Thursday, September 04, 2008

Galactic Federation of Light First Contact Announcement

Just thought I would share this with you all:

Make of it what you will, but there is certainly some truth in the message.


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Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think, beeing the conspiracy theorist that I am...

Guess I'll just have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

Lots of spacey things happen in october so If you do see anything its probaly gonna be one of these:

October - The ISRO's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft will be launched to the Moon.

October 6 - The NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft will make its second last flyby of Mercury, decreasing the velocity for orbital insertion on March 18, 2011.

October 8 - On STS-125, the Space Shuttle Atlantis will conduct the last servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. It will be one of the most advanced missions in space.

October 21 - Official inauguration of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is a collaboration of over eight-thousand physicists from over eighty-five countries as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.

The Annie Within said...

I agree with Blossom, it does take courage to put this out there, and I'm sure you thought long before you did. Glad that you shared it. A couple nights ago, I had a dream that I spoke with an alien. I don't remember any of the dream in detail, just hazy dream memories, except that I asked 'him' were there good and bad aliens, and he replyed "What is good and bad? We just are" Now I don't think I had anything more than a dream, but it was strange to come to your site today and see what you had posted. Even though it was just a dream, it gave me lots to think about as far as from where our concept of good and evil comes.

I will be looking to the skies on October 14th.

Anonymous said...

Aye, the whole thing about 2012, aliens, etc etc.

A few things I never managed to figure out myself. Yet I just insist on moving on while talking to myself. :p

Then again, when it comes to personal interaction with organizations, peoples, etc. and figuring out the connections, even if socially; something's up alright. May it be folks with misguided intents being an org to oppress, or folks who really love ya unconditionally, that help you out by fixing your mistakes, or preparing you for the difficult times, and getting it finished, etc.

I dunno, maybe I'm just rambling off the mind of my head when I think about specific organizations, and the personal stories of the people in them, and their INFLUENCE; just as said, there is a certain truth in them.

Well, I guess I shall standby and wait also. For certain, there's something out there, though I may not figure it out at the stage I am in. This calls for some more detox, need the optimal and unsealed fruitarian instinct. HAH!

Wo Dao

(PS, putting that video out there, not really much ridicule as I saw, compared to those vegan-promoting videos that I usually browse. :p But hey, it's difficult to put these things out there as it is.)

Anonymous said...

OH YAH! I wanted to add something:

October 14th is also some sort of federal re-election date here in Canada since our current Prime Minister is under the heat!


Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

Mango, what is that Alien video? That's a non sense buddy :). You have turn your nice Blog into a big commercial/donation/ books shopping center and now this video alien crap?? And you are crying about how your laptop is now fixed but because it is still weak you won't be online often? Want us to feel pity and send you big donations ?? lol Mango you are something else :)

Anonymous said...

Hah, the "alien" video isn't really what it seems, at least from what I notice. I'm certain Mango wants us to realize there's something else to it. And just as Matt listed, there are spacey things coming in Oct. Not to mention, there's all the political junk going on here in Canada & the US, quite big stuff indeed.

Though the whole "conspiracy" and 2012 stuff, while I try to connect the dots on my own, I still never figured it out, especially while reading the views of others who seem to catch onto something, yet never share (due to the ridicule and condemning attitude of others who just won't have an open mind to these harmless things), but nevertheless, when I checked out another video:

"There's always a piece of the truth within every single bit of us" or something like that. And while reading "conspiracy theories" and stuff like that, the people that share their controversial views, they CERTAINLY RUNG A BELL when I read some of their stuff, despite that I am still uncertain (yet typically doubtful) about aliens. But hey, whatever, I still support good intentions.

Yeah, just gotta do some readin' in spare time, and it'll come together.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Ciao all,
Well, I posted the video as I stumbled across is and thought it had some value.

Of course, I don't vouch for its authenticity, and although I do believe that there exist other life forms that are not of this particular planet, and even that some have likely visited us or are still present, I am also very skeptical to pretty much most of mainstream media (including stuff like this on the internet)..

Conspiracies and cover ups have been things I've been aware of since the beginning of the 1990s, and certain beliefs I have, are just that.. Beliefs.. IE Not knowledge. I like to think myself open minded enough to change them when other evidence opposes them.

And to the anonymous poster, I do sense that you may be suffering from jealousy. Hiding behind anonymity is one indicator of that.

