Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just 96 months left??

I've no idea how he did it, but good old gun toting, fox hunting prince Charlie predicts that we've just 96 months to save the planet.. That's just 8 years.. after that all the fat ladies will come out of the woodwork and sing..

But seriously, regardless of how he came up with his figures, it really does seem like the world is headed toward serious global environmental collapse.. and would not be at all surprised if his 8 year prediction was actually a generous overestimate.. Indeed, some might say we've already overstayed our welcome but have yet to fully realise it..

To read more about Charlie boys prediction, click here:

Me? Well, I reckon we'll pull through.. despite some foreseeable hardships, there'll be a massive change in consciousness and a brighter future.. No time scale on any of that though..