Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 7 - Suvine

Interview with Suvine -
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suvineHi Suvine, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed!!

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself, your age, and where you grew up?

I was born in Paraguay to an American. My dad was anthropologist and was studying Indians. Raised in Buffalo, Ny and also in Latrobe PA with Minister and church organ grandparents. I do not remember anything from church it was so boring. Not in my language. It was this solemn dreaded thing where people sat like robots, making up stuff in their heads, when reality is perfect and so awesome all around them. My Dad became an Attorney and my mom went for her masters degree. I went to a private Catholic School, all throughout high school. I went to college for humanities.

So where are you living today?

I moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 2001 from Boston. It is paradise here.

You've been doing the fruit thing for just over 2 years now, can you tell us how it all started for you? What motivated you in that direction, any particularly strong influence from someone or an event or something?

Exactly three years now. It started because the raw vegan thing was great for 2 months and then I felt just the same as I did cooked. I was raw vegan since 2003. Even weighed the same as cooked. I wanted something beautiful. I am an aesthetic. I read other fruitarian books and they struck me as all nutcases. I was worried I would be flighty. I decided to do this because I wanted to be good, beautiful, happy and clever. For good reasons. I had no inspiration but myself. I became a fruitarian and right away, I excelled. It took me longer to figure out right from wrong, but I excelled at anything I did, whether it was good or bad for me.

So what was a typical days eating while you were growing up?

Ooh this is fun for a fruitarian to talk about...the good ole days. I loved mac and cheese, p&j, choco puffs, nerds, chicken wings, cream of mushroom soup, ramens, rice a roni, mashed potatoes and gravy. I did not like home cooking, I wanted american trash food. I loved chicken nuggets with honey. I ate the topping off the pizzas and left the crust. I could show you before and afters that would make you know for sure, this is the only good thing that has ever happened to me.

Has anyone else from your family moved onto a fruit diet?

No. I got many people on it though from my blog. People meet me and they become raw at least, for short or long term.

What do they think of your choice?

My family? I could care less what they think. Who knows what they say about me, I know my sister purposely likes to talk about real food, like Burger King, and how she likes meat, and could never do what I do, blah blah blah.. This stopped when I baked her a lasagna and put in real meat. I just dont care about others choices and made a point. - I just dont care what they think, or eat. Kill cows yourself, won't phase me.. My mom admires me no matter what I do. My dad, well, he can think what he wants, but my annual photos, travels, friends, my happiness, that all speaks for me.

How has your health been before and after moving onto a raw diet? -

Night and day. I would love to share with y'all everything, but most of the stuff is so damn horrible. I want people to think nice things of me. My past, oh its this dark hole where my health was so bad. 12 antibiotics in my last year, noone could help me. Every kind of infection few times a year, skin infections, yeast, urinary tract infections, kidney..

My mom had multiple surgeries and had many things removed. I was on that path. I had it so bad, I could not tell right from wrong anymore. I would make horrendous choices, and make the worst predatory friends. I had no identity. And even though I speak with horror, I was a normal American girl. Hiding from the world , pretending, just surviving. Literally surviving.

You recently decided to leave the fruitarian diet behind, only to rejoin it just a few weeks later, what brought on that change, and how do you feel now about it?

Well, as a raw vegan I missed cooked food so much and wanted it wanted it until one day I got it, and I realized, it was just memories I wanted. The food had changed it tasted differently, it made me feel awful...even depressed, I wanted it out of me so bad.. Same thing happened with Fruit. I missed raw vegan food. One day for two weeks after, I had my fill. Gained 20 lbs and realized, no, this is not me. It's good, but I am more than an eater in life. I am a doer, and I like to feel good. It's just not me, you understand?

At the moment, I see from your blog you are working for a law firm, most fruitarians I've been in contact with have dreams of getting their hands dirty, owning their piece of land and planting, growing fruit trees in the tropics, do you share that dream at all?