I have made a conscious choice to step back some from my blog, and update less frequently.. This has nothing to do with the recent laptop issues, or state of the laptop. But it has everything to do with the fact that I have clearly spent time on the internet, when I should have been outside, walking, or gardening, or swimming etc..

However, anonymouse, you are right that I have compromised my blog and values with the ads.. I can't make any real excuses for that. Like I said in a recent comment elsewhere, I am not yet entirely freed from money issues. This does play on my mind, and if you (I speak to anonymous only) would care to donate, I think it would do you good.. It may loosen you up a bit..

Anyhow, life goes on.. Things are good, and despite my sometimes unwanted money thoughts, I have every faith that I will get what I want from this life, and will not have to return to 9 to 5 work, don footwear, or trim my liberated hair and beard..

Peace to all,
PS The video may be nonsense, but I remain open to the fact that it may not be.. too.. So I'll likely be watching the skies, or news.. No time wasting as if the weather is good, I'll likely be outside for much of the day anyhows..

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be suprised if there really is a "ufo" over Alabama in mod october... But the truth in it is somehting else. I found the message to be very repetative and "american" in it's way... So the conspiracy theorist in me just screamed ALERT!

If it us a big thing hovering over Alabama, how do we know it's a UFO? And not just something Pentagon made to appear right before the american election so Bush can have a third term?

Anonymous said...


Mango does not care if it is a real UFO or not. The only purpose of his infos is to show that he is helping us to understand nutrition , to understand the world the UFOs etc.. :) In exchange of his enlightenment he expect us to send him donations or if we can't, feeling some pity and clicking on his commercial ads. Mango working day is nothing more than : Swimming , gardening and getting tanned and browsing the net :).

Anonymous said...

Oh well, who cares. Better than throwing away 10 grand to those self-indulgent folks who only wish to subdue this world, and turn against you. Something that happened to my mother. I'm not kidding.

As for Mango, heck, I doubt he'll even make us do anything. Just another guy sharing his wisdom, guiding those who need guidance, etc.

Pity? I don't feel any such at all. Sure I never "met Mango in person" like some other folks have around here, but I definetly trust Mango. And his intent? Not misguided like those frigging flaunting self-indulgent folks who "buy buy buy trash trash trash." If Mango went that path, I would not even be here.

Yeah, despite what Mango's doing here, it's so harmless. I got other folks who'd I'd rather complain about, let alone, I would flame them when I have time. HAH!

Aye, seriously, I would prefer that Mango enjoys his life as he should be,at least for us.

PS, I lent 60 bucks, plus a bus card (80 bucks) to some guy who really ain't give a damn about what I believe in, and I almost regretted it, wishing I would of donate it to vegan/AR non-profits or heck, just give it to Mango. HAH! (Yeah, I never got my card nor 60 bucks back.And that guy's just one of those folks who would waste the damn cash on things that I would OPPOSE!!~!)

Seriously, donations are optional. I wouldn't chip in any unless it's needed. And for once I have no idea what "pity" is. I just share my services if I ever need to.

Whatever, I got no time to regret and whine about money, despite what my mother has done, despite what I have done. Mango understands this himself too; hence it's good of him to live life, instead of conforming to crap that is of not any necessity.

Anyways, that's my spiel. Call it whatever you want (defense, offense, whatever.). Just rest assured I have no doubts nor hesitations in Mango's intent, and would wish him to live the good life for us.

Anonymous said...

Orellio, you seem to have some very biased ideas about Mango.

Have you ever met him? Has he hurt your feelings or something in the past, since you seem think he's a mooching bum acting like a cult leader?

But whatever, Mango isn't on trial here. The "coming UFO" is ;)

Anonymous said...

HAH HAH! "Cult leader"

Good one.

That really reminded me how things are coming into place, even with the UFO stuff. The conspiracy stuff behind Scientology folks with their tax exempts; while Anonymous (the internet underground hacker folks who are pursuing against the nasty officials in Scientology), then the stuff behind governments, then comes the oil and food security, etc etc..

Ahh, how it all comes into place.

