Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why fruit is the perfect food for mankind.

Evidence of our fruitarian natures:

1. Simply nothing tastes as good in it's raw natural state as fresh ripe good quality edible fruit.
2. Other than fasting, nothing cleanses us internally as does fruit.
3. Nothing else is as easy on the environment as fruit tree growing.
4. It is the food that the body finds easiest and quickest to digest.
5. The tree wants you to eat it's fruit. Doing so, with an appreciative frame of mind, will yield the highest results of giving the seed a good chance of cared survival.
5. Fruit is the highest of all foods. Both physically and spiritually.
6. Anatomically we are fruitarian beings.
7. A broad range of good quality fruits, cover all our physiological needs.
8. Little is as colourful and pleasing to the eye as a broad range of rainbow coloured fruits.

Mango the fruitarian.
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kveta said...

sweet mango,

well said, i so agree with you. raw fresh fruit is the perfect food for people. surely most beautiful, yummy and powerful.


rogelio jose said...

I believe, we mankind, are the most flexible and adaptable when it comes to food. We have all the abilities and capabilities to eating any edible materials from earth. The best and the perfect food for man is all that is available in his habitat.