Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas in July..

It's 06:12 now, and Kveta's plane is due to touch down in about 8 minutes time..

She's been away for 2 months.. visiting her family in the Czech Republic.

We've been in touch regularly while she's been travelling.. Telephone and email..

Pale as.. feeling the winter sun
Eating sun rays.

But can't beat the real thing.. I'm waiting eagerly to see her again.

She'll be taking a taxi from the airport and should be here, I'm guessing, between 08:00 and 09:00.. Possibly earlier.

I'm sure she will be updating her blog again soon..



Anonymous said...

was the title suppose to be Christmas in July? Gotta love the Southern Hemisphere..hahah

Hah, I hate to be rash in how I speak, seems like you gained your weight back; this should shut those naysayers of fruitarianism and the whole "you're too skinny" attitude up. (Seriously, reminds me of the idiots that are all anti-fat. I swear, I just let people go their own paths and trust they will take care of themselves just fine...)

Aye, around here, it's starting to hit the peak of the heat. 30+ Celsius...hah.
And I'm still wearing steel toed rainboots to work. Air conditioners were sure a popular question today amongst customers...

Anyways,hope ya have fun with Kveta when she returns. =)

Fruitarian Mango said...

You are of course correct. A slight typo there, due to a sticking keyboard. I've corrected it.

And Kveta's back she got back safely on time, as predicted, and will blog to the world as soon as she's recovered from her jetlag.