Thursday, June 11, 2009

Apologies for my backlog..

I'm behind with everything..

Emails, interviews, writing here,my book and more.. and that's just the computer related stuff..

So I'd like to apologize to all those who have emailed me recently and not received a reply.. I can't promise that I'll ever get around to it, my email box is chockas, and I just find the thought of opening it quite daunting..

Honestly, for those of you that have written and asked me questions, offered suggestions, encouragement or words of gratitude, or otherwise commented directly to me on particular blog posts I've posted here.. or are thinking of doing so.. much as I am incredibly grateful, please consider instead commenting directly to my blog..

For some reason I am able to much more easily keep up, follow, and find time to respond to comments left here (even if not immediately), and of course, others can benefit from opinions given, or offer their own thoughts on others' queries and questions.. Not to mention sharing ideas, interesting websites, etc. etc..

As time passes, I realise that I should focus my energies elsewhere, this does not mean that I plan to stop blogging, at least not just yet (though, cutting down is definitely in the pipeline..), but it does mean that I acknowledge that I should be focusing at least some of my computer time on picking up on my book where I left it (- sadly, no progress what-so-ever over the past year or more!!), and definitely I wish to clean up my email life, and reduce the use of that to an absolute bare minimum.

So sorry once more if I've not replied to your emails, or gotten back to you regarding an interview (I have several people that have agreed to be interviewed, and really need to get those done.. - and will get round to those eventually!!)..

My long tem plan is to leave the whole blogging scene behind and concentrate my life entirely on healthy living, growing fruit trees, being outside as much as possible, exploring nature and basically just enjoying life.. I recognise that my somewhat dependance (for want of a better word.. (maybe adiction would be more honest?)) on computers and stuff, is contradictory to my goals, and has caused my arms to weaken due to straining carpal muscles/tendons.. Nothing that is not ultimately repairable, but probably not while I continue to make things worse by writing and clicking too much.

Peace to all,


Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Nice post. I am planning to continually reduce computer addiction as challenging as it seems to be.
interview me anytime you are ready, no rush, I am fruit focussed for life.

My offer still holds for you and Kveta to join me in Penang. I sponser you both for one or two weeks, all you can eat durian, accomodation, and $100 spending money to each of you.
would love to have you around all this durian and nature.

wo_dao said...


Seems like I may not be getting me interview anytime soon either. Still not ready yet. I guess I also fall under that "so much time on the comp" category and will be bounded to such, for a bit longer.

Regardless, it's nice to have a source on the net where my motivations and convictions remain similar too; that path of fruit, where I intended to trend alone back then.

Whatever's going on, wishing you a great one also. Things will resonate as they are already, and continuously going. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mango! Glad to hear your decision! I mean, your blog is very useful, but nobody is forcing you to "sacrifice" your life for the world! So the best way to live on fruits is TO LIVE!!!

Bye, best wishes!!!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hiya Vagabonding vegan!
i'm still not ready with your interview yet, i know i said i'd get back to you with it over the weekend, but one day this week.. darned 'puters! Life's full of cleverly disguised pitfalls, and it's important to remain ultimately focused on our goals, even if we momentarily might find ourselves caught up in things we shouldn't be.. anyhow, thanks again for that generous offer.. I'll take a rain cheque!

long time no hear.. i'm sure we'll all get where we want to be eventually.. stay true!

so right.. i know there is no real obligation.. we're each and everyone of us only really responsible for our own lives, and i acknowledge that responsibility.. even if i do feel like i have an important message to give, and there's a strong urge in me to get it out there, i know that that is my own choice..


Anonymous said...

Mango, I love your blog! I hope this isn't too forward, but I'm curious about an all fruit diet and grey hair. Have you found any greying yet? You look quite youthful in your photos.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi anonymous, personally, i think there may be the odd one to be found, although that'd be the exception rather than the rule.. my hair has probably thinned out a little though.. nothing i'm concerned about.. I am convinced that overall the aging process is vastly slowed down on a fruit only diet,and any thinning or greying would mostly likely be due to other factors not related to fruit..


Julie Groenewald said...

Hi Mango, I like your post. We bought a power ball, check it out, I am sure it might help :)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Julie,
how's that powerball working for you, was it worth the money?? Does it really help? How long do the batteries last?