Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movement against Fruitarianism

If they are to succeed, Fruitarians must struggle against the current of the masses..

This should not be a surprise to anyone, as the vast majority of people out there, are predisposed to believing that the idea of just eating fruit is, at best, ludicrous and at worst, downright life threatening..

Having been in this business for long enough, I am well aware of all the standard thoughts and arguments that oppose fruitarianism and fruit eating.. Once the standard nutritional arguments have been exhausted, name calling is generally the next tactic, with such labels as idealists, extremists and radicals readily branded..

Having also moved through the ranks of vegetarian, vegan, and rawfoodism in order to reach where I am today, I am not at all new to any of the above tags, and in a strange way even feel partially complimented by them. Being a pioneer has it's rewards, if only getting to experience things of beauty that others that stay put with their indoctrinated dietary believes never get to see.

If we can step aside from any feeling of being insulted, we will see that the opposition are in fact correct.. - We are indeed extremists, radicals and idealists..

- Extreme and Radical, because compared to the cooked flesh and mush diet, fruitarianism is extreme..(but not any more than the cooked flesh and mush diet is extreme in comparison to fruitarianism).. They are both at different ends of the scale..One being extremely unhealthy and decreasing life expectancy, and the other being extremely healthy and increasing life expectancy.. Of course there are many and varied stages in between, but being in the middle of the scale, doesn't make things balanced, it just makes things either better or worse, depending on what the comparison is made with. Radical!

- Idealists, because we often believe that things as they generally stand can be improved upon, and that by helping to avoid unnecessary harm and destruction to the environment, we are basically doing the world and ourselves a favour..

So yeah, I am an idealist.. I am pretty convinced within myself, that the world could be a far better place than it is now, and that changing diets globally would help to serve that cause.. I do believe that not killing (or paying others to do so) to the best of ones ability is a good move, I do believe that animals should be given their freedom, and not be used, misused or abused, in order to feed the masses with their imprisoning mind altering drug foods of cheesy egg flesh. I do believe that physiologically too, cooked foods are addictive and detrimental to health. And yeah, I abdominally believe, from my own experience, that nothing compares to fruit. It is the highest of all foods.

I consider myself extremely, radically fortunate to have arrived at the thoughts I have today through the path I have taken. And perhaps it is that slow but steady path which has strengthened me in my world view.. For each step I have taken, I have done so after first weighing up the options and using my intellect to see things as they truly are, and not only as we are lead to believe them to be... So each step has been with firm conviction and feelings of joy and liberation..

I say no to a world of war, drugs, environmental destruction and blood shed, and yes to Eden, and a sharing caring fruit loving environmentally friendly world..

Peace to all,

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Anonymous said...

Ah Mango, you might be the ONLY few left on the net, leading information like this.

Just reading what'cha said here, I just thought "ok, if not now, then when? If no one here then who?"

It almost feels like I'm the only one going fruitarian (as in NO nuts and seeds), if I just put aside the vegan path for now. Yet due to situations here, it's easy living off of fruit, it's sad to have my mom's skepticism and nagging in the way. A worried mother. *sigh*

Well, it seems like I will need to resume my task.

Too many skeptics. Too many people ridiculing. Too many people acting like death is an option, instead of living on, even if fruit IS the only thing. Well, it truly is. I never felt at such peace eating just fruit.

Yeah, it's funny how people need something "proven" before they actually feel safe with it. How sad. If they needed something "proven" in the midst of battle, while the objective is to lock-down your opponent from fighting, I say such people are screwed instantly.

People would call me nuts for bringing in the "battle metaphor." Well, while life suffers, it is war. But hey, we may as well relax if needed too.

I mean seriously, if stuck on an isolated "no food area", why bother coming to a "conclusion" that cannibalism is the last option? Why not battle the desires and be at YOUR OWN WILL of your body and live on without harm?

Seriously, if I even propose such things, ridicule comes.

Hah, Mango, you being twice my age, I was always seeking people who had similar wishes, and certainties of the future. I'll say, I was like "hah, so I've found someone with a similar certainty as I." Especially as to how harmony WILL come with all life, without a doubt.

Doubt, uncertainty, ridicule. Hah, it's funny how it has it's connections with oppression that's going on out there too.

Well, being in far locations as we are, and instincts that are only at a certain range, I guess I'll simply fight on going back to fruitarian now. But I better be prepared for skeptics, worry-warts, and so on.

I'll say though, friends who are of my age, they aren't really that pushy, despite going on their "omni" diet. I guess they finally are aware of who I am in certain ways through my controversial display name. HAH!

Ok, not sure what else to say here. But Mango, no matter what happens, I say keep at it!!! =)


Wo Dao

kveta said...

well said mango, i love it. :)

fruit and love,

Anonymous said...

Very nice - thanks for that :O)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks all, for sharing your thoughts, and for appreciating my words..

You all inspire me to write!

regards and hugs,

Anonymous said...


I just re-read this blog entry, while thinking about my current life situation, and how critical it might get.

Makes me wonder why I should put my work into where it never matters, whereas I truly wish to put my work where it matters.

The illusions of money and so's just difficult to see the destruction it brings. Not to mention food security and work being put into things that only end up in landfills at the end.

Well, despite being in an urban setting, and almost solitary, seems like I'm somewhat on my own. Perhaps not.

But matter what goes on for any of you...keep bringing the peace.

I just hope to establish a "home base" on my part and concentrate my life where it really matters, despite the numerous compromises I'll hafta make as an adult...yet it's not too long ago since I was a teen.

I just wanted to say to all of you, especially while concentrating on being truly fruitarian (that it shakes the world, as it's so unique and "impossible" to many).....well, you're all a great inspiration, as I won't give up on my part, especially while being trapped in this setting as I am..

I just hope I'll spend my life growing fruit trees someday...even ones that grow in the winter and are harvested in winter...where ever they will be..

Cheers to y'all.


Wo Dao