Saturday, August 29, 2009

Americans are not Stupid..

Hey, I just watched this video.. I guess, not to be taken too seriously...

Enjoy ! And don't fret if you're american, I'll show you the british one soon too.

mango the vegan fruitarian


Evelyn Parham said...

Hey Mango, enjoyed it! Some of the questions I couldn't even answer. I need to brush up on a few things. Have a great Saturday!

Tinah said...

Funny clip! I was lol-ing. It took like 20 seconds for the word "pounds" to come up from memory, and I wasn't sure about the "evil axis". Guess I need to catch up on terms the US president coins!
It was funny how people seemed to think Korea and France were in Australia lol

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Evelyn, Tinah!
Well.. I suspect that some of the questions may have been just made up.. Certainly I've never heard of any axis of evil or whatever the question was.. Still, I'm admittedly none too keyed on current political jargon..

I think we should also bare in mind that videos can quite easily be edited to deliberately show answers given to questions that are entirely different.