Monday, September 06, 2010

100% Fruitarian. Fruit Only..

I have just heard on the grape vine that Harley is once more keenly telling the world that I am not 100% fruitarian, and that nobody is.. In fact, I tracked his recent statement down on the 30bananas forum..

Mango is a mate and he aint 100% fruitarian. Nobody is. Nobody has to be either.

Do I know mango would do better on more sweet fruits, drinking water and less fat? Heck yeah. Have I told the mangoster? Heck yeah.

Do the experiment Fred. Do one month mono banana and one month mono avocado and then one month 50/50 and PROVE it to yourself what you want in your diet more or less. :)

fruit in our kitchen
Food in our kitchen

Although I'm not a member or frequent visitor myself, there's surely a lot of good stuff being taught on that forum, and I have little doubt of that, and a lot of people are benefiting from it.. I would answer him directly on the forum, but if I were to join, (if they were to let me join!), I would probably be quickly banned, as I am not a follower of 801010, or of any of the pseudoscience behind eating raw, and would not be shy in stating my opinion..

Of course, I understand why he and other moderators regularly censor and ban opposing views there, especially bearing in mind that among other things, their's is a business with a clear intention of making a profit on the lack of knowledge of others.. No point in making anyone question their proposed knowledge.

Actually, I consider the banning somewhat humorous, especially as Harley himself goes and states his opinion on other forums that have the same "stick to our beliefs" policy.. What was that forum that banned you that I helped you re-register with Harley?

What I don't quite fully get though, is why Harley insists on stating that nobody does 100% fruit.. (I've written my own views on this previously here:

just fruit, no nuts, seed, roots or greens..

I guess one could equally say that Harley is not 100% raw as he takes B12 shots..

me with a bag full of freshly picked passionfruit
Me and a bag full of passion fruit - freshly harvested.

Whatever, but I'd like to address his points individually:

Mango is a mate and he aint 100% fruitarian.

Actually Harley since I broke off that last leaf of sweet-leaf I shared with Nick in December, I have not eaten anything but fruit.. Prior to that, since joining up with Kveta in 2006, meals with anything but fruit were virtually nonexistent.. Yes, I ate some home grown peas and beans in 2008, yes, I drank some of the juice of one coconut on my way between Sydney and our new home, yes I may have broken off a leaf or 2 and chewed on it.. But these were never really meals as such.. More like the old piece of straw the farmers chew on.. Exceptions were few and far between..

Prior to 2006 though, exceptions were more frequent.. I am busy writing my book where all will be revealed..

Nobody is. Nobody has to be either.

You cannot possibly know, that nobody is, but you are surely right that nobody has to be.. I'd never disagree with that one.. Nobody has to be vegetarian, nobody has to be vegan, nobody has to be raw, nobody has to be eating in any particular fixed way. My belief has for a long time been that fruit is a superior food, and as such, I have striven toward the goal of 100% fruit fruitarianism..

Are you trying to say that 100% fruit is ultimately not doable or not ideal, or could it perhaps be that you are a little envious that percentagely someone might eat more fruit than you do?? :) If you think it doable, then why try and discredit those that claim to do it? If you think it doable, and ultimately superior, then why aren't you eating 100% fruit yourself? I guess I don't fully understand your stance on this matter.. (actually, a recent question FreeLee posed concerning 100% fruit left me similarly confused)

Do I know mango would do better on more sweet fruits, drinking water and less fat? Heck yeah. Have I told the mangoster? Heck yeah.

