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Interview with a Fruitarian - 11 - Kveta

11th in a series of interviews with fruitarians.. Kveta is my partner.

Hi Kveta,

You're 51 this year (next month), and have been living in Australia for the past 22 or 23 years.. You escaped communism in order to get here, can you tell us a little about how that was for you?

It was extremely difficult to leave everything I had behind, but i was in a situation when i had to leave in order to save my life. i knew very little about the existence of Australia and most other countries outside of Europe and ussr. but i was very fortunate to know someone who had contact with some people who lived in oz. all i really knew was that most of australia was snow free with sunshiny warm and hot days and flowers all year around. well, i thought how amazing, i had never heard of such a thing. yes, i truly lived behind the iron wall.

coming to australia was for me a true rebirth. suddenly i was on a different planet. EVERYTHING WAS DIFFERENT. i had left the gray world behind and entered a colorful one. from a negative world to a positive one. i lived my freedom. i was free, amazed and happy. from day one i was at home.

Kveta with a jackfruit 2007

I understand that you became fruitarian shortly after moving here.. I can imagine there must have been much more variety of fruit than you were used to from former czechoslovakia?! - You must have seen fruits that you'ld never even heard of?

yes, the fruit was/is not only in abundance but big on variety. oh, i was always huge fruit lover, and in communism there was so little choice with everything - including fruit. for example one of my favorite fruits, the banana was only in the shops at christmas and easter time with a limit of 1kg per family,. it had more value than gold for me./well that's just a figure of speech, as gold had never any value for me. - So me and my brother could only have one banana a day for few days. so you can imagine how i felt when suddenly there were bananas everywhere and heaps of them!!!ha, ha, i was not fruitarian in my head yet, but surely in action: i said i am going to eat only bananas till i get sick of them, well,i never did, and i am sure i was eating only fruit for the first few days, mainly just bananas. all this did help my path to fruit diet.

The subtropical and tropical fruits i knew of, were pineapple /had only one/, bananas, oranges, mandarines, grapefruits and lemons. from melons i knew only watermelon, they were in the shops only for a few days each summer. every kid used to get very excited. so, yeah, i was in fruit heaven here in sydney with huge fruit shops everywhere. so, again i was naturally eating mainly fruit of course. i never forget my first times: the first time when i opened rockmelon, honey dew melon, how can i ever forget my first mango! etc...

Up until you decided to eat just fruit, had you been on a vegetarian or vegan diet first?

yes, i was 3 years ethical vegan. before that only short time ethical vegetarian.

Did you switch to a fruit diet over night, or was it a gradual process for you?

yes, over night.i was born fruitarian within and from that day i was eating just fruit.

Was there any particular thought/event or person that convinced or persuaded you to go over to fruitarianism?

yes, there were many thoughts about food and the biblical do not kill...i convinced and persuaded myself to go over to fruitarianism. i had never heard of anyone who lived only on raw fresh fruit before, and besides from my ex husband, for a long time after too.

What benefits do you think you have from living on fruit only?

The benefits are as abundant as fruit is. about that i wish to write a whole book! from my many positive experiences i am conviced that humans are fruitarians.

Are there any drawbacks you can think of?

No, i do not have problem to be different. Oh, yes, at times i am upset to see others suffer due to unnatural lifestyle, and i wish i have magic powers to turn everyone in to healthy happy fruitarian. the thorn in my eye are the people who come across as fruitarians on the web but in real life they are not.

What about your teeth, how have they been?

My teeth were damaged a lot from being on a toxic diet since the time i was conceived. From the time i became fruitarian, some of my damaged teeth needed some dental attention. Mostly i helped myself with fresh aloe vera gel.

Living on a fruit diet for such a long time, you must have surely met other people doing the same thing? Can you tell us a little about them? How long had you been practising fruitarianism before you met another fruitarian? When and who was that person?

