Friday, September 11, 2009

Living on a Shoe String

Living the life I've chosen, I've often been asked how can I afford to travel and live as I do?

The truth is, I haven't had a steady 9-5 paying job in well over 18 years now.. - Between the age of about 16 to 29ish, I had a pretty normal steady well paying career in the computer industry, often being privy to working with the very latest in cutting edge main frame technology available during that era.. (those so called super computers , chunky old dinosaurs, that were slower than most bog standard laptops in treacle available these days!)

Me at my current job. collecting golf balls
At work.. Crawling through the undergrowth
(click to enlarge)

Of course that was long before the internet appeared on the scene, - although it did sort of exist as a collection of smaller independant networks loosely and frequently flakely connected with one another...

But i'm digressing..

Yes, since quitting my day job, with the inital dubious quest to bike around the world, I've been the forever opportunist with eyes and ears alert for ethically acceptable paying work that happens to cross my path, and although I have some times gone for months with no income at all, I've never had to go hungry.

In front of my bushesI should hasten to add, that when I let go, I had virtually no savings due to an extremely badly timed property purchase (immediatly preceding a collapse in the property market), that left me about as penniless as I'd ever been..

Anyhow, that all seems like a lifetime ago now, and since jumping into the unknown, there has been an endless stream of conveniently spaced temporary or seasonal job opportunities..

Not in any particular order - Most definitely not chronological, I've worked as a cleaner, shelf stacker, fruit picker (various flavours!), gardner, sawer of wood, mover of rocks, pathway builder, wall builder, webpage designer, tree planter, guesthouse receptionist, farmer, vegan chef, masseur, table builder, translator, tv/movie extra, interpreter, pond cleaner, math teacher, swedish teacher, english teacher, firework display assistant, nude model, juice maker, postoffice sorter (christmas rush), deliverer of junk mail (briefly, - until I came to my senses!!), scrap metal collector, and more...

Currently I'm helping an elderly woman with her cottage garden on Mondays (see image below), and collect little lost wayward golf balls from the bushes on our local golf course (see first picture).. So, by no means have I a proven way to get financially rich, but certainly know how to make enough to cover daily food expenses (which besides the car, telephone and electricity is pretty much our only real expense).

The garden where I work on Mondays.
The cottage garden I've helped create
(click to enlarge)

I am reminded of that biblical passage that basically states that just as the birds of the field, and other animals are provided for, so too will we be if we have the faith to take that leap.. So I am in no doubt that anyone else stepping out onto the fruitarian path, desiring to let go of more traditionally accepted lifestyle choices, would have every success in finding their basic necessities and more along their path, and should one truly wish to travel vast distances, a means to do so will inevitably manifest itself..



Anonymous said...

Wow! This was truly an inspirational post! My husband and I have struggled since I lost my job a couple of months ago. Just paying the bills seems like a daunting task, let alone buying quality fruit for us and our children, but this article really lifted my spirit and I also believe that as the Lord feeds the birds and clothes the flowers, He will also take care of us. Thank you so much, this is just what I needed today :)


Connie said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mango. That garden is incredible! :)

Anonymous said...
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Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Laura, Connie,
I'm happy you find my thoughts/words encouraging/inspirational..
I wish you well on your paths!

Lisa AKA many other names,
I always sense a touch of jealousy when you write your comments Fred, I'm not sure what really ails you, but you appear to have more issues than just BP ones..
I wish you success in addressing them.

Anonymous said...
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Fruitarian Mango said...

Fred, I find your comments both crude and offensive and will delete them. If you insist in writing vulgarities, I think I will be forced to delete your interview - I am having trouble in taking you seriously. - I am fully aware that all the comments I am refering to are in fact from you as the IP address is identical to yours, and the language is consistent.

Fred said...

What is going in here? Look like that I am having imposters posting under my name? Please send me the IPs# Mango that way I could follow on that(I have been a network administrator in the past). Also I am a little bit dissapointed about your assumption Mango. By now I wish you could have noticed" my gandeur d'ame".

Peace and hugs,


Fruitarian Mango said...

the IP address that your message came from is:

This is identical to the IP addresses of the last 2 comments I deleted.

Other previous similar anonymous messages left came from IP: which is the identical address your previous signed (nonanonymous) comments came from.

Fred said...

Then I am seriously thinking that my system is compromised. I am a little concerned about 2 IPs# as I am using 1 PC only. I will investigate that matter with my provider. I am good at keeping my PC clean but I might have a trojan which will explain all of these issues. Mango I apologize for all of these inconveniences and will keep you posted about my updates.



Adam Logan said...

The lifestyle you lead is something I am considering embarking eventually in my life. For now I start with the smaller step of eating more fruit. Had a delicious Honeydew melon today. It's a bit of a let down to go through college to discover that I don't actually want to live life working in the traditional sense which college seems to encourage. Of course college is a bastion of tradition in itself so I suppose it is no surprise after all. Thanks for existing and writing online, it helps to know that I'm not totally insane to be interested in a relatively "alternative" lifestyle. Something I very much need with such a traditional girlfriend.

Bruce Klefas said...

Your article gives me hope that I too can survive without a traditional job. Peace Bruce.