Not knowledge Harley.. belief.. there is a difference.. I am claiming no real knowledge myself.. just belief.. whether or not others share my, or your, or someone elses beliefs is a personal individual choice.. I personally see it as folly to force drink when one is not thirsty, and equally so to eat when no real hunger is present.. I don't eat fat. I eat avocados.. you can stick with your pervert fats and sugar, I prefer to eat my fruit pure and unadulterated by science :) - If you eat 100% fruit, and live the kind of at ease lifestyle I do, then thirst is rarely if ever present, and when it is, an orange or 2 easily quench that thirst, so why would I even want to drink water? That's not to say that if you put in the exercise you do, that water might not serve it's purpose, just that our lives are currently quite different, and should I ever really feel desire for water, I would surely naturally drink it too..

locally grown organic tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum and zucchini
Locally grown organic produce

Do one month mono banana and one month mono avocado and then one month 50/50 and PROVE it to yourself what you want in your diet more or less. :)

This is rather a ridiculous experiment.. I could personally not go a day eating just bananas or avocados.. both would sicken me.. Now perhaps a day, or month on just a particular juicy sweet fruit, or durian, I could handle.. but this all proves nothing.. just because I might desire to eat one fruit less than others, doesn't mean it is inferior, or should be restricted if and when the desire is there for it.. Compare this to me telling you you should try to eat just greens for a month, then just fruit, then 50/50.. this would not tell you anything you don't already know..



Anonymous said...

I have been banned today, for telling them what I was thinking about Dr Douglas and his 80/10/10 diet. Freele and DR are currently running a "business" nothing more Mango.If you question the 80/10/10 you are suspended period! Their best members left because they were unable to communicate freely. I am now a Fruitarian again so I don't really care about their site. But they are bashing you and that was quite rude.

Amit said...

Hi there, Mango,

Once again - I couldn't agree more.

I've been reading alot on fruitarianism in the past 2 months, on blogs and different forums. I've learned alot from most places, but 30bad is the only place i'm staying away from, after only few hours of reading.

In the past, i've read some of herbert shelton's books, and followed the natural hygeniesm for a while. I still believe in most of the ideas of this approach, but it took me some time to understand how wrong i was, and that i was actually a guru follower, and it lead me to some bad eating habits and even some kind of eating disorder (not anything like anorexia or bolemia, but when you are waiting x hours after eating protein based meal and x hours after startch based meal, and counting the minutes, i believe it is an eating disorder).

That's why today i'm so anti-gurus, and i really can't understand why people adore DR graham so much. he is just a doctor who wrote a book. i guess i would agree with most of his ideas, but i would never again eat in a certain way because some expert told me to.

As for harley - from reading your blog, i understand that he is some kind of a friend of yours, so i really don't know why he is writing untrue things about you, especially when you are so honest with your readers, and telling us of every pea and every drip of coconut water you consumed. BTW - i don't believe it's a sin. i believe that if we were living in the wild, with no agriculture and supermarkets, we had to go through times when there are not enough fruits, and i believe that for a limited amount of times our body can survive on less ideal food.

But In our times, fruits are always available, and i believe in eating 100% fruits. including the fatty ones. Unfortunately, i've never tasted a durian, but avocado is one of my favorite fruits, and as soon as it gets into season (they are already available, but i'm waiting for the fall for good quality ones) i will eat as much avocado as i want.

I beleive in nature, and i believe that there's a good reason that this fatty gift is available to us during the cold seasons. I believe that our bodies need a good amount of fat during cold times.

Nuts is a completely different thing - i don't consider them as fruits. In addition, they are dehydrated, so un-natural, and addictive.

One thing that i don't agree with you - You wrote that no one has to be a fruitarian, a raw foodist, a vegan or a vegeterian. I believe that everyone have to be a vegan. I will never have respect and never feel any positive emotion for someone who's torturing and killing animals.

Thanks for another great post. If you'll have the time and will, i would really like to read more about your life in the tropics - where are you staying, and what are you doing for living? I'm really curious about your life. I don't like living in israel, and for many years i've been dreaming of relocating to a better place. Since i started learning about fruitarianism, i'm more focused on this relocating dream and i know it will be to the tropics. I hope i'll be able to make my dream come true as soon as possible.

Take care,

BTW - are there any news on the docu being made about you and kveta? I saw the trailer and it looks great, i really can't wait to see the movie.

