Saturday, August 01, 2009

48 Today.

It's my 48th today..

A Beautiful Sydney Winter Day.

Kveta is back with me. Still not yet fully over her journey..

Lieing in the bushes resting after looking for golf balls
Lying in the bushes resting

So, we've just been having a couple of quiet relaxing days together...

Ahh.. Sunshine!
Eating my vitamin Ds

Thus no new photos of the 2 of us yet. .

Winter in Sydney

these of me were taken a few days ago..

last years 47th


Adam said...

Happy birthday, Mango! ;)

I'd like to give you a little present. I know you're open-minded and I feel this could be perfect for you. Now, I've seen somewhere you wanted to become a breatharian? If so, I'll introduce you to sun gazing, if you haven't already heard of it:

It doesn't involve immediately stopping eating... Something you're interested in?

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks adam..

i'm already familar with the sun gazing thing. I think one needs to be living further away from the obstacles of other buildings than we are.. I may look into it more at a more convenient time/place..

Do you practice?

Adam said...

Yes, I've done it 3 days now, and as a matter of fact, I'm going fruitarian TODAY (was a vegetarian for over 6 months)! Wish me luck... :)

Adam said...

By the way, do you recommend enemas? Or will my intestines be fully clean without them?

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mango! Hope your day is full of nice surprises. What will you be doing to celebrate?

DeleteMe said...

Happy Birthday Mango - Hope you enjoy it.


Orange said...

Happy birthday Mango; I'm right behind you. I'll be 48 in less than a year. I wish you the best. Keep doing what you're doing, and you're on the right track.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday mango, ha for me it's my 1 year in Australia exactly (31 July 2008), so much has happened, doing sun gazing almost every day since then, I feel wonderful.
The rainbow journey has also changed so many things in my life
the winter seems to be ending,
all best wishes

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Mango.

Julie Groenewald said...

Happy Belated birthday Mango! May God bless you with extraordinary health, fruits and just all of the very best in life! You have been a blessing to all of us and an inspiration on the fruitarian side of things. May you be nourished in all life's beauty!

Happy belated Birthday!


wo_dao said...

hm, 48 as you are. For me, time sure will "fly" as I slowly compromise with money, trying to get to my destiny.

For sure, I will certainly seek your guidance...even in person...someday, in the very long future; and even share these odd wishes and thoughts I had; even about certain fruit I would rather speak about on a personal basis...not that it's a big deal..but...

Anyways, happy belated 48th. =p

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi guys!
thank you all for your well wishes!!

Adam.. I hereby wish you all success on your path!! And for the record, no, absolutely don't recommend Enemas.. They push things in the wrong direction, even if there is an apparent cleansing effect. Better to clean from the inside out, and long term fruit diet will surely help you to get squeaky clean intestines!!

Parsley, we are not great celebrators of brithdays, but do generally share a durian or 2, and a walk on the beach..

tanawana, orange, chaz thanks for your kind thoughts..

Samuel, any ideas how you will go about staying in australia, if that's still your plan?

Julie, How're things going in south africa for you and your partner? I've often wondered if durian grows there? And I'dlove to hear how that powerball thing is working for you, was it a good investment, or just a gimmick?

Wo_Dao yes.. see you later in the movie..!

peace to all,

Julie Groenewald said...

Hi Mango!

All is going well here, but we are battling during winter on fruits.. its so cold and we crave warm food and warm drinks all the time!

The Power Ball is working for us.
My arms and my partners arms are already much stronger. Especially our wrists, it works that part the most.

It has an electronic device on that measures your score for strength and my arms improved from a score of somewhere around 5600 to 8000! And that's not even with tons of exercise, so I could exercise more..
We only thought that we want to buy a better make power ball, maybe a steel type would be much better because this was a cheap one and is already making funny noises..but its still working perfectly fine. Truly its an investment especially if you are on the computer all-day for your arms.

We also do rock climbing now and again and want to start doing that more often next year when we can afford to. That also helps a lot for strengthening the arms.

Believe it or not I cannot do one push-up, so I started doing push-ups against the wall (wall-presses as I call them) and that also helps for the arms especially top arm muscles.

No we are very unfortunate in SA not to have any Durians, Jack Fruits,Sapotes - we only have the usual things around here like apples/bananas/melons/oranges/pears/kiwis/pineapples/lemons/limes/peaches/apricots/pomegranates/grapes/ but during winter hardly any fruits - or very expensive ones. I wish we could import them here! We can make big business!

Is Kveta home yet and how is she doing? Hope you have a lovely day!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jules,
thanks for your informative comment.. the ball certainly sounds interesting, and i'm thinking it could help me with my arm problems.. i haven't looked in to buy one yet, but will do some research on them and availability in australia...

i'm sure there must be ways for you to import durian from SE ASia, and start up your own business selling them. I think it is something we might look into more once we are settled in the australian tropics.. We'll miss having ready access to durian once we get there. (we probably have about 6 shops pretty close by that sell durian here, so are able to get it all year round such is not the case up north..

rock climbing is fun.. i had a go in thailand a few years back.. great outdoor exercise..

oh, and of course, yes, you probably have seen already that kveta is back now..


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be rude but man you look like very lazy on those pictures.:)


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Julia, Joe, Jose, Orellio.. I prefer laid back, and enjoyer of life.

Julie Groenewald said...

Dear Mango

Who ever says you are lazy does not know how to be peaceful or quite - nor to enjoy the beauty of creation God has made, may you enjoy fully the sunrays who are faithful vitamin D makers.

Have a blessed day! Happy sunray eating to all of us who care!♥

Send regards from me and Janus to Kveta!


Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks julie,
I'm not taking that comment about the laziness too seriously, it is written by a guy in texas who likes to try out new identities on my blog..

life's fun..