Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Doctors are not to be trusted

In general, I would say it is wise to not trust the advice of most Doctors..

Why's that?

Well... This News Article explains it quite well. And I quote:

Here's how a pharmaceutical sales representative recently summarized his work for me:

"I take the doctor out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, all expenses paid. As dinner winds down, I ask the doctor to recommend my company's brand for certain health conditions among his patients. Sometimes, the doctor will say that his office needs new equipment. I say how much? The doctor says $5,000. I say fine, but only if you write 100 scripts (prescriptions) for a specific drug made by our company each month. The doctor agrees, and we get him his new $5,000 machine."

Out of curiosity, I asked the pharmaceutical sales rep how he and his company can be sure that the doctor will follow through on his word to write out 100 prescriptions of their drug each month. Can't the doctor just take his $5,000 machine and not follow through on his promise?

"No, all pharmaceutical companies pay big money to a huge, global corporation called IMS that tracks this type of data," was the rep's instant reply.

Remember.. a Fruit diet daily, keeps the doctor away..


Anonymous said...

Mango how do you answer to the vitamin B12 requirement in your current diet?
I was reading that and it seems to be scary to be a Fruitarian:

Question: I have been exposed to the ideas fruitarians and raw foodies. I always figured that if I had enough self-discipline to practice these dietary philosophies. I would experience superior longevity, but a while back I learned popular fruitarian advocate T.C. Fry died at age 70. What gives?! If these dietary practices reap nothing in longevity beyond age 75, what hope is there for someone who doesn’t have a family history of longevity and is by no means as dedicated as prominent fruitarians and raw foodists?

Dr. Fuhrman: Being a fruitarian diet is not most healthful! I have seen lots of fruitarian, raw foodists in poor health, including one who died in his forties because he refused to take an antibiotic for his severe pneumonia. T.C. Fry died of severe Vitamin B12 deficiency, with resultant hyper-homocystiene causing vascular disease. I saw his hospital records before he died. He taught people they did not need to take B12. There are no guarantees, in life, but fruitarianism is not the answer.

wo_dao said...

no offense to poster above:


Did you even know how TC Fry even lived?

People are always taking fragments of information and twisting it into their OWN stereotypical perceptions to scare people from going on fruit. Let alone, vegan diets.

TC Fry knew what it takes to be well, even if it mean going fruitarian.


This should be enough to explain it all.

Oh, and don't forget, this whole B12 thingy IS a hype. Clean body, clean colon, that's the key to "B12 efficiency."

That's why there are so MANY supplements (including B12) on the market for MEAT EATERS including my poor mother who is so dependant on them right now. Think I'm kidding? I'll show you around.

So don't go thinking it's all restricted to vegans, let alone, fruitarianism.

Because fruitarianism is the answer, and it sucks to be Fuhrman, if he hasn't realized, that all it takes is practicing what you preach, being devoted, and training your morale; so that you will not cringe in uncertainty and "fear" which triggers sickness.

Anonymous said...

That's bullshit. TC Fry was totally a Fruitarian during his last years. You guys the rawfoodists think that TC Fry was too weak on a Fruit diet(only)
Here 's what the crazy Dr Vetrano believes that TC's problems were partly due to the lack of 'concentrated proteins' (nuts and seeds) in his diet. She believes that TC, due to his weakened constitution and stressful lifestyle, needed more protein than the average, and that a diet of fruit only did not supply the level of protein he needed for his body to carry out its functions, particularly repair. Consequently, Dr Vetrano believes TC was malnourished, and that this would have contributed to all his health problems. e crazy Dr Vetrano said about TC"

That's bullshit. A fruitarian diet bring all the nutrients that you need.

Lack of sleep or rest??

Fruitarians ned only 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. Your blog is crap.

Fruitarian Mango said...

for the B12, I've written myopinion on it several times already.. you can read the FAQS page..

as for TC Fry, I am convinced that there is no way that he was actually practising what he preached.. Even from his photos I can tell that he was not consistently fruitarian..

For me, the proof of the proverbial pudding, is in the eating.. Looking at the fact that Anne has raised 2 children on purely fruit, both of them while on fruit clearly in a superior health to the average child, neither of them suffering b12 deficiency or similar..

that of course, and my own experience, and my partners experience on fruit, leave me in no doubt that if you truly eat just fruit, there should be no deficiencies or premature deaths..

you do raise an interesting question though. where are all the long lived fruitarians?

Wo_Dao, thanks for the link to that article about TC Fry.