Friday, March 21, 2008

Is the medical industry to be trusted?

I think not..

Personally I think the only real good things they do, are working in serious accident emergencies.. broken bones, severe wounds and that kind of stuff..

Apart from that, I'd say the medical industry is not to be trusted farther than capable of being thrown.

In my eyes, they are not much more than legalised drug pushers, employed by the state to do just that.. - Push drugs.

And those drugs will seriously not do anything to improve your condition.. They will kill you. Sooner or later.

This is the reason why it is ultimately of great benefit to patients when doctors go on strike..

Statistics show that whenever doctors and the medical industry have gone on strike,  the mortality rate in the affected area has fallen dramatically..

During doctors strikes:

In Bogota, Colombia, in 1976, the death rate fell by 35%..
In LA, Calafornia, in 1976 the death rate dropped 18%..
In Israel, 1973, the death rate dropped 50%.. Only once before was there a similar drop in Israel, and that was during a previous doctors strike in the beginning of the 50s..

After each strike, the death rate jumped again to its normal level..

I have heard also of mental patients showing radical changes in their mental healths when their medication was reduced and raw fresh foods where introduced into their meals..

I get some of my info from my favourite magazine.. Nexus .. well worth reading!..

regards and hugs,

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Anonymous said...

keep showing the truth Brother...


Filipe (fylype87)

Unknown said...

When I am back home in Florida I read Nexus it is a good magazine a lot of good info.
keep up the good work.
Lovee Peace and Happiness,

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. I went through misery with ill informed, not enough time to listen, prescribe whatever doctors and will never go there again if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

Aye, it's funny how there's some group of misguided folks, with loud mouths; they'd accuse a person for being a "scientologist" if you oppose the BS in the psychaiatry industry blah blah blah. Long story.

Yeah, one thing is certain.

medcine by medical industry--> poison.

Never went to a doctor in like 6-7 years, and I'm feeling great.



Anonymous said...

Probably depends of the country or place. I can say that the medical doctors here in Canada are pretty much more concern about the health of the people. Probably because, they don't want government to pay more for more sick people. There are differences in each country... Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...


heya health, fitness, science

I was merely in a venting and generalizing mood. yeah, doctors would vary too. It's just I'm one of those people who decides on his own of what's truly good to myself. In a stubborn tone too. I won't blame some of them providing certain advice that I deem total "BS," as it's merely their job. Had one doc back then said "gotta have a bit of this and that, incl. meat, etc etc." Especially when my own mom's all conditioned into thinking "meat is necessary" etc etc.

Yeah, being a doc is a hard job, even if it's just family doc. Sometimes, breaking the barriers of what is deemed "normal" or "scientific common sense" or whatever would stir a lot of ridicule and skepticism.

So I had to go my own solitary way, with my own instincts.

Just a heads up. I love to vent anyways, it's a sign of my "I'm not being serious, but I'd like to share my stuff in a sarcastically malevolent tone."

Anyhow, cheers to y'all!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
thanks for your feedback!

I have serious doubts that what you say is really true for Canada.

Sure, I can agree there are differences from country to country, but the medical industry has a vested interest in dispensing their pharmaceuticals (pushing their drugs), and wherever Penicillin is prescribed the effects are fundamentally the same.

Basically the medical industry, alleopathic medicine in general are there to treat symptoms. To temporarily knock them on the head, while simultaneously getting us hooked on drugs..

Treating symptoms does nothing to alleviate the underlying problems, All that they may succeed in doing, is offering us temporary relief.

The cure for pretty much most of what ails human society is a radical change in diet and food outlook, and has nothing to do with a lack of panadol in ones food intake.