Saturday, September 05, 2009

Get paid to use a search engine..

As bizarre as it may seem, recently i've discovered 2 different Search Engine websites that actually pay for us to use their search engines..

Of course there are strict conditions as to how we should be using them (ie, only for legitimate search uses, not automated or random terms that are inconsequential to us - and naturally there are sophisticated mechanisms behind both websites just waiting to ban anyone who misuses their services!!), but that said and done, if we just use them for our daily searches, we will be paid, albeit small sums (which'll add up over time! - as the saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds'll look after themselves)

OK, so here are the websites:

1. The Supporting Friends website

As far as I can tell, this website not only pays you for each search, but will also be donating to the charity of your choice.. To be honest, as I've only just signed up, and started using it, I've yet to fully figure out just how the payment thing works, other than that I have set my Paypal to receive payment..

I've set up my charity to supporting carbon friends, and I think 50% of what I earn gets funneled that way..

2. Tixuma

This one is similar but without the charity option.. And the the other major difference that this website is in German!!

If you can't understand German, don't worry, once you've signed up it's pretty simple to use and requires little to no knowledge of the language..

To ease the registration process though, you can use the following link which should give a rough translation of the website:

English Translation of the website

(just press the "login button" - top right, and then the "registration" button to the left)..

The cool thing about this website, if I've understood correctly, is that they will pay on referals 9 levels deap!

CongWong Panarama
View of one of our local beaches - Click to enlarge

So go ahead, if you use a search engine regularly, start getting paid for doing so..

Mango the raw vegan fruitarian.