Amit said...

about harley, again - Since this is the second time you are writing about him telling people untrue things about you, i understand that it bothers you at some level. Why won't you contact him by phone, or even by mail, and ask him nicely to stop doing that? I don't know this guy, but i've watched his and his girlfriends videos and besides the fact that i really disagree with the "eat 7 billions bananas and drink 3 gazillion liters of water a day, even if you're not hungry or thirsty" approach, and i even think that for the long-term it is dangerous, i think he is extremely vain, arrogant and patronizing. I've already read in the past that he wrote about you, kveta and anne osbourne something like "i know they will do alot better on more sweet fruits and water". Dude - a little respect towards elders..

Amit said...

Fred, i'm glad i never even tried to be an active member of this forum. What kind of forum is that if there is no place for a bit different opinions?

I mean - if someone would enter this forum and write that they are all crazy and they should start eating meat, then i would understand the ban, but if they are banning everyone not following the holy writings of the almighty DR. D, then i don't want to spend my time in this place.

I don't remember where i've read it and who wrote it, but a few weeks ago i've read on some forum or blog someone who wrote that dr graham told her that if she'll continue with a 100% fruit diet, with no greens at all, she would die!

Anonymous said...


They keep changing their guideline!

Several months ago I exchanged emails with Freelee and she was mentioning that she was not really comfortable having David Klein(Rawfoodist and friend of Dr Douglas)as senior member because they were(rawfoodists) not following the LFRV 3000+ calories/day. They were allowing him to advertise on their site to get participation of the vibrance magazine that he was advertising on their 30bananas a day site. So they are tolerating him to get "money" from his sales(vibrance) even if they disagree with his Rawfoodism diet!!

Before the guideline was 3000+/per day or you were banned period! Now they changed to 2500+ on purpose to include the Rawfoodist(which consider emotional eating as their rule) and the LFRV followers.

Here the new guideline of DR & Freeele:

"We recommend womyn eat at least 2500 calories from fruits daily and men get at least 3000 calories and more if one wants to live an active, passionate lifestyle. We will not tolerate what we deem as "anti-fruit" posts or advice that recommends calorie restriction/or the suggestion that others are "overeating on fruit"

Anonymous said...


When I enrolled to 30 bananas a day , I kindly offered my advertising services for free to Freelee and DR. At first DR told me "man don't do it for us"! Then Freelee agreed to allow me to advertise for them. When I got there, their members was at 2200 3 months later it is at 3500.
What I am trying to say here Mango, is that you to can have your NING network as well and I predict that you will have far more members than 30bananas a day. I will take care of the advertising section like I did for 30bananas a day if you wish? After all you are the one who started this all idea of fruiturism! Freelee & DR are just using your ideas and taking advantage of them for private financial rewards!.I know that you and I had some differences in the past but now I am ready to help you in order to get the message out there in a massive way !

Anonymous said...

Your not a member of our site Mango? I didnt know that.

Everyone is welcome to be a member and if they dont share our views, thats fine, just dont post anything we have to delete! :) We are running a banana cult and want to keep the forum on track!

No questioning the caloric, hydration, sleep model allowed! eat, sleep, train, drink, contribute, smile..dont question!

I was referring to Fred with the banana/avo experiement as well in case there was any confusion.

So I will have to add that Mango is 100% fruitarian this year.

Your right Mango, b12 shots I take aint raw and probably a lot of the dried fruit Ive eaten in the last few years hasnt been either if Im gonna be technical about it.

Fred, and others, your welcome on the forum as long as you keep in the forum guidelines. they change most weeks so keep up to date! :)

get your sugar, water and sleep peeps! :)

love,peace and banana grease
Harley aka Durianrider

Freelee said...

