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Fruitarian Interview - 13 - Rudolf Sappel

Lucky interviewee number 13! My friend Rudolf in Spain.
(para ver una traduccion espanol, haga clic aqui)

Hi Rudolf,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!

Rudolf the FruitarianDear Mango,
thank you for caring so much about your fruitarian friends in Europe and all over the world.
We have places in our hearts for each other.

Special regards to all our worldwide spread-out fruitarian friends.

Could you please start off by telling us a little about yourself, how old you are, where you are living/grew up?

This year 2008 i will turn 46, - I was born in Munich in the year 1962.

When I was a little, we moved from Munich to Nether-Bavaria onto an old farm in the countryside, were i loved living and wanted to grow up, because it was such a beautiful place.

When our father died early, my sister and I were sent to grow up in monastery-boarding-schools.

Growing up in school was a hard game, because it was forbidden to live a fruitarian-life.

lemon tree

So what took you from Germany to Spain? Was it a good move for you? - How long have you been living there?

I guess it was destiny, otherwise we never would have met.

When i moved from Berlin to Spain in 1999 i did not know where else to go..

Let's talk about how we met. That was a pretty good example of something more than coincidence.. I wrote about it here: How we met, I believe the story was somewhat similar from your side too?

How could i forget your friendly life-interpretations.

I know, that sometimes I sound a little rough and i want to apologize.. Meanwhile my opinion about you is very positive and familiar.

One day, when i was alone in my house I began to pray, to meet other like-minded fruitarians and it took not long, until we bumped in to each other at the market in Campello.

That was a real coincidence and i am grateful that we met.

I found such a friendly brother in you and it was even difficult for me to believe the fact, that you were also a real fruitarian.

That was a deep spiritual experience, to see, how synchronism is working.

When i read your journal it sounds so familiar to me, because it is a simple matter of fact, that we must be some sort of directly related.

OoomThe Divine Provides ay?

Om Namah Shivay

Now, on to diet.. What kind of diet did you grow up with? Could you give us a rough idea of what you used to eat on an average day?

When I was a little boy, I decided that I wanted to be frugivorous, but when i came to school i was prevented from being fruitarian until i forgot about it for some years.

At the boarding school we were forced to eat rotten food.

We are living in the Kali Yuga era, with humans who have forgotten our origin.

Humans torture our earth including all plants and life-forms, such as pigs, cows, sheep, fish and wild animals..
Mostly they end up as dead-cooked "Kantinenfrass" [cantine junk] -

In school we were fed quite unhealthy, to make it short.

The common brainwash- school- & industrial food was without doubt harmful.

Compare that to now, what does a typical days food intake look like for you now?

Thank God the worst food time is over, and I am now eating the local seasonal ripe fruits of the region, as you may know. Meanwhile i've even found organic fruit in the BIO-shop in the Villa [villajoyosa]..

The biggest fruitarian problems are the fungi and pesticides - especially in Spain.

Sometimes I get a sore mouth, swollen throat and an allergic face, burning tongue etc. after eating fruits from the market.

It is better now, but not completely over, because some fruit-producers are still selling biological weapons, gen-fruits, hybrids instead of healthy ripe none-contaminated fruits.

table of fruit

So when did you start to change back to a more natural diet? Did you progress slowly to vegetarianism, veganism, raw food and fruitarianism, or was it more of a sudden change for you?? What sparked those changes?

I had a good fruitarian time from 1962 until 1967

Some school teachers, politicians and TV-advertisers doctors and even scientists became victims of their pre-conditioned minds. As always, those fanatic missionaries still do what they know best.

The manipulation of mankind is as old as religion and we may wonder what makes us forget about our natural functions and how we manage our predatory competition.

Our frugivorous origin have been corrupted and overrun during a massive political edging out process during the worldwide student crisis of 1968.

It was a shame, that it happened a short while after the second world war in the liberating hippie-time combined with huge amounts of all that wasted flower-power.

1984 i got an impulse to change my life for the better, trying to live healthy, what ever that meant to me at the time.

After reading fit for life 1987, I bought a new health-cooking set.

1989 I decided to get rid of a bad mouth smell from drinking hot chocolate and eating big sweet cakes.. by starting to eat Cardamom instead of chewing-gum.

From that time i began to move forward as a vegetarian. In 1991, after quitting my Job at BMW I was a free man for the first time in my life.

Also, from that time on, my fruitarian journey went on with up's and downs, making still some food mistakes and vegetarian experiences.

It took not long time to pass over my ideals as vegan because i was too honest to make final bad food-compromises, when it was clear that i wanted to become a real fruitarian.