Aye, for sure, Mango's no "cult leader" and I would guarantee he holds A LOT MORE info on what I just rambled about here. Wish he'd share it with us, but I think it's too controversial at this point..hahah

Well, anyhow, we're all behind ya Mango, and we believe in ya. Live the life as you will. :)

(PS, I swear, it's REALLY funny when certain folks notice that one is "not working." Heck, being unemployed for 7 months now, I got like 10-20 people getting jealous of me also, that I feel like provoking them some more. When I REALLY hold no ill-intent either. I hafta ask, why won't those folks just go provoke those organized gangs who plant weed and crack cocaine, and go piss them off? Sheesh. I'm not living the "high life" either, like I need to anyways. HAH!)

I just had to ramble. Chau

Anonymous said...

I think you are right tornrose, it looks like oriello has a personal grudge against mango.

maybe, he/she is the same person which was posting bad comments about suvine, before mango deleted them and said no more anonymous comments, so they made up the name oirello, i doubt anyone else calls that person by that name.

wodao, your comments are fun!

Anonymous said...

Speaking the truth does not make my comments nasty. I am just surprised that people who decide not to work & not to comply with the rules of our society imagine that they should be untitled to the aboundances of this world just because they are giving & sharing interesting infos using a Blog?
It does not work that way. Sorry.
And deleting my comments will just go against my rights to have free speech.


Anonymous said...

Offer to Mango.

Mango have you try to become a freelancer developer? You could build sites and getting biz from Elances etc.. That way you won't have to fight with the establishment.


Fruitarian Mango said...

hello all..

my! Lots going on here..

look, i'd really like to thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Orellio, I also agree with freedom of speech, and the only comments I have ever deleted, have been anonymous ones in the suvine interview.. (malcom is suggesting that that was you, and to be honest, I've wondered the same thing) - I only deleted those because they had no real content, and were just there to offer insult to suvine, and be generally rude.

However, even if I do choose to delete someones comments, that would be my choice, and nothing to do with them not having freedom of speech. The blog is mine, and I will do with it as I wish.. Post on any subject I chose, and delete comments if I find them inappropriate, or distasteful..

So, you, or anyone, can comment, anonymously or not, and if you really want to say something that I might chose to delete, then go ahead and say it on your own blog..

I have read all comments, and I do take aboard both the positive and the negative viewpoints, and appreciate suggestions, even if I might choose to not follow through with them.

Tornerose, I believe the video stated the UFO would be visible in the southern hemisphere.. and (later, toward the end) that the Alabama that was refered to, was not Alabama within the US..

Anyhow, youtube is full of weirder stuff than that, so although I keep an open mind, I don't take these things too seriously!

Orellio, I don't fight the establishment. I avoid it like the plague. I'm curious to know, what is it you are doing with your own life??


Anonymous said...

Ooh lots of discussion here :D How cool :D

Wo Dao: People are afraid of those who stand out. But if you've never fit in before, why start now? ;)

Malcolm: Perhaps. Though I personally think the person who was after Suvine was a girl, Orellio comes off as male to me.

Orellio: Mango has to my knowledge never said anything about deserving/demanding donations just because he's blogging. If I'm mistaken, care to enlighten me?

No matter how much money doesn't matter to a person, you can't get away from it. Things like a roof over your head, and food does cost money. And in the western world, internet has more or less become a basic neccesity, so the ISP has to be paid. Things like that dig into peoples wallets no matter how full they are to begin with.

I don't see how you can blame Mango for trying to get some extra pennies here and there. He's just trying to cover his expenses.
But perhaps you'd rather see him living under a rock in the woods somewhere, getting his food there because he only eats fruit anyway?

Mango: Ahh.. I thought it was just a misintepretation. Like, if the person who supposedly recieved this message was american, then the US state of Alabama would be considered south.

Is there anywhere else in the world called Alabama?

Anonymous said...

Whoa, so much going on already. :p

Ah, malcom, had no idea my comments were "fun." I just feel like rambling like a madman, since this is the place to share the info like a madman. :p (I'll be sure to post often then, hoping it won't flood the page. hahah)

Hey Orellio, I'll understand how ya may feel on Mango doing his stuff. But rest assured, I bet there are other things he's doing, but not saying so directly, just for his privacy. Nevertheless, his fruitnut website, and this blog. They're really rare to see on the net. Perhaps the ONLY one out there on the net; since the rest maybe flamed by people who "fear the different people" or costs aren't just easy to manage with for those folks. Regardless, I doubt Mango would even want to bother using the net, but I sense that his intent with using all these tools is to keep in contact with folks who are close to him, also to inspire folks like us, even though I doubt he'll never admit it. As I have noticed, he's not the kind of person to embellish his works.

