Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What we ate in March 2008, and how much it cost.

This is a rough estimate of everything we ate last month, and how much it cost us.

Fruit Quantity Cost
Avocados 90 $90
Bananas 30 $7.59
Capsicum 1kg $2
Cherimoya 1kg $3.70
Cucumbers 5.5 kgs $7.33
Durian 40 kgs (including shells) $124.68
Grapefruits 7 $3.5
Grapes 35 kgs $59.00
Longans 1.5 kg $9.90
Lychees 1 kg $5.77
Honeydew Melons 2 $3
Rock Melon 3 $4.00
Nectarines 4 Kg $10.26
Oranges 17 kgs $15
Peaches 1 kg $2.10
Pears 9 kg $9.30
Pineapple 1 $1.50
Tamarind .7 kg $3.50
Tomatoes 7 kgs $11.47

Totalling $384.10 Which means that we averaged $12.39 for 2 of us each day on food.. That's less than $7 each! (Australian dollars per day).

Now that's budgetting! Considering that most people living here would need easily 5 or more times that amount each day depending on the state of their toxicity.. feeding addictions such as tobaco and alcohol as well as the take-away fast food cravings that regularly also get appeased.

Bare in mind that we generally eat an average of 5 or 6 different things each day, and that I fast on Fridays, and that we did about 10 days just on watermelon juice.. (see here: Days of juice feasting March 2008), then it should give a very rough idea of what we might eat on a daily basis..

To see more of what we eat on a more or less day to day basis, then head on over to Kveta's blog, where she tends to give rough summarys of what we both eat daily.

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Anonymous said...

Whao, what a list... =p

I'm drooling. Wish I had my freedom to have all fruits like that. I mean compared to spending cheap on non-fruits? I recall seeing it exceed all that stuff, which includes doing dishes etc.

I think I'm going to go get me some mineolas now..hahah