Someone gave me a link to your blog and I've read your thoughts Mango. Most of it is between you and Harley it seems so I will not be getting involved in that. Speaking of "untruths" what Amit (do i know you?)is saying about Vibrance mag is completely false, we WISH were receiving money from 30BaD because like everyone else trying to make a living in todays society, we need it and it is not evil to want to make a living out of what you love. The content is all completely free on 30BaD. Dave Klein's AD and EVERY other AD on our site is there completely free - not that we are adverse to accepting payment for advertising, it's only fair and we will in the future. You can tell Fred that we do not generate even $1 off the 30BaD website. Mango you can call us all sorts of things if you like but to say we are in it for money is totally incorrect and I am very suprised at your reference to this.
Fred I have never had so many complaints about one person in all the time I've been running the 30BaD website, you were banned from the last site for similar reasons I remember you telling me yourself. Please to say that you brought us traffic is a complete fallacy as I have the google analytics to back up the consistency of the traffic to our site. Take care Fred.
All the best Mango, I think you're incredibly intelligent compassionate person and I wish you well :-)

Freelee said...

Mango I just wanted to clarify my last comment as I didn't get an opportunity to correct it. When I say we "don't make a dollar" I was meaning in the way of advertising, none of the ADS on the site we are payed for, which I believe was being implied by Amit. We do make a small money off the site in the way of affiliate links. We also make enough to get by through mentoring people every month.

Anonymous said...

I was banned from the "raw paleo forum" on multiple occasions for suggesting that our paleolithic ancestors ate almost all fruit when it was available and only ate animal protein as a last resort. I think it's terrible that there are so many people out there who seem to think that our ancestors ate animal products when they clearly did not and if they did it was only as a last resort or to try to ensure they had a food source if times got really bad, like all the other great apes. But what I really hate about that forum is the use of the word "paleo", strongly suggesting it's the diet we are evolved to eat, when nothing could be further from the truth.

His experiment is so stupid, it sounds like something a food scientist would do and see nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

"Fred I have never had so many complaints about one person in all the time I've been running the 30BaD website, you were banned from the last site for similar reasons I remember you telling me yourself."

Your complaints come from the fact that your members are unable to bring decent feedbacks to my questions. Therefore they feel uncomfortable & unsecured and complain to their moderator. This is very typical Freelee. As I said your best members are gone & all you have left are complainers Freelee.

I have NEVER been banned from any site my dear. I have no idea where you get that info from.

Freelee unfortunately for you and DR you are currently running your site like David Klein a few years ago with He ended up losing all of his members and getting a reputation of rude individual. We both know how he struggling now don't we?

"Please to say that you brought us traffic is a complete fallacy as "

I have been advertising from day 1 for you and DR. I won't elaborate on that but you will surely have now a hard time to get new members without my contribution. Numbers will tell you my dear.:)Keep an eye on them:)

Fruitarian Mango said...

@Fred .. I don't really think they were "bashing me".. the thread wasn't really about me.. I just picked up on Harleys apparent denial of 100% fruitrianism as a possibility.. banning people is ultimately there prerogative i guess, and i have no real issues with that.. I fear your claims may not totally portray the truth, and I don't see anyone as having stolen "my ideas" for financial reward.. in fact whoever, however and wherever the message of fruitarianism is spread, i'm happy about that. I don't need any credit for an idea older than mankind.. thanks fred for your offer with help to set up my own ning, but i will happily decline.. i am not interested in running another forum, i probably already spend more time that i need to online, and have enough other things to do without a forum to manage too.. thanks for the kind offer though.

Fruitarian Mango said...


happy to hear from you.. i don't wish to give 30bad a bad rap.. i understand why dr. graham and 30bad has got such a large amount of followers, as many people are benefiting from following their plan. i'm not suggesting that ultimately it is not improvable, just it has to be a large step up for most people, especially those coming from a conventional cooked omnivorous diet.. we're all different, and if 30bad doesn't turn you on, i am certainly glad that it is reaching an audience that it is able to turn on..

i sort of get where you are coming from about your disagreement with my sentence on noone having to follow any particular diet.. i too would love to see the world vegan.. heck, i would love to see it turn fruitarian.. i think what i'm trying to say is that i believe people should be vegetarian, vegan, raw, fruitarian, but that i don't fully see how anyone could be forced to be any of the above.. i just hope that the world evolves that way..

i'll try and do as you request and blog a post on our current life here sometime.. and as for the doco.. we still haven't seen a copy of it yet either.. we're waiting on emile (the director) to send us one, but i guess he is busy with other things at the moment.. we'll tell you all about it once we have seen it..