So whatever he's doing, at least he's not those frigging annoying organized gang member who plants MJ or sells crack. Or those people who constantly exploit imports from China and sell them cheap here in North America; a common practice. Nor is he one of those corporate jerks who exploit the law and resources, and abuse the life we cherish. Nor is he one of those millionaire condo managers, who puts his tenants in danger. Who pays for court fee charges, in place of paying to repair the LEAKY condo (a real life story, from what a neighbor told me).

Aye, Orellio, my posts were never intended to be so "aggressive on the defensive" IF it ever seems that way. I just feel there's nothing to worry about around here. My intent on saying so, I'm just way into complaining about those who "exploit the system" or "go with the system, but power trip and go the misguided path of being a jerk." And there's lots of'em, but they don't care, and they're clever to keep their privacy too. I'd flame'em. hahah

Aye, I won't be dodging the system like a plague anytime soon. Tornerose, heheh, no doubt, people do fear "different" people, some people even tried to mess me up until I questioned them "IT NEVER HURTS TO HAVE LONG HAIR NOW DOES IT?! BUT IT SURE DOES HURT TO MAKE HARMLESS THINGS, HARMFUL!" It's another ridiculousness in our society that people are forced to be blinded into. I would bet Mango or anyone else around here would have other perspectives on this, that I'd wish to hear about. I too am different. But no worries, I won't get too much into the system. I'll just go as for as maintaining an income, and going to those vegan/AR festivals or meetings. (I must advertise, here in Vancouver, it's 15 bucks to get into the Taste of Health festival this year, so if anyone's near the Vancouver BC area...I'll give more details. :p)

Anonymous said...

Hah, I've had people trying to hurt me for being different, but once rumours spreaded that I had a couple of swords (unsharp...)in my household, funny how people's perceptions change. Though some won't care, and some who have something against ya, they'd start questioning themselves. Really whacked how social control is going about out there.

Speaking of social control, THAT's a major thing around here. Some people even associate it with UFOs and stuff like that. Governments. Schools. Etc.

And being around here, and pursuing to be a fruitarian, I even realize more things to social control. As said already, it's easy to notice how people love to slander veganism. They love to slander fruitarianism too. Heck, if people slander too much, they will drown in their own slanders, hence BACKFIRE! Slander works well as social control too. Hence it's fun to break the slander by being different, and living it in their face. Though the social control pressure isn't really fun to deal with either; if not being in the mood. It's almost like standing in a battlefield and preparing to fight back.

I would ramble more on this in terms of connections to social justice, activism,grassroots related stuff, etc etc....

But I think this is all for now.

People say one little change will not make a difference. But one little change will trigger a difference like wildfire. If people are so doubtful, question them as to why there's so many people around each second. If 2000 are oblivious, the other 2000 may not be. Gotta start somewhere. And the social control and conditioning around here sometimes keep people sealed in from even taking the steps they want to take, hence time is needed.

*blah* ok ok...I'll call it quits for now. :p

Anonymous said...


I am a freelancer Flash Developer. I only work from my apartment. I hate society. I am a fruitarian. I understand the lack of money to pay bills etc.. But I also understand that God or the Devine power gave you a head with skills. Why not using them? Begging using a Blog for money because your laptop died won't bring you what you need Mango. Eating fruits is great , swimming is nice too but creating something using your mental skills is even better. So raise your Fruitarian butt & decide what you want to do. Try PHP or Flex 3 developing, learn it well from your Laptop & in a matter of 1 year, you will be developing big projects($) from your own place and earn a LOT of money to buy expensive Fruits :)


PS: There is no shortcuts, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Orellio, we're starting to sound alike...

Except seems like you're higher up in the "social hierarchy" with all those skills that I don't even have. But here's the good thing about us being fruitarians. Since we are all in a network that is concentrated on living compassionately, you'll no doubt have sound and great advice.

Ok, I'll spit it out, if you save up after making all those big bucks from the works...I thought maybe that would give a good opportunity to alter things in society, or perhaps bring something good in yer own life, or move somewhere else that's truly suitable, while this whole world of "supply and demand" would screw itself over (which would be a sign of rapid change).

