Thursday, September 24, 2009

Party For The Animals...

Recently, my old friend Zalan passed through.. (he stopped by again yesterday, on his way home).. Among the new things I learnt from him, he made mention of a revolutionary new political party that has recently gained a foothold in the Netherlands (Holland)..

They're called:

Party for the animals

And their uniqueness lies in that they are ethically opposed to the usage and abusage of animals - In pretty much all possible spheres - Cosmetics, entertainment, scientific research, food or clothing..

They follow principle vegan guidelines in their belief that animals are not ours to eat, wear or experiment upon, and have become an effective political voice for the otherwise politically voiceless.

- Never before has a political party devoted to animal welfare been elected to a national parliament anywhere else in the world, and I'm pretty impressed with the headway they have made so far..

I'm guessing the Dutch are probably a little further advanced than most countries when it comes to vegan issues and animal rights, but let's hope the trend will spread and more governments will begin to adopt animal friendly attitudes..

Anyone wishing to find out more can do so by visiting their website.

Party for the animals

Peace to one and all,