Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy World News - 1- Cookie Diet, Grandads Switched

Two mad bits of news I've spotted on the internet..

1. The Cookie Diet

Is about the latest crazy diet that Hollywood is getting in to... Now if you thought a fruitarian diet was mad, you might actually like this one because it's at almost the other end of the scale.. It's called the Cookie Diet and involves eating nothing but cookies and meat.. Totally ludicrous!, and an amazing example of the folly of humans when common sense is abandoned completely...

Anyhow, you can read more about it here:

2. Grandfathers switched at Hospital

Is just so bizarre, it really defies belief.. you'll have to read this, and even then you'll be scratching your head in befuddlement.

I would never have thought this possible, but apparently 2 grandfathers were switched in a hospital, and it took the families 6 months before the mistake was realised!!

Here's the news:

Mango the Fruitarian.

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Anonymous said...

In the world of fat-n-skinny I'm sensing an epidemic/ emotional eaters being exploited by fitness centers...

So called health gurus,pills, and weight loss gimmicks/ turn a lot of us anorexic or either we're bulimic...

Obesity is killing more people than cancer and aids/ the rest on trendy diets just fading away...

No need to be running around skinny as a stork/ or digging an early grave with a spoon and a fork...

I see you fantasizing about fitness pictures on magazine racks/ starving yourself to death just to get a six pack...

Celebrities obsessed with their shrinking bodies/ seeking approval from society so they can feel like a hottie...

Everything is not black or white, the world is not thick or thin/ Love the body that you came in be comfortable in your skin...

Ain't saying act like a pig and stuff your face like I did/ instead of living to eat...why not eat to live?

Oh Yeah! It hurts like hell

To see you do the things that you do

TO see you go through the things you go through

Stop Killing your Self!

Anonymous said...

The articles on TheOnion aren't real