Monday, March 24, 2008

Useful Webiste - 4 - Guide to Web Hosting.

Apart from my usual all things fruitarian related posts, I try to keep my eyes open for other potentially interesting places on the internet, and just stumbled upon Kaushal Sheths Blog..

I've previously been asked 2 or 3 times about where best to host ones website, and Kaushal answer that in his post:

A guide to - Web Hosting

Also, he offers help to those wanting to customise their blog templates (he claims his rates are nominal), and provides a number of different blog templates for both users of wordpress and some for blogger/blogspot.

Admittedly, he blogs about a lot of stuff which is of really no interest to me at all, and most of his focus is on wordpress themes, and tips and tricks for using and tweaking wordpress, which is not really relevant to me as I'm content with blogspot..

Hope you get some use out of it,

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