Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Useful Website - 23 - Free Human Translation Website

You know how most of us when we were still kids, (and possibly later in life too!) used to dream of having super powers, like super strength, or the ability to fly, or become invisible, or walk through walls, or have x-ray vision etc etc etc. you know the kind of stuff I mean..

Well, me as a kid, I always dreamed of having the gift of tongues.. I liked the idea of being able to understand anything said to me, and to have the ability to answer back in kind..

Yeah, I'm certainly not denying it, I'm a dreamer for sure.. and although mastering all languages is a bit of a far fetched fantasy, I can only get by in 5 or so languages, I'm never-the-less a great believer in not setting limitations...

So in my quest for language learning, I often see what new and snazzy websites are out there that may aid in the process of mastering and improving them, and one particular website that I've been playing with for some months now, is called:

Jollo is a new website idea to help translate sentences between languages. With it, you have the ability to type in the text you want translating, and have it instantly translated to the language of your choice by several different online machine translation websites, with the different results displayed under each other..

But wait! That's not all.. - there's more to be had..

Not only can you get and compare machine translation from various translating websites, you can also request for a human translation.. And free of charge too..

Basically the free human language translation is done by one of the many active Jollo members, and yet other members may vote on the accuracy of the translation...

It's neat stuff, and a great tool to help get a better understanding of some sentences which we might find otherwise puzzling..

Hope you can make use of it too..



Heartofflesh said...

thank you so much, Mango!! i haven't gone to the site, yet, but i just read your post. i have the same intrigue with languages and would like to be able to have that 'gift of tongues,' as well. i do pray in tongues, which is different but still different dialects, but i've only heard a couple of words which i knew matched words i had said, which i believe were words of praise.
anyway, about speaking foreign languages, i once was in the room with 2 cousins who were intensely arguing in farsi. i knew a little arabic and hebrew, but not farsi. i decided to just start praying in tongues outloud to see if they would understand me. they stopped and looked at me with surprise and my heart took a big leap, as i thought they understood me! they actually just thought i was going crazy and we all had a good laugh!

Fruitarian Mango said...

It probably meant something to someone, somewhere.. even off on a far distant planet .. maybe.. who knows.. infinite possibilities..