Kveta in prague 2006first practicing fruitarian was my ex husband whom come with me to australia. he became fruitarian the same time as me only for different reasons than me: i was feeding him, he loved fruit, and to save as much money as possible /my idea/ for the first 6 months we lived on the cheapest fruit that was available, mostly bananas, oranges, melons. we saved money on electricity: no cooking no fridge. He, as I, was a small eater and didn't fuss much about food. He would eat anything what was given to him. i never really discussed my reasons why i decided to live on fruit only. true he was at times binging cooking for himself /i refused to cook/kill spaghetti with tomato sauce and at times he would get pizza.alcohol. i noticed it made him depressed and alcohol aggressive. but there were months and months when he would eat only raw fresh fruit. traveling living very simply. walking swimming a lot...we never spoke about it. He was bit introverted, but i very soon noticed he looked very very healthy compared to others and he was happy and an easy person to be around. he went back to eating vegetarian cooked food and alcohol soon after we separated.

Did you notice any big difference to your health and vitality after moving to a fruit diet?

yes, even though i was someone without big health problems i noticed a big difference in my health and vitality within few weeks on raw fresh fruit only. i never thought i could feel much better. i kinda turned in to different being. i fell in love with myself. i love to be.

From a bad car accident, you're spine was broken when you were just 13 years old, and despite being told by doctors that you would never walk again, you are able to do so, do you think fruit helped toward your recovery?

yes, i do believe my love for fruit helped my recovery after the spinal cord injury. i was told i would be lucky to sit down. but it was not fruit alone, it was my mind as well. and god. the day of my accident has an interesting story i would also love to publish in one of my books.

It's clear you still have some healing to do from the spinal injury, do you think you will be healed completely?

yes, yes, yes, i am having at times very strong healing sensations in my legs and there is gradual positive healing progress since i am all fruity.

How did your parents react when you told them you ate only fruit and nothing else? How was your diet whilst growing up?

well, my parents knew from letters that i live on fruit alone. they kinda ignored it. but when i visited them for first time few years after the iron wall fell, they were acting like they were ok with it. i believe they thought i was just insane. my father said that he was not surprised, as i ate grass all my life, grazing in the meadows. by that he meant all plants + eating from meadows as well. mum used to call me at times our caterpillar, because i used to eat raw fruit veg and meadows with zest.or by my father goat: you are like a goat, you have to pick and eat all vegetation..

my diet as child was rich on raw fresh fruit as it always was my favorite food and my parents used to buy heaps of fruit in season to pickle for the winter. so i ate and ate and ate.i ate plenty of fruit straight from the trees, mainly cherries, apples, plums,plenty of fresh blueberies picked by my mum daily, and lot of mushrooms she also picked daily. she still does. i also loved every raw or cooked edible plant. eggs and potatoes.lot of strawberries carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, currants/red white black/, cabbage, lettuce, capsicum, and some others...

i was pushed in to meals full of fatty gravies, meat, dumplings,sweet meals,

Do you think you've been any influence to them at all to eat more healthily?

yes, they are eating more fruit for sure, and my mum when she is with me on holidays, she eats 80% raw fresh fruit. but after she met you, mango, another fruitarian, she took my fruity existence more seriously and she is lately eating much better: she cut out a lot of fat and meat, bread and grains, and she eats a lot of fresh fruit and raw, or cooked vegetables. she is loosing weight and she feels better.

Kveta amongst the avocados - 2007

What's your take on all this vitamin/protein/trace element thing that seems to concern most people interested in fruitarianism?

i am not /never was/ concerned about vitamins and proteins. why should i be? i feel great.

What's the most common question you've been asked once people learn that you are on an all fruit diet??

where do you get your proteins? iron? calcium. omega 3. are you always hungry?

After 23 years on fruit, I can see that you don't get cravings for food other than fruit, but did you ever? What was the non-fruitarian food that you missed most or was the hardest for you to live without??

potatoes. my mums potato salad. were hardest to live without.

i use to crave everything at times, but i would not give in, it was against my believe/religion, i could not afford it /spiritually/, and later on it just was not around. so true is there was times where i would cry for potato, but that never took long...and after some time not only cravings left me, but also the toxic cooked stuff i use to eat smell terrible and it not appeal to me at all.

What's the worst thing you've eaten whilst being fruitarian,and how did it feel after you ate it?

At times i get strange yucky tasting fruit that lacks sweetness and it's natural flavour, and at times i may accidentally bite in to a rotten peace of fruit and that is so disgusting...i am also very sensitive to the toxic mold and if i accidentally eat some rotten fruit my skin gets itchy and my mood changes to depression, or some other negative feelings i do not have control over.

