Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cute Stories - 2 - Bird uses it's own body as a dam.

A bird used her body as a dam to stop overflowing drainpipe water from soaking her chicks. - Story found on the UKs Telegraph website

The female thrush's body is semi-submerged in the water of the gutter as she holds back the flow, protecting the nest and her chicks

This Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water's passage and causing the gutter to flood.

But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest.

She was so occupied with her task that her mate was left to feed her and their young.

The images were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Dennis Bright at a house in Fareham, Hampshire.

Mr Bright said he was astounded by the female bird's behaviour. [Mango's comment: The intelligence of animals is all too often underrated.]

"The nest was tucked away from the weather in the shade of the roof but it was so close to the downpipe the gutter flooded when it rained.

"It was only a matter of seconds before the pipe flooded, and water cascaded over the sides."

Mr Bright said he was amazed by the bird's ingenuity.

"She had to come up with a solution so she puffed herself up so she was twice the size of her mate and used her body as a cork to stop the water - it was absolutely amazing.

"She was very dedicated, sitting there even when the rain was hammering down. Then every half an hour she would get out, dry herself off and come back.

"The male was doing most of the work - feeding her and the chicks when she was sitting in the pipe. I feel so lucky to have witnessed something so rare and unique."

Hester Phillips, from the RSPB, said she had never seen such a situation.

"We've heard of them nesting in some unusual sites before, namely on the top of traffic light, but we've certainly not come across anything like this before.

"Birds can be amazingly hardy creatures, their endurance is incredible - especially when protecting their young."


Julie Groenewald said...

Hey Mango,

This is a heart touching story! How is a mother's love. I liked your comment about the underrating of animal intelligence.

We watched a documentary the other day on Animal Planet on dstv..and there were pigs, very small still and they have put some Alphabet blocks out for them and trained them this!

They would then ask the piggy if he knows what he is..the piggy then took the blocks and spelt the word HAM. I thought that was very clever however very cruel of humans to teach him that he is Ham!

Have a great evening.


Orange said...

Hi mango,

Such an amazing story. I saw another one in Youtube by the title: Amazing Hero Dog Rescues Wounded Dog Hit By Car In Chile. This is the link:

Happy Fruitarian,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mango,

My name is Peter and I am suffering from psychoses. I take medications.
I swim and run on a regular base. What advices would you kindly give me to improve my overal condition.
I am not a fruitarian or vegetarian and I weight 220 pounds for 6-1.
Thank you very much for your time.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all, i think there are many examples of animals showing great signs of intelligence and empathy.. and more cases of humans showing no sign of either! I find that ham story so sad, and makes me ashamed to be a human.. orange, i watched that video with the dog rescuing another dog.. amazing.. that lead me to that other video of the crow that adopted a kitten, great stuff!

Peter, really in my opinion, the fruit diet is ideal for everyone. I don't presume to know what fruits are best for any particular person at any given time, as i think only the individual can possibly know that (whatever fruit appeals most in it's raw fresh ripe state), so other than a fruit diet, i can offer no advise, and even that, you have to make that choice yourself. I'm just this bod with an opinion, and I may be wrong, but of course, I don't believe that I am.. I don't presume anything to be easy, or not, either.

peace, mango