Saturday, October 04, 2008

The symptoms of detox..

I've already written a little about detox in previous posts, (Some thoughts on Detoxing, The Golden Rules of Detox, Nuts on a fruitarian diet and How long does it take to totally detox), but recently our feline friend Orellio, asked in a comment on the creationism vs evolution post, to write more about the symptoms of detox..

Yeah, well, it's simple really, detox is just the body expelling stuff that shouldn't be in there. And as I've said previously, the main thing you've got to realise is that such expulsions are often unpleasant, uncomfortable or even darn right painful.. (But, looking on the bright side, think of the benefits!)

That's not to say, of course, that every form of physical discomfort we might endure, is a sign of detox.. If we bash an arm against the table, it'll hurt.. if we fall over and scrape our knees it'll likely sting some.. and sometimes, at the stickier end of the stick, we can be just so plain toxic, that the body has plum given up trying to expel stuff. I'd venture to say that cancer is one of those things that occur, once the body has basically become over saturated with toxicity, rendering it so sick, that having been pushed to it's limits, it can no longer take care of itself as it normally would..

But back to the symptoms.. I guess that the most common form of detox that we all know and love so well, is probably the common cold..

Forget the germs, bugs and bacteria.. they are not the issue at all, the real issue is the mucus.. that sludge that blocks up our passages..

Without the mucus, that warm cosy slimey sticky gooey stuff, the germs would have nowhere to call home.

Get rid of the mucus, and there can be no cold, flu, or pneumonia..

As I've sid before, the germs are naught more than flies around a dirty dustbin, and although they may add to the irritation, the real issue is solved by cleaning the dustbin.. Not killing the flies with pharmaceuticals.

Ask any long term, consistent, fruitarian when they last "caught a cold"..

Other symptoms of detox are headaches, (normally due to bloodstream being polluted, and until that "pollution" gets moved around and expelled, the likelihood of the headache disappearing is slim.), stomach aches and the like..

Similarly to cancers, discomforts that are not specifically detox (but clearly related to toxicity) are things like rheumatism, arthritis, certain allergies to natural substances, diabetes, and a whole host of formally differently classified syndromes often baring the name of whichever white-smocked scientist first recognised it's pattern and behaviour under a microscope..

Regardless of whatever latin name such symptoms may be classified under, the fact remains that they are only there, because the body has been polluted. I know it sounds simple, but that's simply because it is. - The truth is simple. Stop the pollution and whatever symptoms are visible, will gradually disappear of their own accord.

This is knowledge that the medical industry seems completely oblivious towards, and it seems they would rather have us believe that headache is caused through lack of asprin in our diet.

The focus may have been shifted from invisible diabolical entities that needed exorcising out of us, to microscopic bacteria that randomly infests us, but nothing has really changed.. - germs can only exist where there is already decaying filth.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write before I started this post.. I just let the words trickle from my fingertips.. and I'm sure they will not be the last on this subject..



Anonymous said...

Thanks Mango for this detox material. I went through most of these symptoms. Also I want to share a story with you that happened yesterday. I was at the store and I was extremely thirsty so I decided to buy one of those Odella 100% juice(mango & orange). The taste was ok but after about 20mn I started to feel unwell , my heartbeats started to increase , I started sweating. So I look at the bottle of juice and on the back there was :booster : Guarana. went back home to investigate to find out it that it was a caffeine booster and not recommended for people with heart disease. I checked my BP and it was like 170/110 instead of my normal 120/70 , I had to take 3 blood pressure pills to restablish my BP. So that's the VERY last time that I am buying any commercial juices. I have learned my lesson


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
Yes, you should be aware too, that all commercially available bottled juices are heat treated. Even the ones that claim to be totally fresh and quote 2 days (or less) to be used by..

Think about it, make a fresh juice of your own, and within hours, or less, you will see the discolorisation from contact with the air, and notice the loss in flavour.. try the same experiment with a bought bottled juice, and it will take far longer for the effects of time to be noticed - catagorical proof that the juice is not fresh, but tampered with..

Also of course, many of the supposed 100% juices contain preservative enumbers as well as being heat treated.

Look on the bright side, your BP issue is steering you on the right track faster than for those of us that might drink something like that and remain unaware that it really wasn't fresh, - or 100%..


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi again,
I just realised I repeated myself a fair bit in this blog post..

I recommend in addition, that you go back and read: The Germ Theory Myth


kveta said...

hi guys,

this is a funny coincidence, i wrote today in my blog, that there is no better drink than raw fresh fruit juice.

fred, i hope your blood pressure is back to normal. i am glad that you learned your lesson, it will help you to speed up your blood pressure recovery. the best way to recover is trough the fruitarian lifestyle.

mango i love your blog, and i agree with all you say.