I did work on a farm for 2 years. A raw vegan farm in Homestead Miami called Glaser farms. As a pretty smart lady, I worked in the office of course, but I saw farmers everyday. It is not the kind of lifestyle I would like. Any one can farm. The least intelligent can do it.

If I had my own farm, I would do chaos gardening, meaning I would throw seeds everywhere. But I would have to own the farm backyard myself, buy it, earn it.

I would love to be a fruitarian who lives on a beach all day, or plants fruit on her land and lays out swimming naked for free without an expense..but even that requires money and somebody has to pay for it. At whose expense would that be? I would like it to be at mine.

My aim is to be self sufficient. I do not want to need anyone or live off others' work. I try to be productive and useful.

I am good at certain things. I like to use my mind. A law office is excellent for that. There are so many challenges and things to think of. Attorneys spend alot of time thinking and planning. There is paperwork of course and everything has to be exact or else the whole
thing is blown.

I am competitive and consider money the root of all good. I know that money is the symbol of our individual rights and freedom...and with money, I can travel the world, I can see beaches anywhere, fly anywhere, and I can go in style. I can eat organic anything. I can buy organic anything. And I deserve it because I made it. And its mine. And people can see my pride and my untouchableness.

Where and how do you picture yourself living 10 years from now?

Happy, with someone I love in a great relationship. The best two people can ever have period. The best. I want the best of everything. I want to earn it. I want to live in the biggest place, have the nicest car, be beautiful, the prettiest, and have the best kids I could ever have, and be free and have lots of tropical fruit. I want my life to be a complete circle. I want to serve greatness.

So do you know many other fruitarians?

No, I do not know any. Raw vegans yes. They are mainly my fruit suppliers, they give me good deals and bring me fruit , but I pay for it myself.

What do work coleagues think of you eating fruit? Do you do so openly?

No, they do not know. On Valentine's day I got a Durian, the best gift one could ever give me, and they looked at me, like, " That's it, You got a piece of fruit???" So you see, they are not even in my timezone. Durian is the absolute gold in my world. One girl does the watermelon juice fast after me for one day once, on unripe watermelon. If I told them I was a fruitarian, I think they would laugh at me.

Tell us what you might eat on a typical day?

MONO fruit. Fruit one at a time, ripe fruit, not supermarket fruit, but fruit grown in people's yards tree ripened. That is what I eat. I like to cut up Star fruit, love Jakfruit, love Longans and mmmm I love the florida oranges. Like sweet dessert to me all the time. My favorite is durian. Its pretty much what I want all the time. I will eat apples, conventional fruit, as long as its good and not old.

Do you think your diet could be improved on, or are you happy with it as it is? - Do you see yourself eating this way for the rest of your life?

I guess the greens question bugs me. Contradiction I need to face and then make new ideas of what is good and bad. I have to see for myself if greens are important to our diet as frugivores. I see myself as a fruitarian until I die. On fruit, one feels immortal, it is so strange. I feel eternal. I can't prove this, feelings are not always accurate tests, but for sure, my senses are heightened. I feel good, and for longer.

The danger of fruitarianism, is you really need to be grounded in reality. Thoughts become hyper heightened. You will look like a lunatic if you become irrational. We need to ground ourselves in reality. Reality meaning what is outside of us, independant of our consciousness, solid. All this obsession and movements with the unknowable, spiritual, or supernatural is not healthy at all. Reality is here and we put trust ourselves and in our senses. Our mind is the highest thing in the world. It sees clearly WHAT IS. We are powerful. We can do whatever we want if we look at reality and follow its laws, laws like cause and effect. Wishing wont make it so. Ony doing will.

When was the last time you felt really sick?

