Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fun Stuff - 1 - Find an Anagram of your name.

For some people, finding the anagram of names is rather like numerology or astrology is for others..

Just before I left the UK in November 2006, my good friend and fellow fruitarian, Jamshed, was telling me about how he put his name and fruitbat Anne's name through some anagram engine to find the anagram of both their names..

I don't recall what the results were, but do recall that they sounded pretty good. (I think Anne's was something about Lion bones? Anne?)

So I decided to find out what mine was..

An anagram of my birthname is:

Daze, or up and walk.. Which sounded pretty symbolic to me, as it's like I have the choice to either laze around and procrastinate, or up and do something.. - All too often I forget, and live in a daze instead of the active blur that would benefitme.. Let my anagram be an ever present constant reminder to me! Another anagram of my birth name (no prizes for guessing it!) is Poland daze, UK raw.. Which  is also somehow vaguely meaningful..

But nowadays I call myself Mango the Fruitarian, and an anagram of that?

I'm the fair Orangutan!

Pretty neet huh! ................ Other anagrams of it are:

2. Forget humanitarian
3. I'm a tough rare infant
4. A mutant inferior hag,

Want to find out the anagram of your name????

Here are some websites that can help you find fitting or funny anagrams to your names:

The anagram genius website seems to be the most intuitive and offers anagrams slightly more meaningful grammatically..

Try running your name through them and let us all know in a comment what the anagram of it is!

I am a fine truth organ.

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Anne said...

Hi Mango,
I love your Orangutan anagram!

My anagram, thanks to Jamshed, is:
Lion he eat zebran bones!

Have a fruity day,
love from Anne.

Autumn said...

Oh how fun! My first one was....

"OK up and human saint"

I love it! Suite me...hehehe :)

Okay, gotta go play....

Autumn said...


Humanoid Satan Punk

quite the opposite from the last one.

Love ya Mango!

rock said...

mine was 'Hum! Arm banana.' heeh.
also mango that fruitarian documentary coming out i cant wait to see where could i get i copy when its done?
PEace love and light


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hay hum, banana arm, (A human barman(?) - Banana Ham Rum(!)), The doco is finished, although I still haven't seen a copy of it yet.. It was shown to an audience of a couple of hundred people by the makers, with good reception.. Hopefully I'll be watching it myself soon, and if and whenever it gets posted online, then I'll be sure to blog and let everyone know...

I think it's about 25 minutes long, but Emile, is thinking of making a longer version of it.. I hope he does, (but wouldn't want to put him under any pressure in feeling obliged to!!) - he has over 40 hours of footage to play with!!