Fruitarian Mango said...

nope.. not a member, i think i started the signup process once, but when i read the guidelines and criteria for becoming a member, i decided against it.. i do come and read sometimes though, albeit infrequently, and there're often things i feel i'd like to add my tuppence worth to, but i think from what i've learned, my opinion would likely not be tolerated.. :()

hence, i state it freely here instead.

i'm aware of your reasons for joining the paleo forum, and yeah, i wouldn't really wish to discourage you from doing what you feel is best.. i was just seeing the irony of the situation.. personally i think the truth has no need to fear opposing thoughts, and if you feel you are genuinely right in your approach, why not let others voice their opinion, even when different, and show with sense and logic why you are opposed to their ideas.. maybe just point them to a frequently asked questions/doubts section..


Fruitarian Mango said...

I don't begrudge you making a living online.. especially as i know you are helping others in doing so. I'm by far from calling you "all sorts of things", and acknowledge that you are most definitely influencing a lot of people positively..

i think, as i am writing my book, i am starting to see so many failings and imperfections in myself and actions.. I tend to react quickly without thinking too much, and the 100% fruitarian statement from harley thing incited such an incident.. No doubt you guys would think this was due to dehydration.. (!?) Me I think it's because I'm still a child learning/trying to be an adult..

Anonymous said...

"No questioning the caloric, hydration, sleep model allowed! eat, sleep, train, drink, contribute, smile..dont question!"

This statement has a strange ring to it.
The only way most of us started eating raw foods and making this a lifestyle was by questioning for ourselves any "truth" that someone/ an "authority" presented.

I would think if the information was a blatant truth always, across the board, no amount of questioning of it would change that.
when someone tells me not to question, to just accept, if anything, it makes me now investigate the validity of the one making the statement.

Fruitarian Mango said...

yes, i tend to agree with that statement.. unless there is doubt involved, the truth does not fear opposing ideas..

when i used to keep a forum myself, i let anyone say anything, unless it was outright abusive or plainly nonrelated.. I tried to answer peoples questions as best I could, even when they blatantly disagreed with me, and it was never an issue for me that others might get influenced otherwise.. we all have to make up our own minds..

Bernie said...

hi i think tht if you are running a nonprofit forum like you did mango, it is a totally different story to running one that (sorry harrly&freelee!) is there for finanical reasons too. i know they forum is open and free to all, but it is also very much part of their way of fishing for new people to mentor, so i think you're suggestion about it being business is true mango. kit makes good business sense to ban users that thru questioning might drive way customers.

yesi said...

Thanks Mango, I was confused when it was stated that you were not 100% fruitarian. What a relief. I really look up to you a lot! :)Your blog was the one that pushed me into fruitarianism. I am so happy I found it too.

yesi said...

Btw Mango, I love how you try to to judge as well. It really makes me reflect myself as well by learning through you. Once again, thanks!

Fruitarian Mango said...

i'm sure they have their reasons for banning certain users and censoring certain posts.. I think i want to step away from it.. it's naught really to do with me..

Fruitarian Mango said...


thanks.. look.. i think harley just likes to pick the occasional nit, is all.. lol..

anyhow, glad you find my blog interesting..

yesi said...

Oh I meant I like how you don't judge, hehe typo. You seem to try and understand people, which is really a good gift!

Amit said...

Mango - Thanks for your answer.

Freelee - No, you don't know me, but you're confusing me with somebody else. All i wrote is that i don't like your attitude and disagree with your approach to healthy eating.

Harley - It'a all a matter of definition. some people eat 75% fruits and call themself fruitarians. Some people eat fish and call themself vegeterian. That's ridicolous. IMO - only if someone's daily menu is based on 100% fruits he is a fruitarian. even if he's a eating a pea or drinking some coconut water once every few months. As long as it's not an essential part of the daily\weekly menu, it really doesn't matter. But again, it's just a matter of definition, not really important. If i understood mango correctly, that is not the issue. The issue is that you're telling people he is not eating 100% fruits, and they can understand from it that it is impossible to live and be healthy based on fruits only. and that is not true.

fred - there are already too many forums on that subject. I really love i wish more people will join it and it will be more active.

