Friday, December 28, 2007

The golden rules of detox..

While transiting to a fruitarian diet, some amount of detox is pretty much inevitable..

Here are some points to remember:

  1. Detox is a good thing, - and not your enemy.
  2. Detox is never pleasant.
  3. Detox can take on many different and varied forms and guises.
  4. Detox can be sped up (but also intensified!) by not eating!!
  5. Future detox can be vastly prevented, but it is generally wise to not stop present detox.
  6. All consumed cooked foods, will (eventually) be the cause of some detox.
  7. Detox can sometimes appear to be ongoing. Especially if you eat a high percentage of raw vegan foods and small amounts of cooked foods.
  8. Certain food combinations can cause detox.
  9. Detox is an emergency elimination.
  10. Most forms of dis-ease from which we suffer are predominantly some form of detox or other..
  11. Detox is the bodies way of cleansing itself as it strives toward optimum health.
  12. Detox is initiated for 2 main reasons.. Either because the body decides that it is in desperate need of a spring clean, or because the body is invaded by an external menace (that incidentally, can only thrive where filth is present (germs - more about that in a later post to follow)).
  13. Remember.. Your headache is not caused by lack of aspirin in your diet!!!

Eating an Avo from the tree.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Mango,

Living in the UK many avocados seem to have small worms that have eaten into them - is this something that you have noticed?

Thank you.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi anonymous..
no, i can't say i have..i have lived off and on in the uk many times, and never really had such problems with avos.. perhaps it is just a one off seasonal thing..perhaps your greengrocer is getting them from a cheap source.. in any case, why don't you take them back for a refund?


Katish said...

I love #13.

Unknown said...

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