Raw vegans and frutarians do get sick. Its a myth that we are impervious. If I fly in a plane I will get a runny nose, but that is it. If I do something bad to my body, I will get a symptom. If I eat strange fruit, fast or am dehydated, glands may swell. I do not get week long flus or diseases. But let's say if its air conditioned at work, and Im not dressed and very cold, I will sneeze or get cold "symptoms" until it is fixed. The difference is, its short and I usually can fix it with a half gallon of water. If I eat something bad or rotten, I get tummy aches, but they are so tiny. So I do react.

Are there any disadvantages with the fruit diet that you can think of?

Yes, teeth. Everyone says something different as to the theory. I will just give you facts. Healthy teeth, I mean, no filings, no root canal, no work, no implants, no cavities, just perfect teeth, they stay and thrive.. Bad teeth, go. This happens to raw vegans I know as well. The body just rejects it. Noone knows why. People have "feelings" and opinions..And if they claim to know why, ask for proof. I do not know why. My teeth are so white and beautiful. But root canaled implant, fell out. I trust 100% that all my teeth will stay. If I have any reason to believe this hurts my teeth, I would stop it. My teeth are so beautiful. Ask any long term life fruitarian, they still have lovely teeth.

Now people say different things I read about. One guy said after eating for papaya only for a year, his teeth started becoming loose.

Hmm. Now why would he do that? Others say by eating unripe fruit, their gums and teeth loosened. I just think there is more to this.

My teeth never hurt so much as when I was eating raw nuts. Actually all my teeth problems were there when I was a cooked food eater on prescription medication. that is what would have really killed them, pills, dehydration.

Finally, anything else you'ld like to add? Maybe some words of advice or encouragement you'ld like to offer to others wishing to become fruitarian?

It took me a long time to get to where I am comfortable. A long time. Battling dragons is easier. Its so worth it. Its so worth it. Its so worth it. I feel so good, and light and beautiful. As I age, I watch myself. I go through many stages. I am finally happy , whole and complete. I am in reality. I do things, things happen. I create my own luck. I am god. There is nothing higher than me, I love myself, and I am the means and the ends. I am the final goal. Fruit is the highest diet. To be the greatest we can reach.

Thanks Suvine!

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Sarah said...

What is even more sad to me is that people feel the need to be negative about a person...anonymously.

It is nice to know more about you, Suvine! Thanks for the interview Mango.

Fruitarian Mango said...

One thing about fruitarians that we should all bare in mind, is that we are all as individual as the rest of society.. Eating fruit, doesn't make us all alike.. Far from it.

We all have our reasons and objectives in becoming fruitarian, and we don't all think or act similarly.

There are probably things about each one of us that can be faulted, and criticized, and just like with the rest of the world, there're going to be people that you can relate to among us, and others that'll just plain rub you up the wrong way.

We all have our histories, and background, and reasons for turning out the way we have, and we all have the potential to improve ourselves.

If whoever the anonymous person is, has goals, too, for becoming fruitarian, and would like to stand up and be interviewed too, then please contact me, and allow yourself to be judged, like the rest of us..


Kelsey Ann said...

Great interview Suvine.

You are entering into a part of your life where you are discovering all your beauty and grace. I admire you for being the fruitylicious goddess you are!

Unknown said...

Yes, no kidding what a Goddess. I honor you exactly the way you are Suvine...and you are a beauty & you look it too!

Anonymous said...

We're all works of cre8ion in progress striving toward perfection, so no one is without perfect imperfections.

Thank you Suvine for posessing the courage to cre8ing space for me to grow.

Life is Love and so are You for we are All One connected by the very breath we breathe...The Breath of Life....

~Breathe Easy~

Anonymous said...

How does fruitarian girls and birth-control pills go together? Any experiences?
Seeing as you're adding hormones to your body that way, that will be unnatural right? So fruitarian girls may be stuck with condoms as the only option?

What about cramps? How do fruitarian girls deal with them? Do they disappear as you become fruitarian so that having periods isn't a hassle, or do you drug yourselves down on painkillers?

Anonymous said...

After reading your interview i can understand you much better, and i wanted also to be the best all my life time and do all right because i had been treated so bad, that i wanted to dig myslef out and i did it.

