Thursday, June 19, 2008

Juice Feasting - June 2008

Kveta and I have just finished another 9 or 10 days of juices.. Something that is becoming a regular monthly thing we do..

I Found a set of scales the day before we started, so can report that my weight was about 57kgs on the first day, and 52kgs on the last day.. thus a small loss of 5kgs over 10 days. (If only all those people struggling with weight problems could realise just how easy it is to loose weight.. All, the body needs is a chance to occupy itself with the task).. Kvetas weight at the start was around 51kgs. Forgot to weigh her in at the end..

Anyhow, here's what we drank:

DATEME(orange juice)KVETA(grape juice)
08/06/084 x 5dls4 x 4dls
09/06/084 x 5dls 2 x 4dls
10/06/082 x 5dls2 x 4dls
11/06/084 x 5dls1dl,1dl,2dl,2dl
12/06/083 x 5dls1dl,1dl,1dl,2dl,3dl
13/06/08Dry Fast1dl,1dl,2dl,3dl,3dl
14/06/085dl,1dl, a few grapes, 3 sharon fruits, some grapes 1dl,2dl
16/06/083 x 4dl3 x 2dl
17/06/08Juice Feast over..We ate durian & tomatoes mostly today

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