Yesi - Nice to see you here too :)

Everybody - Sorry for my grammer mistakes. my english is kinda rusty...

Fruitarian Mango said...


i'm afraid i'm going to have to burst that bubble about me not judging.. i do it all the time.. i'm forever looking at things and judging them right or wrong, that's what's lead me down this track in the first place.. i guess though, that if people do things that i believe are wrong, i try not to judge them for it.. so it looks like i judge actions, rather than people..

i'm not too sure judging is a bad thing.. it's passing verdict that may be the real issue.. and i guess i sort of do that too.. well not really, but i do believe that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so if people make mistakes, accidentally or deliberately, there will be some sort of come-uppence..

Fruitarian Mango said...


have i asked you before(?) would you care to be interviewed? if so, send me an email via the form on

Amit said...

Mango - No, you haven't asked me yet. I'll be more than happy to do it in the future, but right now i'm still a newbie and still not sure if i'll be able to stay a fruitarian for the rest of my life. I have a very strong will power, so cravings are not an issue for me, but i'm not so satisfied with the variety and the quality of the fruits in israel, so i'm still not sure if i'll be able to stick to the fruitarian lifestyle for the long-term, as long as i'm living here.


Wo_Dao said...

Geez, the controversial posts ALWAYS generate high traffic.

I'm just gonna ramble and say:

Regardless of what is going on, I'm sure everyone here intends good will, regardless of the path they walk.

Heck, I think I feel like I'm gonna have conflicts with many like-minded people in mind around here locally, because I feel like I'm being ignored, for not having some "fancy profession" or some "fancy education."

At the end, I will...just forgive them; for they intend good will too, and have their own.."flaws" which they will resolve on their own.

When I say "intend good will," we all have our own ways of pursuing it.

I LOOOVE 30 BaD to be honest. Though I understand Harley and Freelea's intent and why they do what they do. There will always be adversaries who aren't vegan, and try to slam and slander raw veganism, even much against 80/10/10 out there. What's a person to do?

Harley doesn't have such heavy time to waste. I understand why he doesn't beat around the bush, and gets RIGHT DOWN to the point. It's important to have this kind of personality, despite what other outcomes will come. But one must remember....even if they are upset with him; he intends good will.

Ah Mango, I remember the days...when I was merely a teenager almost becoming 18. The feeling of fruitarianism..the resonation that comes..that wish. I just "typed it out" on the internet, when I got my first PC + internet combination. Typing out "fruitarianism" and here I am. Here I am today, even after all these years. I love your approach also, and...we both and quite a few others..share that wish to be 100% fruitarian also. We are a rare bunch, that I must say.

I love every single one of you out there, regardless of how all of you have qualities I love, and unseen qualities that would piss me off. So what? True friendship, even if we never met, I have faith. And for faith to be true is to be with the faith, and work with the faith. I have faith in you all, and I will be with the faith, and work with it, for that will keep our bonds...ever so eternal; no matter what happens or disagreement comes.

I totally disagree with "raw gourmet" and "cacao" being part of a raw vegan diet. Yet I know people that use them to stay raw. I do get upset about it sometimes; but at the end...I will let those people be and have faith in them in whatever they do. The reason for me saying that despite the nutritional controversies and all that going out there, it's a reminder...that even if I disagree with some form of a vegan dietary path to work, I must let it be and understand that the people who are doing their own paths..will find their own way. I would also wish that they do the same for me, whenever I become fruitarian, with 80/10/10 as my first step. I know there's quite a ton of people here, doing their raw vegan thing, with cacao and gourmet; who totally disagree with 80/10/10 and fruitarianism; and I become upset by that.

What I say in the above paragraph is what I am reminded of, when I see this blog post and the comments.

At the end, I..will be forgiving and have faith.

Wo_Dao said...

