Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Succeeding with fruitarianism

In my opinion, one key issue to succeeding on a fruitarian diet, is faith.

If we do not have complete faith that fruitarianism is a correct path to follow, if we have fears, uncertainties, and nagging doubts, then in all likelyhood, we will fail.

There is an enormous motion, a great tide, that moves against healthy living, and as well as all the excess our bodies may be carrying, the fat and toxins and water retension, we generally also have a lifetime of brainwashing to somehow get undone, and that should never be considered an easy task.

Building faith for the fruitarian diet, involves letting go of a tremendous amount of baggage and false knowledge that has been steadily indoctrinated and pounded into us.. So cleverly that we nolonger question it.. And that is just what we need to do.

That great leap in faith requires somehow taking a step backward, and truly seeing things as they are, and not as we are told they are.

We need to continuously be open minded and questioning...

- Is bread truly the staple of life?
- Do we really need to be eating protein to make protein?
- vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc?
- Is cooking food natural?

Try seeing things as they really are, and not as we have been lead to believe them to be.

Even if you have that faith, It is still all too easy to fall victim of the scaremongering tactics of the powers that otherwise be, and even to use those nagging fears as excuses to fail and binge.. This is not so much an issue, for as long as the faith remains present, the path should too.

Be aware, be awake, be present.

hugs, Mango

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Anonymous said...

that's it!
I am glad to say that I am succeeding with fruitarianism. I have been eating only raw fresh fruit for the last 6 days and I intend to keep on. I am having no cravings at all :)
I can't wait to post again in my new blog Mango, but the "Blogger team" hasn't solved the problem yet so I guess I can only wait.

Big hug to you and to all fruitarians around the world!


Tinah said...

Thanks for this post, Mango~

: )

Anonymous said...

(Hah, finally got access to internet for now).

Anyways, yeah, I see where ya getting at Mango. It's annoying whenever I mention JUSt eating fruit to people, the whole "nutrients" lecture comes up, almost as if I'm "suppose to prepare myself to die" or "prepare myself to resist ailements." Heck, the only time I prepare myself to do anything, is when I eat non-fruit items. I prepare myself to get an uneasy feeling in the chest, constant thirst, constant bloat inside myself, etc.

Whenever eating fruit, I never kneel to such dogmatic doctrines or popular stuff out there. I ain't gonna care if people just think "he's like that because he's just eating fruits." Heck, I'm a mega-couch potato. I'm not joking. And eating just fruit? I've never felt such harmony within.

Perhaps it's just not faith alone. I notice some people kneel to such dogmatic doctrines out there, just to avoid ridicule. Well guess what? "I say RIDICULE ME ALL YOU WANT" to those who intend to discourage me while I eat just fruit. Such misguided folks WILL waste their time, and I would just sit back and laugh, as they waste their misguided intentions on such. Then again, I'm just being malevolent. I just hope such people will change in a way or so, by not kneeling to such misguided dogma, just for the sake of avoiding ridicule.

Yeah, especially while going vegan, it's quite 'sealing' when people are discouraging, instead of being supportive; that it feels like I'm going to faint. I had people who would go "OH YOU'RE GOING TO GET SCREWED" just because I'm frail at certain days, struggling to carry something, while it's been triggered by my COUCH POTATO lifestyle.

Well, whatever, my fruitarian friends, I say:

LET US MOVE ON AND NEVER STAND DOWN, no matter the discouragement and ridicule and the nasty dogma. I mean stopping ourselves in our tracks is what would seal our objectives from being finished. I mean discouragement is really annoying.

Well, I'm almost out of time, I just wanted to drop by and share this stubborn post, and to share the charisma.