The vegans had been a marvelous inspiration for me.

So today, at this point in time, you have fully embraced fruitarianism and have complete faith in a 100% fruit diet right?

That is completely right, because i am already a convinced better and nothing could stop my fruitarian sattvic destiny.

Apart from myself, and Pelagus (see: Interview with Pelagus) who I know you have met, do you know any other fruitarians at all? Online or Offline..

Loquat tree in Rudolfs garden.Meanwhile I know some more fruitarians, and I am happy, that you met also my deep friend Pelagus.

When I opened our first global fruitarian dating-sites www.frugilove.com and www.fruitarian-love.com I wanted to make a big present to our fruitarian family, specially to Cristina Samson in Maastricht.

I met Springlight at the dating site veggieromance, which is also adapted for fruitarians.

The first fruitarian i knew was Ralf von Muehldorfer who changed later to vegan.. I lost contact to Genevieve, Fruitaa and some raw vegan people who call themselves fruitarians...

Also i met Balta from Spain, who was mainly raw foodist, with a strong fruitarian tendency. Suvine is still fine.

A very gifted fruitarian personality and energy-machine-builder is Wolfgang Hann who is living and planting a fruitarian reserve in Paraguay.

Peggy is appearing as very nice fruitarian and the most beauty-and powerful FruitbatAnne with Cappi are doing best for us all.

During my fruitarian odyssé i found about 50-60 registered fruitarians on my pages and some of them i know quite well, others i will never know.

Our fruitarian archives are getting bigger while others break down and if i put all fruitarian contacts together i may count over hundred. The reasons, to have less fruitarian communication are big distances and mainly no direct contact in daily live with a lot of work to do.

Can you tell us a little about your health before and after?  your diet changes.. What about your weight, any major changes?

Before i turned fruitarian i had grains in and on my skin, teeth-problems with a sour stomach, bad digestion with rotten smell, fat tendency with safety-belts and break-marks as we know from the majority of humans with common food-habits.

My weight is perfectly balanced right now. My skin is looking much younger and meanwhile the most beautiful girls and mostly jealous boys have still an eye on me, what ever that means. For most of the people it is quite impressive to know fruitarians, because they are different and special.

Rudolf Mountain climbing

What does your mother think of you being fruitarian? What about the rest of your family, do you have brothers/sisters?

My mother started me on the fruit-trip, when i was 3 or 4 years old.

It began with my question to her:

What do humans eat in paradise?

She answered in short: "fruits"

Meanwhile my, in early days wise grown mother, changed her opinion.

Nowadays she believes, that my fruitarian life-form must be unhealthier then hers, after she got health-problems with her common cooked food suffering after a heart-attack and stents in her veins.

It is a pity, that she went ill with unhuman food and the worst of all is: I cannot help her.

What else can I do, other than being patient?

We are five brothers and two sisters who are already working or still studying.

All are free to do, what they have to.. and that is a great gift.

Are you at all into supplements - Stuff like vitamin pills, spirulina or similar? Are you at all concerned about not getting enough calcium/protein/B12/whatevers??

Oh my dear..

When i hear spirulina i get nearly sick, because i tried it once and i could not stand it.

Maybe it is a real medicine, but honestly i avoid those supplements, as the fruits have everything in it in the finest absorbable form completely compatible, attach-able for our body.

I still cannot participate with hysteric collective supplement-fashions because it is far beyond our pure fruitarian lifestyle.

One year we shall drink milk and eat cheese to get calcium, than we shall eat spirulina, to get balanced.

Osteoporosis patients have been killed with milk and cheese, why should i collect such bad Karma?

Of course i know about the benefits of spirulina and it has great natural value, but i am not living in the ocean like a fish. Spirulina may not be a typical fruitarian meal, more an emergency medicine to heal.

I tried supplements once during a hysterical panic-attack and i left it twice, because it was one of my worst food-experiences.

Instead i am learning about fruit-properties and i found out, that i have more then enough iron, calcium then ever before, since i am a fruitarian.

Every day we are learning more and i have been collecting lots of fruit-lists on our web.

It was such a big surprise to see, how much iron, calcium and Vitamins are in our daily fruits.

That is not only enough.. It's perfect.

By the way all that B12 theater was just some research provocation to make us find out when others have doubts.

Meanwhile every fruitarian knows, how to get B12

Lentinula edodes called Shiitake are the fruits of the forest, called mushrooms which have a quite high dose of B12 or even D2.

Sea-buckthorn berries carry loads of B12.

