what defines a healthy diet.

I wish her well.



Anonymous said...

I believe the accepted nutritional requirements for man are based on sick people. Start testing fruitarians to see what we think nutritional requirements are. The only purpose a hospital should serve is to heal wounds not self inflicted illnesses like diabetes, and allergies that is a waste of money.

HAH! TRUE THAT! I was waiting to hear that. And so I heard it so soon already. =) *cackles*

Ya know, for every interview that comes out, there's always something so cheery and positive about every single one of you. =p

I just hope I'll get my aggressive habits altered a bit, so I won't alter my interview itself, when the time comes. =)

Aye, the chronological time of changes in life sure sound similar to my own; though the things that "occur" are basically different.

Heh, the blessings of fruit, and the many ailments that are cured by undoing such ailments. Gotta love it. Pretty soon, those who read this, you'll see what else fruit will cure. =) *malevolent smirks*

tinah said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice, wish I had it that together when I was her age ;O)


Anonymous said...

Nicely said Kath!

But what's wrong with the bananas? :)


Anonymous said...

How great to see someone else who started in may :D

I take it Katherine was already a RawVegan though, when she started?

I hope to get there one day too. Thanks for beeing an inspiration, Katherine :D

Manuel said...

Very cool Katherine, thanks for sharing. I like your idea about getting all of the fruitarians together. I would definitely be there for that!

P.S. I don't like bananas either....

Anne said...

Lovely and inspiring interview.
It is great to read of your accomplishments at such a young age.
Great photos too.
I like how you and your dad share a Watermelon breakfast, that is really nice to hear.
Thank you for sharing your story
Love and peace,
from Anne XX.
Thanks too Mango for the interview.

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE banannas! I practically LIVE on banannas!

Anonymous said...

Well, bananas are heavy fruits and not really design to clean the body. But I like them before I exercise , they give you some great energy.

I found that article about why human are Fruitarian. The guy explain why we had to become omnivore during the ice age in order to survive. I kind of like the way he expose all that.

Thanks Mango for the interview with Katherine. It was a great one. I like when she said that she has more energy on the Fruit diet and how much more she exercise and fast she is now. I agree with her that it is probably the ability to run away from predators.


Anonymous said...

HI, just wanted to say that you are a really great inspiration for me :) I am 16, a vegan who doesn't eat gluten, and previous fruitarian. I'm really trying hard to become fruitarian again but it's hard because I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, where it's winter most of the year and it's hard to find fruit. Have you met any other fruitarian teens? I really need someone to talk to.

Anonymous said...

hey Madison,

try checking out the


I'm certain that'll give ya leads on what you seek. :)