Monday, November 19, 2007

The Biggest Loser!

The Biggest Looser is running on TV again here..  the US version.

I'd sorely like to have a green team and take them under my wing..

I'd give them an all you can eat raw fresh ripe fruit diet,
with some casual daily exercise, walking, swimming, yoga, meditation, sun baking..

None of this bust your guts push up pull up sit up stuff.

And we'd win the weigh in every week!


Oh, give me the power to change the world!

Mango the FruitNut

Here I am, in the middle of the jungle taking a shower under a waterfall:
Waterfall shower

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Anonymous said...

Help me to make this a reality for me. I have been trying hard to become a fruitarian, with little success. However, I have found that each diet or gimmick I try leaves me unfufilled and worse off. Are there any suggestions you have to guide me to the Nirvana of fruitarianism?!? And once I have a successful go at it, how long will it be before I experience weight loss?

P.s. Your blog is fantastic!

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi emily,
the trouble is diets have a tendency to fail. I view fruitarianism more as a lifestyle change than a diet. It sometimes difficult for us to get our head around what that really means, but if you can start to look at food more in terms of compassion than food, are choices become more obvious. IE, if we look at a slab of meat and think "meat".. "meal".. "eat".. we tend to struggle with the choice, whereas if we can truly see meat as being "flesh" understand the bloodiness of it's origins, and the role we personally play in manifesting that flesh before us, our choice is more clear.

Similarly, if we can somehow bring ourselves to not see cooked foods as legitimate fair, but rather as something denatured, and no longer really a valid food choice, then again transition can be eased..

Important too, is to know that if we fail, to observe. Watch how the body reacts. Initially the reactions may be subtle, but as time passes, the reactions will become more apparent to us, and our determinations should increase.

Weight loss can be experienced within days of switching to a fruit diet. In fact, if you are overweight, it is pretty much inevitable. The fruit juices will melt away the fat and the toxins, and remaining consistent, you will definitely see good results clearly within a month or so.. of course, if you make mistakes and head for too many nuts, and dried fruit, the process can be slowed significantly.

Keep reading things that inspire you, and I have every confidence that you can succeed.