I wanted to be accepted loved and treated like a knight, a hero, a prince, because i had been educated like a little burger-king and nobody could break me.

A lot fruitarian talks gave me the feeling that my fruit friends wanted to do something special and unique, or that we are moving in the same concious-bubble.

I met also jealous greedy and aggressive people also i found out that they are not real fruitarians more brutalians as Cristina named it once.
Sometimes we had been nazified as egomanics and maniacs but you know the little asozial kids how much they suffer to make them criticize us for our mental destillation process. Thank you for that service think about that: we are not your parents, ok!

What you had been going through reminded me at my hard times and i want you to know that i am thinking good of you.

The anonymous comments had been a bit childish because this is not a mental latrine rumour place.

Suvine is still my friend and i know that she is able to defend herself very well but she is to prowd and clever to be stupid.

boys if that had been you who had been robbing my seven castles to make me as poor as yourself wait and i will get you to work.

You have to learn to treat the ladies with respect to see her smile..
i knew a lot of boys and girls just like you when i was as little as you.

Did you get it?

Fruitarian Mango said...

ok anonymouse, you have made your point. you clearly have a big grudge against suvine, and really feel you need to share that grudge.

that's ok.. you are entitled to feel the way you do.

i'm not here to defend her, but it is clear that you are not without your own failings, and not even honest or open enough to leave your own name, website or email.

i have not wanted to do this, but should you post further such comments purely to vent your disdain toward her, then i will likely delete them.


Anonymous said...

i don't consider myself a lesbian or a pervert as a previous commenter alluded about anyone reading suvine's blog, but have to say that after reading some of it for a while, to me, she reflects something so unique when it comes to fruitarians in general. She definitely doesn't fit a stereotype of the nature loving, mystical hippie with fruitarianism as a kind of ethical code. Instead she comes across as a kind of magician who uses fruit as a kind of tool in the chaos of her life, along with anything else she can to get the most beauty and understanding of herself that she can, possibly to transform a lot of pain experienced in a very troubled past. anyway, enough analysis. thanks for the interview, mango. Suvine- you deserve more credit for doing things as differently as you do.

Fruitarian Mango said...

I have just deleted all the anonymous comments to this blog entry, as I felt (perhaps wrongly, - perhaps not), that they were all coming from the same person who clearly seems to have a personal vendetta against suvine.

Of course, people are entitled to have whatever opinions they have, but if you are not prepared to express them openly and honestly in your own name, then I feel like I do not want to be a part of helping you express negative thoughts anonymously.. - some of the comments were very petty with name calling and such.

From now on, if anyone posts a comment to this entry anonymously, it will be deleted. If you want your comment to stay and be seen, you must write your name, and put a valid blogger id, or website that can be verified.

Sorry, I hate to be the thought police, but just want people to play fair.


Anonymous said...

Suvine seems like a beautiful, intelligent woman. I appreciate that she has a different approach than some and I really enjoy reading her blog.

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

I have always admired Suvine. But to claim "God", I am not too sure. She certainly is unapologetic in her behaviors. And i love her honesty and unapologetic approach to her beauty. Just, not liking her claim to being god.


Belito said...

Oh my God! I have many root canaled teeth. Will they fall out if I continue to follow this diet? (I just became a loose fruitarian 3 weeks ago. ^^)

Fruitarian Mango said...

firstly root canal fillings will eventually fall out.. yes.. regardless of what diet you are on.. provided you live long enough for that to happen, that is.. and provided you don't seek dental help if they should begin in some fashion to loosen themselves..

Eating fruit does not mean that you would never seek dental help again, - even though that may be the path some fruit eaters (myself included) might take..

what's a "loose" fruitarian?


Belito said...

meaning...i'm still eating some leftover food at home, like tempeh and beans. ^^

Fruitarian Mango said...

sorry for delay in replying, but good luck on your path.. hope your teeth strengthen!