Monday, July 20, 2009

Fruitarian Book - 6 - My Path to Freedom

A couple of weeks back I stumbled across a forum talking about a Swedish Fruitarian named Tørd Lyseving, a fruitarian of 24 years to date..

Always excited to meet another solely fruit eating person into fruitarianism, I googled around some, found his email, and got in touch with him, asking if he would be up for an interview on my blog.

Days later, I received an email reply back from him, and an agreement to be interviewed..

Author of 7 books, 6 in Swedish, and 1 in English, Tørd has kindly sent me a copy of his English book, "My Path to Freedom" Self-Published in 2005.

Tørd is 66 years young, and eats purely fruit. (Fruitarian since 1985).

His book arrived on Friday (17th July 2009), one day after I finally got around to sending him an Interview, and I spent the rest of the day reading it, finishing it less than 24 hours later, the following day around noon..

Picture from Swedish Newspaper Afton Bladet

Much of what he writes fully echoes my own sentiments.. - the effect diet has played in forming the apparent chaotic world we live in, and the global need for change..

Like myself, the guy seems to be another of us self-proclaimed eternal optimists, that believe that the world will change for the better, and that the revolution of consciousness needed for that change is really unavoidable..

He tells us how he got started on his fruitful path, and quotes insightful stories from his own past, together with many of his interesting thoughts on how things one day could be..

Sitting reading Tord's book

He also gets a little scientific at times, although I must hasten to add, it's not the kind of science one might expect.. He goes into the whole "Biological Transmutation" thing (never heard of it? - I have an article about that on my main website, here), I must admit, I skipped much of this as personally have no real desire to get into that kind of stuff anymore.. Similarly he gets a little mathematical at times, as he demonstrates some of the equations he's put together..

He envisions a free an radically different world, void of suffering.. - In his own words, taken from the book:

Freedom for me is freedom from disease, pain, premature aging and all ailments connected to this (which are degenerative symptoms), agressive behaviour, negative manipulation, negative thoughts and harmful power and control, including financial control, and it's my conviction and experience that fruit gives you this freedom.


No love comes from meat, because meat creates disharmony. Fruit gives life and spiritual growth. eating fruit gives peace in body and mind.
I am not trying to prove anything; I just want to show a way of LOVE without battles, wars, disease, conflicts, jealousies and mistrust.

Anyone interested in reading his books, can go to Tørd's website and order them from there..

Keep watching here to read his interview when it is ready (I'll update this particular blog entry with a direct link to it once it has been published here)..

Peace and hugs to all,

Contents from Tørd's book (247 pages):

  1. How it all started
  2. A change for the future
  3. Practical advice Six steps towards the fruit stage
  4. The New Science of Nutrition
  5. The Elements of love
  6. The New Theory of Relativity
  7. Biological Transmutation
  8. Growing together as a family
  9. The Economy and Politics of the future
  10. Reflections and personal experiences
  11. Love in progress
  12. Acknowledgements
  13. About the author
  14. Some last thoughts


Orange said...

I cannot wait to read his interview. I've already ordered his book. Thank you so much Mango.
Happy Fruitarian,

wo_dao said...

waugh, that book is quite big. =)

Fruitarian Mango said...

wo_dao.. well.. not too big actually.. pretty normal sized book, and a few pictures in the center pages..

Orange, glad you ordered his book.. let us know what you think of it.. unsure when the interview will be ready.. may take a while..


Adam said...

Funny how I thought, a couple months ago that Tord really should enter the debate when the whole "Fruit makes you fat" bullshit went into the media.

Thanks for the link!

Fruitarian Mango said...

do you know Tord already? Has he been active on other forums/websites that you visit?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I should have written about Tord ;-)

Happy Birthday Mango!

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks anneli,
nothing's stopping you writing about tord.. i often write about things others have previously written about.. we all have an opinion, and equal rights to share them..

peace and good luck to you,