Mein B12 Zitat:... Durch die Symbiose des Sanddorns mit dem Mikroorganismus Aktinomyces entsteht in den Samenschalen des Sanddorns eine Vitamin B 12-Konzentration, wie sie vorher dem Lebertran zugeschrieben wurde. akt. 2005 [My B12 Quote: Through symbiosis of seabuckthorns with the microorganism Actinomyces, A B12 concentrate is formed within the seed shell of the seabuckthorn, which was previously ascribed to cod-liver oil. act. 2005.]

Shiitake Pilze weisen eine grosse Menge Vitamin B12 und D2 auf, derweil von manch uebereifrigen wie schlecht informierten hinterherhinkenden Ernaehrungsberatern das blanke Gegenteil gepredigt wird. [Shiitake mushrooms contain a large amount of vitamin B12 and D2, meanwhile some over keen and ill informed nutritionists, with outdated ideas from the middle ages, still preach the opposite.]

[Forgive my translations that may not be 100% correct - Mango]

When all our fruitarian pages have moved to Switzerland until May 2008 we will find a lot of fruitarian informations being concentrated:

and others

Do you or have you suffered at all from cravings, or have you ever binge eaten? how do/did you deal with such times?

I call those withdrawal-effects, we are all going through during tough changes.

First of all, i gave myself permission to do it, without trying to feel bad about it, but after the second or latest third time it got too boring to lie to myself.

The negative effects by not being consequent are simply to grave, and the positive effects after doing it better speak for themselves.

I know Campello has a good choice of fruit, but what about when you are back in Berlin? Do you have a good variety of fruit for you to choose from there too?

In Campello not everything is gold that shines, not even in Berlin.

Nowadays it is more a question of a thick wallet, whether you are able to live healthy or not.

In Berlin you can get everything, if you have enough money.

Spring in Berlin

The fruits come mainly from all over the world also from Holland or Turkey, but El Campello is still a bit closer to the source, of course..

Neither am I planning to stay in Berlin.

Berlin was a great town once, before all those busy politicians moved in.

It is still ok, but if you look at Berlin today, then you may be likely to run away, maybe directly into the Australian Jungle..

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question(s) people ask you about your diet, and how do you answer it/them?

No way, that would be too bold and annoying.

Thank God we are not missionaries.

To talk about my privacy with mainly curious superficial people doesn't worse the effort.

Instead i aim to destilate my gift - provoking by asking people to find their own responsibility.

Sometimes i even have to ignore non-fruitarian people, because most of them do not really want to listen to themselves.

Sometimes i ask them: Do you want to know my homepage?

or: read in our forums and you will find everything in the internet

my worst answer is something like:

Sorry but i am busy..

Replying turn off answers are often my salvation from a low level discussion, e.g. when i can see, that somebody is trying to steal my time.

Do you perhaps have a favourite fruit?

Honestly i love them all, when i begin to get tired about a fruit after eating it a long period, the fruit-season goes further and fruitarian live and fun goes on.

Can you recall the first time you tried any articular fruit?

Yes, i do, when i had fresh strawberries from the forest, Johannisbeeren[Raspberries], cornapples, and cherries..

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

Who knows?

Maybe in Paradise..

If i am still alive, i will eat fruits as always i guess, but where life carries me i cannot say, may be to India, or New Zealand, or to Australia, i never know.

Even in Bavaria i could live, or stay here in Spain, it depends, what the political situation forces me to react or what life-company i will find.

You can take one thing for sure. If i get into a relationship again, it will be with a fruitarian girl.

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

Mostly i avoid those situations but if i am not able to escape in time, I feel bored and sad about such dummy questions..

Sometimes i offer them to run barefoot with me, may be up the hill to be able to to give a realistic opinion about fruitarians.

Inside his houseMy usual answers:

You mean, that i am already dead?
How comes that you are talking with a person that cannot survive?
Thank you, that you had been coming to my "funeral"

Lately i concentrate more on my fruitarian-art-projects restoring and painting my house.

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Thank you for the great opportunity to open my heart.

The good thing about fruitarianism is:

The most beautiful people of the planet are fruitarians.

If you are already a fruitarian share your relations with other fruitarians and stick together.

Never make love with cruel mankind, and don't let yourself being wraped by agressive people.

Thanks Rudolf,

Thanks Mango, for that deep interview and let's find some time to correct my ridiculous English-mistakes.
Thank you,

OK..not to worry about the English, I corrected the worst of it..
hug, Mango.

Love and peace, hugs and best wishes to you,

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Anonymous said...

