Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Useful Programs - 5 - shrink pictures before sending them

You know when you take digital photos they are like, soo big! Sometimes they can be up to 7 megabytes (possibly even more!) for one picture, and if we want to send such pictures via email, it can take forever.. Especially on slower internet connections..

One solution is to open the image with an image editor, like paint, or gimp, or paintshop pro and reduce the size of the image before sending it, but that's not exactly a simple solution.. especially when we might want to email several pictures at once..

Recently I discovered a 2nd solution which is a real time saver.. It's neat little program called "Shrink Pic" It runs in the background, and when you try to attach pictures, to send in an email, it automatically creates a temporary copy, resizes it and sends it instead. It gives you a notice message, so you'll know the photo you sent was resized. Of course, the original photo doesn't change, only the temporary copy.

Interested? you can read more here: shrink_pic.htm

Also. I've found another little tool that let's you resize images via the "right mouse click" context menu.. It's written by microsoft, and is available together with a whole bunch of other little windows addons. To find out more, go to:

and look down the page until you find "Image Resizer". On the right side of the webpage you'll see the downloadable .exe file..

Both work fine under windows XP