I dunno, my apoligize if I'm speaking way too soon; since it's hard to dictate what our living conditions are. For me, I too live in an apartment. Sucks how I just decided to "share all the cash" with my own mom. Then it gets all used up on crap. Miscalculations occur, that I never even bother telling my own mom "GIVE ME BACK THAT MONEY WHICH HAS BEEN USED UP." Well, it's a bit too late for me since I've been unemployed for a while. I guess I too hate most of society. But perhaps not totally solitary since I have made good friends who accept me as I am, even if it means being their foe in the future, for going paths that may conflict. I am ready.

Oh well, I'm like really shy in person also, yet I bet all of ya are aware of my aggressive and trash-talking attitude whenever upset or under the bonus of "detox + anger."

My bad, I'm rambling again. It's just after the 7 months of employment, also usually being in my own room (not volunteering not trying anything), I've definetly found so many answers, even re-worked these instincts...etc..etc..

I dunno. If I won the lottery, I'd frigging send money to all of you folks around here, seriously. I would ALSO not tell any local folks around here, because I would guarantee having to use my sword against gunmen. I'm not kidding. :p

Other then that, whether I am a youth or not...nothing's ever too late to change one's own life, regardless of age. I wouldn't care less if people judged me for being 40 years old, without some fancy "education."

Then again, when I look at the system, I tend to question "does it really need my interaction or changing?"

The only answer I have right now: is to just compromise and work. Volunteer when I'm feeling different and "unshy," influence as many folks as I get to. Being fruitarian is quite a unique thing. People will sense a different aura in you. There maybe many misguided jerks. But there too, is also many people who need guidance, that are ready to be our friends. But alas, I bet the question comes in mind quite often...

"where should my final destination be? Where should I move to and stay for the rest of my life?"

I sometimes wonder if I should remain here, resist the nastyness of the system while influencing grassroots, or do I try to find a life like Mango's and live free, or do I try to get on top of the social hierarchy and be a public speaker? Or should I be the "shadow of justice" in society, as a person, and deal with nasty issues with my own time, and my own hands..

So many things come to mind...yeah, I'll understand how it drives us crazy.

My bad Orellio, it just felt like I almost saw a reflection of myself when you described your own situation. Aye, it maybe simple for me to say: let us not give up no matter what. Even though I maybe pure of ego and solitary pride...but I hafta say: being a fruitarian is quite a lonely thing under circumstances...but being aware of each other's intents and wish to live harmoniously, even by being fruitarian; noticing these things...I admit...I ain't feeling alone...and I'll quite sucks to be alone.

Now if you all will excuse me. :p

Anonymous said...


You do like to talk don't you??:)
Well if you are unemployed I would recommend that you seek for Freelancing jobs related to writing. I hope that you are aware that your are very skilled when it comes to write things. Find some "freelancing technical jobs" If they want to see more experience on your resume , then add up some artificial ones. Is it cheating? Not it is not because you have a great potential and capabilities in that particular field. Yes, you are like me , you are thinking into too many directions and you have a lack of discipline in that regard. Try to focus in 1 direction, and put all your energy into it.

Good luck my friend,

Anonymous said...

Aye, I appreciate the advice Orellio. :)

I guess I am at a point though. Even though I wish to travel, I do not want to use gas.

But sometimes, my personal ego comes in the way also.

I mean, when it comes to "education," I'll admit, I do want to find entry-level jobs and not go up any hierarchy. I don't want to have an "education" and start having different judgements cast upon me. I am myself. I am me.

Being as I am, I too realize what may have gotten Mango went that direction. I bet he was sick and tired of all the hierarchy, and didn't want to put up with being all "ooh, I'm so smart" this and that, and be accepted as who he is. Perhaps him (and other folks) may have noticed how unfair it is for folks who don't have those man-made "skills," and perhaps is seeking answers by living life the way he is right now, without any man-made social hierarchy attached.

Oh well, as for me...I may endure the system as a fruitarian...or go the path Mango goes....

It's really hard to say. I'm only thinking many directions as I am uncertain. Uncertain for the past 7 months..hahah

It's really strange how EVERYTHIGN is coming into place. It'll make your head spin. Heck, I even have a recorded conversation with a friend on these conspiracy theories and world events, and how THEY come into place....ahhh...*head spin..head spin*...

Well folks, there are other life who are suffering too. Never give up, live and live, and guide them to comfort.

