Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some thoughts on detoxing

The anatomical body is generally occupied by 4 major tasks..

1. Digestion.
2. Assimilation.
3. Elimination.
4. and Healing..

And generally speaking, that's the priority in which those 4 tasks are undertaken.

As you can see, healing is last on the list, which is the basic reason why not eating (fasting) will pretty much always speed up the healing process... (that's pretty profound.. think about it!)

About to tarzan swing into the pond..

But back to detox.. Detox is a sort of emergency elimination.. When the body, with it's own innate wisdom, decides to put other things on hold, and concentrate all efforts on elimination.. And because it's a sort of emergency situation, emergency elimination organs are brought into play..

Some of the more common forms of detox, bring on nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness and much more, and are generally accompanied by a loss of appetite.. The common cold is probably the most common form of major detox the body regularly initiates, and as such, it is wise to not suppress it with medicines or pills.. Your body knows what it is doing, trust it, and don't try and fight it.

Understand this: Detox is a good thing! It is your body spring cleaning, without it, the body would become so saturated with toxins, that it would most surely keel over and die.. So much as you may feel horrible and miserable and negative through detox, it is actually really a very positive thing, and shows that your body is still functioning as it should..

Now you have to bring your mind into sync with it, because the mind is the tricky thing, the spanner in the works..

If you can genuinely understand what it is that makes us detox, then you are really more than halfway toward freeing yourself from detox..

Remember It isn't detox that is the enemy!!

When we transit from the standard cooked food diet of zombie flesh and stodgy lasagna dumpling pies, or whatever it is that one eats, onto a lighter diet, (whether it be vegetarian, vegan, raw food, or fruitarian), we are generally giving the body a reprise.. an ease back on tasks 1 and 2, such that the body can concentrate more on elimination.. Thus we suddenly may feel worse..

We may feel worse, but in reality, we are actually getting better!!

Detox may hit us especially strongly when going on to a raw food, or even more so, fruitarian, diet.. This is because fruit as a food, conains highly cleansing properties,and will encourage your body to cleanse itself.

So don't despair.. be aware!

And think about this.. - Eating large amounts of fruit, and small amounts of cooked food, can sometimes cause your body to be in apparent permenant state of detox..I have experienced thismyself,and I know how it can be discouraging for those who practice such, as well as for those around us..

This is why some people fail at fruitarianism, because they never go the full hog.. They get sooo close, but because they hang on to vices and addictions they've had, they are pulled back down into them, believing the fruit diet is just not for them..

Moving on to a fruit only diet, some detox is inevitable... But be patient, and give yourself time to adjust and cleanse, and you will come through it stronger and healthier..

OK.. As I've mentioned before, I am workingon a book, but it is slow in the making. I will advertise it on this blog whenever it is done, but I don't know when that will be..


health to us all,


Admin said...

Pretty good post, Mango. And an interesting blog. I see that you really like fruits and all that is connected to them. You give lots of good information, on facts that maybe we didn't knew about. Good work;)

Thanks for commenting on my blog,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Midwest,
thanks for the comment,, Yes,fruit is highly underestimated, and everyone could benefit from increasing their daily fruit intake..I hope that I have been able to encourage you to do so!