Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mango the Fruitarian

I won't be writing my journal here.. that will still be kept at

I'll just be blogging random thoughts on life in general here..
- anything I deem relevant at the time.

I'm still on a fruit only diet and feeling good for it.

Spread the word,

Mango the fruitarian.

This is me in 2004 - Thailand Jungle.
Sitting on a rock in the middle of a jungle

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Anonymous said...

that is great, why not post, yeah! FRUITARIAN BLOGS, more for me to read!

ps I still think there is nothing superior to us human, :)


Fruitarian Mango said...

HI Suvine,
yes.. the world needs more fruitarian blogs!!

and i'm not exactly sure i can agree about us being in no way superior.. As I believe I mentioned before, dogs have a superior sense of smell, bats a superior sense of hearing, pigeons a superior sense for direction, eagles generally out pass us in vision.. I think it's only fair that humans should be superior at something too!

All I can agree is that overall, as a species, we are not superior.. much as you are not superior to me, and I am not superior to you, although we may clearly both be superior to one another at certain individual tasks..

ps but fruit is definitely a superior food!

Anonymous said...


Of course we are superior! Do you know any other animal beside the human being who went to the moon? I don't. But we are using our intelligence for bad purposes & mostly to get a quick profit. We are destroying our own earth and soon we won't be able to live in our own land. So what our creativity & intelligence is worth into that context? Suvine You never answered my emails! :) Must be busy in your new accounting job lol.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
I guess my reluctance to agreeing that anything (at all) is superior to anything else, is because it is such a sweeping all encompassing comparison. Am I superior to you, because I have mastered differentiation and 370 Assembler, which you perhaps haven't? Are you superior to me because you perhaps have mastered the piano? (something I'm unlikely to ever do, even if given lessons)..

There're always things that we will each be better at than others, and this is the case between different animal species too.. sure humans have accomplished many things that other animals haven't, but I personally don't think this warrants us being classified as superior.

Like you said, despite all our superior intelligence, we are on a terrible path of self destruction. Odd, I don't see dolphins making the same mistakes..Perhaps because they lack the thumbs! :)

and you haven't?

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to not being inferior to the superior intellectual, as I think we are all made up of the same intelligence.