Anonymous said...

This is knowledge that the medical industry seems completely oblivious towards, and it seems they would rather have us believe that headache is caused through lack of asprin in our diet.

Aye, this sure got me laughing hard, as I reminiscene/recall folks telling me what I "should be eating" when such "eating" would only mean more of a double-edge..where I'd be dragged down to "nasty screw overs" at the end..

Anyways, just a warning to folks seeking fruit juices pre-processed:

Even if you see fruit-juice-cartons that claim to be "100% organic" blah blah blah, despite how friendly and cheery it seems...once you notice "pasturization," the juice may have become UNRAW, since I find that the pasturization refers to "boiling the juice to sterilize it from 'germs' and to keep the storage shelf life longer."

Mind you, it's odd how the pasturized juice has like barely an effect on me at all, compared to everything else...but yeah...just a heads up.

Just to be a bit off now.. [read this if you want to hear a story about my misguided thoughts on 'germs' back during the young days..otherwise..skip's long stuff..]

When I think about detox and germs..I'm amazed how badly misguided and programmed I was. That bloody video I saw back when I was 8 years old in school. Changed my life forever, in a bad way.

I saw an animation, where they claim that "bacteria is flying all over the air, and if you get a cut, the germs fly into you, and make you sick."

What this sad info has done to me? As a child, I was prone to being so sadly "logical" like other people, that it's only mere stereotypical perceptions, UNGUIDED by the sealed instincts within.

So what I thought from that day and on?

"All germs are bad"

"must use huge craploads of soap" (This had a bad consequence in my teenage years, as the habit carries on. I ended up overusing preprocessed, oil killing soap. The commercial brands, which of course, aren't even soap, but detergent..that not good stuff.)

"must keep myself so clean at all times, that even a tiny touch of anything else in my secure space...needs to be cleaned."

I was such a misguided "clean freak" by then. When I had personal space such as my bed...I would get really picky about who and what touches it..that it becomes a long side-story itself. The habit still haunts me until today. Maybe in slighter and less nasty forms. Now I never allow my mom to touch my stuff when her hands are stained in oil, stained with fried chicken..

But yeah, I find that being outside, in a natural setting, things tend to be automatically pure and fresh. While being're forced to "sterilize bacteria" and whatnot.

*bleh* mega-clean or not...I sure recall by going on all fruit....I was an immune to everything. That I just automatically dropped such an unnecessary habit. Where cleaning should only take place once in a while, and not constantly..

It's amazing how such childhood programming; is something I never managed to purge right out, right away. I mean they got me, by using my own stereotypical perceptions against me, while my senses...were just not unsealed. Yet only became unsealed during detoxing and going on fruit..where realizations come (lies being dispelled..where habits change also..).

Oh, and just another thing..

For some folks I recall..including myself....

When detoxing on during certain sessions of "thoughts" go on a wild rampage. It's quite common. Heck, I bet those of you read ALL my stuff, have been exposed to my "internet activity" where I start ranting, rambling aggressively, etc etc. Yep, that's me in my detoxing mode...while I NEVER stop to find answers for my future..tasks. Sure, it's easy to keep calm and whatnot. But I choose not to at times. But as for at home with tolerance to her discouragement is so uneasy..that one bit of discouragement during detox; I would counter-argue with her to the point that this whole unit shakes..hahah

Aye, the "mood" and "thoughts" part of detox is something I too am trying to put into words. Especially about I have certain objectives and convictions..that it's as if I'm "battling" all the way.

Let's just say while I am truly on fruit, and handling my tasks; those steel poles would be chopped, while I feel at ease without hesitation, even when noticing opponents watching in the background with discouraging eyes...that I would prepare to throw some pies at them..HAH!

But while on non-fruits, let's just say while I concentrate on chopping the poles, my "mind" becomes a bewildered entity of it's own...that my thoughts become distracting. My imaginations go all over the place, that I even end up imagining such things I would not even want to think about. "Thoughts" on the past, present, future; events around the world; the well-being of the life we cherish; and several other things..crammed into the "mind" and "thought patterns" go all over the place.

I'm not even sure how to put it in words when it comes to the lots of patterns, even the distracting ones..but it comes to the point where I wouldn't slice the poles efficiently.

[Mind you folks, the poles is just a metaphor, for my target tasks..]

Yeah, I just had to list my haunting symptoms of detox...despite how it won't take me too long if I choose to transition. Well, the thing is, it's not too bad. It's just that it gets really whacked and annoying during certain moments; not that it's sooo bad that I would be KO'ed, but it's just slightly and somewhat difficult to work with.