(Woops, I'm not sure what messages I've posted. I tried to split the thing in 3 parts. So I might have repeats)

At the end, I..will be forgiving and have faith.

And when I think about the times that the word "fruitarian" came to me, without any influence...when I was 16. Yes, 6 years ago. I remember fighting so hard against any scientific dogma, twisted by people, that dares states "veganism is impossible." I always told myself:

"religious or scientific writings are always the perceptions of those who write it, no matter what they discovered."

Another friend puts:

"spiritual books, or science is just another recipe written by the people who have their realizations. To taste the actual thing and experience it is another whole different story."

But anyways........after standing by such a realization of my own, so stubbornly for the past 6 years..........

Nutrition isn't everything. Love is important too. To purge out the negativity that would dare hinder us from being happy on fruit. And as I say "Love," I say it with opposition to any dogmatic BS that dares hinder or slander in what we believe in.

Love, Devotion, Faith. With a hint of a battle morale, to really shake off the nasty stuff that dares to make us give up.


But yeah, stating all that above.....

I've no doubts whatsoever, that you all intend good will, despite the many years that have passed. Much has happened. I never...NEVER doubted in veganism nor 80/10/10...nor fruitarianism..where there is 100% fruit. When doubts come, I always...fight against the source of the doubt. Much like a metaphorical sword that purges the negative energy from naysayers. I fought so much..and here I am today. =)

I just wanna say...I am happy to have a realization..that all you unique individuals are out there; that have somehow resonated together.

Anonymous said...

"When doubts come, I always...fight against the source of the doubt. "

What about playing devil's advocate? If you investigate the source of the doubts you'll find that fruit is the ideal food, unless of course it's not raw and organic and years from now there might be GM fruits and all sorts of modifications etc. (not to terrorize people here by mentioning that, I would rather try to deal with it than living in bliss).

I know only raw organic fruit is the ideal food for humans as much as I know that the sun rises in the morning. If I ever had doubts that the sun rises in the morning, I would investigate what makes me thing that.

sunmaiden said...

Dear Mango and Kveta,

I am stepping into cyberspace for the first time, to let you know how
very much I appreciate both your writings. They are so inspirational,
candid, honest and joyful. So here is a big thank you for your good
work, and love from me.

I've appreciated your discussions on water, fat, nuts and green leaves. I am not a pure fruitarian, yet, but from my pure fruit periods, I agree it is the ideal diet. For those still searching for answers from others experiences, I have found the following to be true:

Water is detrimental to a pure fruit diet. It flushes out minerals and
disturbs digestion. Only pure fruit hydrates, with a natural
electrolyte balance. Water, like cooked food, may taste fine, but can
contain bacteria which makes you sick. Rotten fruit will give you fair
warning through smell and taste. Eating greens gives thirst, indicating
less than ideal.
Nuts and seeds are acidifying, some types more so than others. This
bothers teeth, weakens the body and increases insect bites. Fat is
calming and balancing, and an "in tune" body will tell you when you've had enough:)

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts so openly with the world! I
have gratefully benefited! love and joy... sunmaiden

Lena said...

Hello to everybody and thanks for the interesting post and comments, I think this could be relevant too:

PS: Mango, your few grams of peas and leaves are nothing, you are a true juicy-fruit-only-fruitarian. And sorry that I have no time for detailed comment.

Fruitarian Mango said...

@Amit.. ok no worries, just let me know if and when you feel decided on a fruitarian path and feel to interviewed, and we'll sort something out..

Fruitarian Mango said...

looks like you are still on track, and congrats on your dedication and success so far.. keep on spreading the good news!

Fruitarian Mango said...

nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad that we're making some kind of sense to some people, even if perfection is an unobtainable carrot.. It's noce to be appreciated. thanks!

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks for including your link.. the points and questions you raise in your discussion are quite valid, and not only the ones about 30Bad.. You are quite right in questioning my own use of amazon ads, and i have often been uncertain of them myself, (however that is not the reason that i am not actively participating on your forum - i just don't do so as i already spend too much time online, and am trying to channel my computer time into writing my own book - i do however, include a link to your forum: Fruitarian Forums - apart from very in-occasional posts, I am not really active on any forum anymore..)..

