Saturday, October 03, 2009

European Fruitarian Festival

I remember, not so long ago, a time when the term fruitarian was virtually unheard of, and whatever followers that may have been in existence, were so few and far between that it would have seemed most unlikely for 2 to ever meet.

Nowadays, with the grateful aid of cyberspace, fruitarian networking is slowly happening and the meeting of kindred fruit lovers, in both the virtual and real world, is becoming increasingly more likely..

The world is upside down

Forums especially construed for fruit eaters are becoming increasingly more sought after, and those claiming fruitarianism as their path, are equally multiplying.

I'm happy and privileged to be consciously witnessing this change, and being the optimist I am, interpret it as being part of a steady evolution of human consciousness toward the light, and an unshackling of the blood and gore so seemingly eagerly pursued by those that still cling to destructive dark age habits..

Sure, I would love to see things move faster, and for humanity to speed up the whole evolving from the dark-side thing, but little I can do about that except try to remain focused on a brighter more fruit filled future..

Anyhow.. I digress, as I likely often do.. The purpose of this blog post is to let readers know of a fruitarian gathering being planned for Europe, next summer.. Anyone liking the idea of meeting up with fellow fruit lovers, and having the time and means to get there should visit:

It's basically a free festival that I gather will be set up to run along similar lines to Rainbow Gatherings, where a "magic hat" is sent around to collect donations.

Our little garden the morning of
sydney's orange dust cloud
(for more pictures of this peculiar
phenomenon see here)



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Orange said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I will try to be there. It sounds like its going to be really awesome.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Guys,
yes.. Great news huh? The guy organising the event is an old friend of mine, a guy named Yann-Fanch.. I hope to interview on my blog soon..

Kveta and I will most likely not be there, as we don't have plans to leave Australia throughout 2010..