(I tried to keep everything short...but it got too long..) =p

tinah said...

"... and sometimes, at the stickier end of the stick, we can be just so plain toxic, that the body has plum given up trying to expel stuff."

Wow! I think that's why I am more uppity and optimistic when I'm on fruits, it's that possibility of getting cleaned and nourished, that allows me to detox... whereas if I'm burdening the system, it doesn't get that chance.

So... if the body deems the cause to be worthy, or even possible, it will work at it! =)

Anonymous said...


Do you believe that people who are strictly vegan or Fruitarian are smarter than meat-eaters? I am not talking about being smarter for taking the decision to switch diet but smarter intellectually due to the facts that fruits enhance brain circulation and allows a much clearer thinking. Do you think logic is increased as well?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mango.
I have a question, as my mind seems really anxious to turn 100 % fruitarian or atleast rawfoodist, while the rest of my body seems to want to take it slower.

Do you think it's possible to live on only fruit in norway?

The local fruit is only avaliable in mid july to mid october at the most. (And where my grandmother is from originaly they couldn't produce fruit at all, not even wheat. I think they managed to grow potatoes but I'm not sure. The season was to short for anything to grow there.)

Also, it's very hard to get organic fruit here, and tropical fruit is transported in toxic plastic. (Also, some reports say the freeze tropical fruit when unripe, and then unfreeze them and gas-ripe it when arrived in Norway. I don't know how truthful that is, however.)

Tropical fruit is also very coolig to the system, and with the norwegians winters beeing so cold already, how would we keep warm?

And the D-vitamins from the sun is, as you know, pretty impossible to get in the long winters.
(And on a personal note, I am light-sensitive, so I try my best to avoid sunlight. I'm hoping fruit will help me overcome that, but I know it won't be an instant fix).

Ok this got long, so I'll cut it short for this time.


Fruitarian Mango said...

that's a pretty loaded question.. I think it warrants more than a simple yes or no answer..

For starters, I want to say that I have known some very intelligent omnivores, and also that I don't believe intelligence should be reduced to a scale of numbers.. we are after all, talking about something highly intricately complex, and intelligence manifests itself in a multitude of different ways, such that comparing one persons intelligence against another persons is really not productive for anyone.

however, i do believe that an all fruit diet cleanses the body, and I believe that the mind, the seat of the intellect, is intricately entwined with the body and brain, and thus inevitably, a cleansing of the former, will increase the efficiency of the latter.. making us more clear headed than we were before, and more capable of concentration and calmer thoughts.. thus yes, i do believe that this will have a positive effect on our intellect.. but i'm not comparing people.. just before and after.. it will help us perform better both physically and mentally.. it is easy to see..

take it to the other extreme, and see yourself fully hooked on fast foods, tobacco, alcohol or more.. do you honestly think it would be possible to think as rationally and logically as when you are in good form, eating well and living more in tune with nature??


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Veronica,
the simple answer is yes. It is possible. But i'm not saying it would be easy to accomplish.

there is something called supply and demand, and it's clear that while there are so few that would appreciate a good steady supply of year round fruits, the supply will likely not be satisfactory..

I think you have to really ask yourself what you want. If you genuinely believe in an all fruit diet, and have genuine intentions of living that life, then you can make it happen.. Whether it be by bringing more fruit to you through the miraculous powers of manifestation of the universe (influencing more people to increase the demand!!), or whether you can free yourself from your roots and move to a climate better suited for you is your choice.. I chose the latter..

but i have no doubts that if you really want to live on just fruit, you can make it happen for you, whether you stay there or not..

as for the cooling thing, i think that's not strictly true.. I believe that fruit cleanses, and the cleaner your internal pipes are, the better you will be able to cope with extremes of temperatures, in both directions.. I lived through at least 2 norwegian winters on predominantly raw foods, mostly fruits.. But the truth is i wasn't able to go the whole hog until after i left.. (although, the more i was doing it, the more i discovered places and ways to get better quality fruits)..

To keep warm, move more, wrap up more, it is a false energy draining heat that comes from porridge.

i am sure that as your body becomes cleaner internally, your light sensitiveness will naturally diminish, and you will grow to love sunlight more..


Anonymous said...

Hey Mango!
How ya doin? Its me Rob, you did an interview on me!
Im going on oranges for the rest of the winter from now until spring.
Just oranges and thats it!
And they will all be organic!
Im bloggin it if you want to follow!
This will be AMAZING!
Peace 2 u!