Hahah, I do talk a lot online. But in person by mouth, I'm silent as an easy living child. :p

Cheers folks!

(Now that you mention Freelancing, Orellio, I will give it a thought.)

Wo Dao

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi.. so much to read!
I've just come in from the garden, where I've been planting more tomato seedlings.. hopefully we'll be well supplied with tomatoes throughout the coming summer..I did the rounds and checked the fruit trees I've planted out too, and they are all looking very good with new leaves forming.. all but one mandarin tree whose leaves are looking pale..It may not make it..

Orellio, thanks for telling us more about yourself.

I'll not be following your advice though, purely because I don't want to be getting computer technical again and focusing on the screen and keyboard.. You could say, I've been there done that, and have no intention of doing it again.

I'm not exactly sure why it is that you really think I need to get a job, or trim my beard for that matter.. Obviously you can chose that path, but it's not mine.

I guess we are all different, even amongst the fruitarian community.. Care to be interviewed??

Tornerose, I believe the video states that Alabama is a reference to somewhere that once existed, but which no longer does..

Wo Dao, if you enjoy writing, and believe freelancing might be a direction you'ld feel comfortable with, then sounds like a good temporary focus you'ld be suited to..

I say temporary, because, well, everything's temporary!!

Me, although I haven't fully found my niche yet.. I have things I focus on, and pictures that will be fulfilled, and they don't involve getting involved in corporate living, shoe wearing, beard trimming or even regular hours of work of any one particular kind.

I remain the eternal optimist.. I don't try to tell others that they should live their lives in a way that would suit me, or any group of others be them minority or majority..

Of course, I would love for the world to come to its senses, and heal itself, but ultimately, we all have to chose our own paths and learn from the mistakes that we are capable of recognising and learning from (ie, not only our own mistakes!)..

Peace to all,

Anonymous said...

HAH! Yes, temporary is right...MUAHAHHA!

Though I think I'll stick with working at an entry-level job, until I find myself living in a setting where I will truly pursue the work I wish to pursue. I think I would prefer to do writing as a "pasttime" thing without being constricted to criteria and money though. :p

I'm typing at my free will, and so things come out as they are, compared to being stuck to a criteria!!

Ah geez, I'm starting to react funny again whenever I just sense through my lifestyle and the city life I'm stuck in. All...temporary indeed. All...with illusional hierarchy that would easily crumble with a single disaster.

My personal advice to self:

"If you build an illusional hierarchy, where you are higher up, there will be injustice. Despite that being the case, if disaster comes, and you remain high; you will fall down hard. Yet if you always remained without hierarchy, and treated all like family, you will all heal like family, you will all live and manage like family. Without the despair for some illusion."

Something I have been telling myself for quite a while. Good thing I chose not to go to college here, since I have no intent on staying here.. :p

Man, Mango, wish I were planting fruit trees also!!

(I swear, everything that's being uncovered here day by day, I'm starting to notice other things!! Even things that I wanna share right now but am forbidden to share!! :p )

My, I sure said a lot...I guess I'll keep it at that for now. :p

Anonymous said...

Woops, the comment above is mind. My bad. :p

Fruitarian Mango said...

Wo Dao,
I don't think anyone oubted it was you, despite the lack of signature.. your writing style is definitely unique.

Anyhow, I just wanted to add, that another reason that I would definitely not be seeking "normal" employment, would be to bypass the tax system as much as possible.. what with a rough quarter or more going towards arms directly or indirectly, another quarter on a health system that's designed to keep you unhealthy, and of course the school system there to indoctrinate us with false teachings..

I'd rather be earning under the tax limit in order to avoid indirectly or otherwise supporting such systems of dubious merit..

and for the record, I am NOT touching unemployment benefit!!

Wo Dao, if you wish you were planting fruit trees.. Then I am sure the universe would be pleased for you to go ahead and fulfill your own wish!!


Anonymous said...

Aye, the whole "tax" thing was sure a heads up. Tax dollars here ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY USED FOR ***********.

Mm, I appreciate all the advice and guidance here. Now I see where and what I must'll take a while; let alone, quite a huge ordeal due to being stuck with someone where I wished I had siblings to watch over.

Hmm, regardless what will come of the system, I recall this other activist who lived in a mini-system that the FBI or CIA tried to sabotage, 'cause it was so successful. "Sustainable," free of exploting animals, and quite..the way I wished to be.

