Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fruitarian Book - 3 - The Health Revolution

Ross Horne had been on a fruitarian diet for 3 years at the time of writing this book.

I first read it around the mid 1990s and must admit I was pretty impressed with most of what he says.

Some of it is pretty scientific, but still easy enough for the average bod to get to grips with, and most of it is really all about common sense, which is right up my street as that's the approach that I prefer, so this book really hit home with me.

It looks like the price is a little steep on Amazon at the moment, but if anyone is interested in a copy and willing to pay for it via paypal, then leave a comment, or drop me an email, and I will keep my eye open for a 2nd hand copy of it here in Sydney.. I seem to recall seeing a copy of one in a 2nd hand shop we go to sometimes..

Meanwhile, this is a poem printed in the back of the book, that I think is really quite profound:

The Ambulance at The Bottom of The Valley.


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Anonymous said...

This book is great! I'm reading it online, right now at

It's still under copyright; however, there it is for free. I'm putting it into Word, and then going to print it and put it into a binder. It is excellent.

I wouldn't mind an inexpensive secondhand copy. They've got it at alibris, much cheaper than amazon.

However, printing it from Word means it can be in nice easy print.

The terms of its use are on the website.

It sure makes a clear case for fruit and some salad, no fat.

And the lady 86 running a mile regularly, having had bad heart disease at 81!

Happy inspiration,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sun~Rose

This may save others the trouble of searching the information out :O)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, don't know if the link showed up. I'll try again.

sorry :O(

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll check it out ... I went through the process of going to and clicking on the appropriate things and agreeing to the agreement, and here's the url:

for the very first page.

What a wonderful website.

I hope this works for you Tanawana. If you still have a problem, and it doesn't seem to violate the agreement, I can send you word that I put it into.

Happy reading (this time, I trust!)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks for the info on the online ross horne book..

sun~rose.. apparently your inbox is full, so any emails i send to you are being rejected..


Anonymous said...

I found it just fine at first Sun~Rose :O)
I was trying to save others time having to navigate to find it though.

Sun~Rose said...

It happens sometimes Mango, when there's an influx of posts from this one autism list.

Sorry about that. I usually catch it pretty soon, and start deleting. So You can just send them back.

Thank You again for Ross Horne's books. I'm reading Better Than Pritikin now.

It's interesting that His fruitarian propensities -- and raw vegan (almost) don't seem to have anything to do with Love for animals but solely for health. I wonder if He still feels that way?

Glad You have the book Tanawana.

Happy reading!