I will be rethinking my amazon ads, and thanks for once more pointing this out to me. The offer still stands for an interview if ever you should feel OK about doing so (you could make it a clear disappointment in your interview to state your disapproval of paper books!)..

Anonymous said...

The thing with 80/10/10 people is that they are so agressive, when it comes to marketing, that makes you really wonder if fruitarianism is actually a diet that promotes peace and calmness in people, haha

Anonymous said...

What a load of nonsense this "80/10/10" idea is. We should eat the way they say rather than how our body tells us ourself?

I'm glad I didn't buy the book like I was thinking of doing, they do seem like very aggressive at marketing their products and sometimes apparently liars as well.

I think that the second that money comes into it, that's when it all goes wrong. That's why doctors and healthcare practitioners cause vicious harm to people... it's not that they want to cause harm, it's just that things have evolved along in a certain way and this happens to be how it makes the most money for them.

wo_dao said...


I totally empathize as to why the 80/10/10 folks and some at 30 BaD may seem aggressive.

It's not their wish to be aggressive. But Harley and many others who are standing up for raw veganism (oh yeah, believe me, there are those who slander raw veganism, saying it's "impossible" and BS'ing it all over the web) don't hold back nor beat around the bush.

More publicity---> more liars on the web to slander anything that says "vegan."

Harley and the rest of them have their reasons for doing what they must do. They only intend good.

Now may I ask, those of you who think their approach is aggressive, do you know why they take such an aggressive approach in the first place?

If someone were to go around the internet, slandering that all raw vegans are frail, weak, unmuscular, and "deserve to die" with more anti-vegan bull-s***, of course there will be someone out there to disprove them all.

Fruitarian Mango said...

@efi.. i think the trouble is also that fruitarian means so many different things to so many different people..

Fruitarian Mango said...

although i can gel with much of what you write, i am now turning off anonymous blog comments, as i am tired of people not being honest and posting under their own names.. i think if we're going to criticize we should at least do so openly and not under the veil of anonymity..
but thanks for your thoughts!

Fruitarian Mango said...

wo_dao.. i see them ultimately as doing a good thing too, even if i don't agree with everything they say, or believe.. they are surely helping certain people that respond well to their own particular form of spreading the message.

Fruitarian Mango said...

in response to your 1st comment here:

Life in the tropics


karen kellock said...

I was banned from the 30BAD forum for posting one of Dr. Doug Graham's videos! Yes, you heard me right--but it was on FASTING, which they call "undereating". So apparently they think they have improved on Dr. Doug's theory? I love his vid on fasting so tweaked the diet: one 1700 calorie breakfast smoothie then fast for the day. Works EXCELLENTLY--much better than stuffing and feeling water-boarded all day. I have grown so much from leaving the forum and finding my true self.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Karen,
well, there's naught really wrong with them believing they have made improvements on 801010 as laid out by Doug.. They are of course entitled to believe as they choose, and I have no issue with that. Personally, and I've stated this on numerous occasions already, I am no fan of any of this carbo/calorie counting obsessiveness, but respect that Harley and Freelee are doing what they personally feel is best. I do believe though, that their banning of users who question their choices, does appear somewhat as a sign of a deep-rooted insecurity. If they have the truth, why should they fear other opinions? I have no doubt that they would counter that their decision to ban does not stem from fear nor insecurity, but from some altruistic well meaning to not let followers be lead astray, but that sure does not give credit to their followers. My personal approach would just be to explain simply why I think an opinion is flawed.. but Oh, I guess I'm forgetting that 801010 is not based on the kind of simplicity I'm refering to, but is rather based on counting and a lot of study and an unnatural classification of foods as their component parts rather than their seeing them as just the whole wonders that they are. I am personally quite aware of the benefits of fasting, and definitely see fasts as having a valid place in healing. Anyhow, whichever direction your path leads you, I wish you well upon it.