This story makes me sad. It seems to prove what was said by the previous guest that eating fruit is not enough to make you an evolved individual. I was not aware before reading this story that a man can eat only fruits and still want to punch another man in the face. And not be gracious in conversation if someone asks questions about their life. Even if they are not overtly sincere.
I will keep eating fruit but now have a new insight that much more is still required if I want to become all that God has put in my heart.
Peace to you on your journey,
Jimmy Braskett

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jimmy,
there is no doubt that eating fruit is not the be-all and end-all.. Self improvement is always ongoing, as we struggle to untangle ourselves from the mess we've gotten in to..

Rudolf was aware that he came across too aggressively and requested that he be given the opportunity to reconsider his answers.. Which he did, and I've just updated it..

But still, make no bones, fruitarians have issues too.

thanks for your thoughts..


Rudolf said...

Dear Mango,

thank you for your friendly words and your marvelous work with your beautiful translations.

Also i want to add some sentences for Jimmy:

Hi Jimmy, let's feel better and i want to apologize that sounded so aggressive.

Actually i am a very sarcastic person with a quite dry humor and i respect that everybody is free to think what (s)he feels like.

When i read my interview with Mango, i felt bad about it specially after reading the most beautiful Interview with the happy boy Cappi.

After reading Cappi's my sentences sounded too rough for my own ears and i thank you, Cappi and Mango, that you gave me the possibility to correct my hard words for humans.

Children are my best teachers and they show me how to act honest and pure.

We carry all our bags and inbetween the lines and words you may also read..

that when i was a little kid i had been growing up in some sort of horror movie..

We got beaten, child abused, punched, tortured, violated by perverted adults, nuns, officials, priests and pathologic teachers, being involved in a bad political movie reminding us to the NS-times, without being able to escape or defend ourselves.

Being separated from my family without friends i grew up in catholic monasteries far from home.

One of those places was an ex-concentration camp for kids with right handed conservative teachers, who had been still on, when i was there. It was a plague, i can promise that.

Also i had been writing about it in a book from the run away house with the beautiful title:

"Flucht in die Wirklichkeit"

which also means-

"escape into reality"

ISBN 3-925931-13-9

Being creative, with art, music and fruitarianism inspired me to make a movie about german kids after the second world war.. meanwhile i rejected the idea for private reasons.

I tried to help others, until i went off retired.

The past is over and everybody understands what (s)he wants to.. for that reason i keep life positive to meet in future.

I am happy when you are happy.

Hugs, love & peace ons@

Jimmy Braskett said...

Hi Rudolph,
I am sorry now for my critique of your story. We are all in different places for different reasons. There is a great reason we are told not to judge each other... we simply don't have all the facts.
My intention was not to judge you. I just wanted to speak my truth; what I was feeling after reading. All the words were true but perhaps not as tempered as they should have been.
As I mature you are free to expect better responses from me in the future. Thanks for being patient with me in the meantime.
Peace, love, and joy to you Brother,

fruit eater ons@ said...

Hi Rudolph,
I am sorry now for my critique of your story.

Hi Jimmy

don't worry
" be sorry
it comes
and goes
truth is

We are all in different places for different reasons. There is a great reason we are told not to judge each other... we simply don't have all the facts.

How right you are..

My intention was not to judge you.

I believe you and i think that it is quite difficult not to judge others.
I can see it from myself..

I do not want to make any links to aggressive or fake fruitarian homepages, because i am choosing with my heart.

I just wanted to speak my truth; what I was feeling after reading.

You did right.

All the words were true but perhaps not as tempered as they should have been.

u r right..

we have no fight.

As I mature you are free to expect better responses from me in the future. Thanks for being patient with me in the meantime.
Peace, love, and joy to you Brother,
Constructive communication brings us further, thank you very much that we practice peace together.

fruitarian companion-ship Love & ripe fruits to you, from Rudolf Sappel ons@

Anne said...

Dear Rudolf,
peace and fruity greetings.
I am sorry that you had such a hard time in your childhood.That must have been very difficult for you.
I also wanted to say I love your paintings; especially the grape vine- just beautiful.
Have a peachy one,
love and peace,
from Anne XX.

fruit eater ons@ said...

Dear Anne, i had to go through all this because i had been digesting German history. It was my Karma to be born there and i am greatful for every moment when it got better. The hard times made me even stronger and if it would not have been that bad it couldn't get so much better. My life is Art and i love it to be craetive. My hard time made me feel strong and i wanted to be better, until i went to get a furitarian. love & peace to you and your boys ons@ rudolf

Fruchtesser said...

Hello Mango, Olga and Carlos had been helping to translate our interview in spanish: Here it is...