It's strange really, I just get this feeling something unusual will come as a whole. But regardless, after figuring things out, with lots of head-spinning...I see where I gotta pursue now. It would really stink if friends and other folks that I consider "allies" end up being hit by an earthquake around

Regardless...I have no hesitations on pursuing what I need to pursue; as people are stubborn to go the path they go...I would wish anyone well.

I guess for now, I oughta vote for a political party who'll make positive use of taxes, just to reduce as much crap as I get to I suppose. :p

(Hah, when it comes to fruit trees, the first few things I'll be planting are Sara date seeds...though in this climate...they won't grow..I'll hafta relocate :p)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Wo Dao,
interesting.. I'm wondering where that community was you mention? Was it perhaps the Osho centered one that was in Oregon somewhere I believe??

I've heard it was more or less self contained and produced everything the community needed, which really pissed off Big Bother..

Similarly, back in 1976 here down under, the authorities/government/military raided an idyllic haven called Cedar bay on the coast in Far North Queensland.. I had several friends that witnessed the event..

The place was inaccessible by road, so access was either via a half day trekk through the jungle, or alternatively by boat from the sea..

A peaceful hippy community had claimed self sufficiency there, and the military came in with their navy vessels, and even helicopters, and at the crack of dawn arrested everyone, and destroyed all the gardens, knocked down all the fruit trees they could find..

Tax evasion they said. Bastards.. OOlala je parles francee! .. But this is the system that I wish to avoid as much as I can.

A short time after that invasion, a similar attack was made on another Hippy community near a place called Nimbin.. (somewhere I lived for a few months back toward the end of the 1990s).. Here's one persons eye witness retelling of the event:

Tuntable Falls community invasion

and here's another report of both events:

Nimbin times (just do a search for "cedar" on that page to read about the cedar bay attack)

Oh.. and about the blossom channeled video, you can read more here:


Anonymous said...

Ah crud, while lurking the Scroogle engine for quite a while now, I lost the article.

It was written by someone. Who really said a lot of great things.

From bartering physical work and efforts, where all work is valued, etc etc.

For sure, it was located in the US somewhere. And for sure, either the C[I]A OR the F.[B]I spied on them and tried to pull stuff, or merely got jealous along with Big Bother.

The person who was narrating was sure that it was not impossible to prevent the damage we do unto this earth. Reusing old stuff for current needs, etc etc. I'm trying to recall the terms that were used, so that that I would relocate the article.

But yeah, that's it for now on that part.

While reading the stuff you presented here, Mango, aye. The usual "official authoritah" tactics...

Comes with public slander against the public image of real hippies, to hating love. Why hate love? Man....there's way more to rant on this one.


Well, the article I'm trying to remember. There was mentioning how there will be certain females who will be "infertile" due to nuclear waste, or something like that. And how children who are without parents, will be adopted by these infertile women, or people who lost their kids, etc.

There was more to it. Ahh, I shall post the link here once I find it.

I'm starting to be aware of answers day by day as I keep interacting with ya (and a few other folks). This is really nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Okie, the article is GONE, but....regardless...the person seems to have traces of his/her what was commonly said on that "gone article."

Though the mentioning about the community that I'm trying to mention....I see no trace mentionings, of it, at the moment. *blaarg*

Yah, just thought I'd mention this.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i've been outside of internet for the past 2 weeks, in the village with my parents, and see there is lots of good things to read again.

mango, the osho community you write about was in oregon. I actually visited and staid there for 3 weeks in the beginning of the 1980s, it was called rajneesh puran then, i think.

i didn't speek much english at the time, so didn't always understood what was happening, but for sure it was a great and beautiful experience for me. There was a lot of conflict between local people and the community, and many lies was told about osho and the rajneesh puram community, i think the government or bigbrother invaded in 1985, and the community was brokened. osho was put imprison for charges that were lies, and eventually they killed him with drugs or something.

i admire you for not working and living the lifes you want to.


Fruitarian Mango said...

hi malcom,
so you were at the osho community! I'd love to hear more of how things were back then, i've read a lot of osho, and seen him on video many times, and always feel a connection with how he thought, and portrayed those feelings.

i'm aware that the US government was probably behind his eventual death, and have heard other rumours about him being radiated too.. I guess it is one of those things that we are unlikely to ever know the full truth about..


