Sunday, June 29, 2008

What we ate in May, and how much it cost

Once more, for the record, this is a chart of everything we ate during the month of May 2008..

Fruit Quantity Cost
Apples 6kg $6
Avocados 110 $83.65
Bananas 8kg $7.60
Capsicum 5 $1.50
Cherimoya 2kg $5.70
Cucumbers 5 kgs $11.13
Durian 53 kgs (including shells) $160.50
Grapes 30 kgs $56.00
Kiwi 6 $3
Mandarins 4kg $7.70
Oranges 25kg $21.06
Persimon 10 $5.10
Pineapple 8 $16.50
Tomatoes 27 kgs $36.50

Totalling $436 Which means that we averaged just over $14 (for 2 of us) each day on food.. That's roughly just $7 each! (Australian dollars per day).

Now that's budgetting! Considering that most people here would need easily 5 or more times that amount each day depending on the state of their toxicity.. feeding addictions such as tobaco and alcohol as well as the take-away fast food cravings that regularly also get appeased.

Bare in mind that we generally eat an average of 5 or 6 different things each day, that I fasted on Fridays, and that we did 9 or 10 days on mono grape juices, it should give a very rough idea of what we might eat on a daily basis..

We don't follow the traditional 3 meals a day plan.. rather we sort of graze throughout the day.

We don't really have a pattern. Just eat when we feel to.. and as a rule of thumb we are generally ready for food at about the same time.

To see more of what we eat on a more or less daily basis, then head over to Kveta's blog, where she tends to give rough summarys of what we both eat daily..


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Anonymous said...

You should consider giving us a typical days breakdown sometime yourself. I do read Kveta's blog but she tends to be somewhat vague or maybe being American, her sentence structure is difficult to understand.

Anonymous said...

that's some cheap fruit.. wow

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Rick & Tornerose,
thanks for the feedback.. Yes, good suggestion Rick, I will try in future to include the summary of a typical days eating..

yes, we are very lucky to have such a good selection of reasonably priced fruit where we live.. The goal of course is to be growing our own.. That'll happen later.