Do you have a favourite fruit?

oh, yes without doubt my favourite fruit is magic durian. it is always unique and exciting eating experience for me.

Can you recall the first time you tried one?

yes, very clearly, how can i forget? i was on fruit for 20 years before i, thanks to you, had my first durian. i loved the durian aroma and when i opened it i did not like much the look of it. - it looked like brain to me even though it was not shaped that way, but the truth is, brains have similar consistency. but curiosity won over the unknown and i was in heavens with first taste. now as a well experienced durian eater i know that i was lucky and my first durians were of top quality. durian truly enriched my fruitarian lifestyle, no other fruit is so sacred to me.

What do you think would be a typical days eating for you? Can you just give an example of what you might eat on an average day?

what i eat is recorded in my fruitarian journal.. i eat when i'm hungry, i don't follow any other rules./time, amount/. i eat all fruit raw and fresh, and i drink juices and smoothies straight away after they are made. i do not store fruit in the fridge and i eat and drink it at room temperature.

Obviously you seem comfortable on such a diet, but do you think it could be improved on? How do you see yourself eating 10 years from now??

oh, yeah, i love to improve quality of fruit, in ten year i hope for eating fruit from the trees grown by me and you. i think i will be drinking more fruit juices, feast on mono fruit juices more often, and the same with fasting.

Where and how do you see yourself living in 10 years from now?

i see my self in ten years time living with you on our land somewhere in tropics, eating from our trees all our favorite fruit. i love to live very simply playing all day hopefully with other ethical vegan pets free fruitarians.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

existence of god, love and wisdom. cooked food is highly toxic and addictive, and should be treated as any other drugs. if you want to be free you have to let go and do not give in. just like recovering alcoholics, heroin addicts, etc. most people get trapped in vicious circle of addiction in name of "transformation" or „transitioning“.

Do you think you've been an influence on other people you've met, to eat more fruit?

yes, i influenced almost everyone in some level. some became fruitarians, but later failed for several reasons.

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly live on just fruit?

i feel happy, cos i think it is funny. i usually tell them: i am not the one with questions, medication/s and crying about my health problems.

Finally, is there anything you'ld personally like to add/say, maybe some words of encouragement to others wishing to eat just fruit?

yes, if you love to eat just fruit, begin in your mind. change your views and priorities about food and your environment. practice self love, self awareness and assertiveness. set your priorities. seek and you will find. if you are not ready in your mind, you will be falling again, again and again...

Thanks Kveta..

thankyou sweet mango.

Kveta and I
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Anonymous said...

Dear Kveta,

Your interview -- the things You say -- are just wonderful. You are an inspiration, and it is such a happy story.

May I please encourage You to know that any healing still needed for Your spine is ever avaialbe. About 12 years ago I had a beautiful healing of broken bones, wounds to ankle/foot, and 6 years ago one side of my face broken, all through God's help alone (no medical care). And I know that help/Love is always available to all of Us. There is no time in the space of that Love.

If it is all right, I will be praying for You to have complete freedom.


kveta said...

dear sun~rose,

i love your name.

thankyou for your kind words, i am pleased to hear that you are inspired by me..

i am happy for you.

thankyou for your love.

yes, love is the best.

love, love, love,

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, a life of one influences many. Teens need to realize this, especially while they're trapped in such urban settings. Wait 'till such teens, in need of charisma, are aware of lives like yours Kveta. "WHOA! COOL!!"

Aye, your experiences sure reminds me of my mom's Vietnam War experiences. I just wished my mom was fruitarian too, sadly, she's so hooked onto meat, and acts like it's a cure to everything. And always buys me non-meat, non-fruit vegan foods.

Aye, even at this stage, being ready to live on fruit alone, just reading this got me to reconsider to restart the fruitarian path, even if it means ripping through ridicule, and skepticism etc.

"If not now, then when? If no one, then who?" or however the saying is. Aye, you being far as you are and me being far as I am, it's almost like we got ourselves tasks.

Well, I love reading such life stories such as this.

Aye, I'll admit, being on Day 12 of my previous "eating just fruit" though not organic..and close....

My eyes were healing. I got such a cursed and heavy bad eyesight. Not blind though. Well, once I take my glasses off forever, I'll be sure to come back here and tell y'alls about it. =)


Wo Dao