Anonymous said...

Aye, this should cover info on BhagWan Shree Rajneesh who was the one being in lead of that Osho village. Thallium poisoning...*arrg*...

Aye, Malcom..this whole blog and other info in connection with truly good reading indeed. It all connects. Yet those who are unaware (such as my friends and many other folks) who stumble upon here, reads almost everything we say...they may not find out right away until they see the answers themselves...even locally.

Aye, I guess when I look at most conspiracies out there, they're all NOT a joke so far. Hence even if voting for a political party is a waste of time; I would NOT even risk, not voting. Besides, many of us who see harmony are stuck within the system regardless.

Better to just throw some boomerangs with a vote and it'll at least strike several poles, whether the grassroots campaigns win or not.

Obama for US.

NDP Jack Layton for Canada (Green Party as second choice, Liberals I wouldn't vote for, though I would prefer them "over" Conservatives , and I'm seriously NOT voting Conservatives).

Well my friends, every little thing we "do" will always trigger a difference. Even a little bloody vote. I so do not want those taxes being used on crap again. Let alone, for every vote would at least put more grassroots representatives in power, hence better "chances" of getting the "rights" we should be having while trapped in the system. After all, if someone else does start up something that resembles the Osho village....I so do not want to see more BS coming about.

*bah* I would be telling a story all day while connecting the dots..

Aye, Malcom, I needed that clarification that it was Osho Oregon. *bows*

Well folks...every one of you..never give up...

Anonymous said...

Aye, staring BhagWan Shree Rajneesh's (Osho's) pics....

Aye, it's as if there's a resemblance to Mango. =p

Such a similar aura of wisdom too. Where "truth" is not dictated, but merely guided to. =p

I am also thinking about Srila Prabhupada (founder of ISKCON I recall), who got poisoned by the Illuminati, from what I recall.

Such great influences...aye.

I just had to ramble as I am in that sentimental mood. *sniff*

(Well, I will stand my ground.)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Wo Dao,
you flatter me.. I only hope that despite any resemblance, my fate is an all together different one!!


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, Mango.. I think you will find this disussion interesting.

Especially the comments, they've had me puzzled for a couple of hours now, since noone is awake and able to discuss with me lol.

(Mostly in norwegian, sorry to the rest of you)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, this indeed perplexes me. No worries about the Norwegian part. Strange how things are "market crashing" etc etc.

Reminds me of some articles I read on, especially here.

"Market crashes, chaos" etc. Geez. Despite how "phony" it sounds with aliens and stuff like that.

One thing kinda got my ears to perk.

I had a friend who was studying the Sumerians to his own accord. And he was fascinated how he hear of "Annunaki." As if something struck a hard bell on him. Even though he NEVER went to that xee-atwelve site.

Mind you folks, this friend of mines, hold quite some strange secrets, he has his own "field" of noticing how things are coming into place too, just in a different way. Mind you, never met in person, but he has shared some...unusual stuff with me.

But yeah, had no intent to hop in like this, but hearing about the market crash, and the's all over the tabloids for a while now.

Anonymous said...

Wo Dao: The reptilian theory is very interesting to read aout. I've come across some conflicitng information, but I think that's because too many people watched "V: The Miniseries" back in the 80s.

PS: Your friend wouldn't happend to be named Brian, would he?

Anonymous said...

Aye, the whole reptilian thing, and the grays, etc...only thing that I remain neutral about (as in not beliving nor believing in it, but standing by.) Hadn't read too much on it yet, though I am fascinated how some folks, including Icke, connect it with "governmental actions" and world events, etc...though one would easily put aside the aliens and Reptilians; and still realize that the nasty stuff out there, is totally correspondant with conspiracy theories..hahah

PS: That's not the name of my friend, but that's "MY NAME!" hahah

Right on the spot.

But the name of my friend tends to be a common name that I got like 3-4 friends with that same name. =p

White Flame Blogger said...

Yeah mango, I've heard of it. This information is spreading wordwide so fast, beacouse it is the people strongly desired dream for something like this to happen. Well, anyway, I would love to see something like this, however my friends say that is may be just a goverment manipulation of some kind, they may be testing some new technologies, or/and even if there will be a UFO in the sky, it also may be a huge hologram, we''ll see, please have your cameras ready people!!!