Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks Giving

Thanks to Lori Walker for the following message:

We have "thanksgiving" here in the states,
- celebrating the near genocide of the native peoples of this land.

I think it should be a day to consider the pain, terror and indignities caused to these people and others, in the wrenching away of this country.

A little empathy for the victims caught in the continued horror in the middle east couldn't hurt.

Instead we slaughter a poor innocent bird, eaten in about 90% of the households and teach our children that we taught the Indians to pray to some white god and they were thankful.

THIS, is the day of all days, in Amerikkka, where people should eat only fruit.
One day, to consider the devastation and add no harm, seems the very least the people of this country could do as a show of atonement.

Who knows, maybe it would catch on.

A real thanksgiving feast- a truck load of durian:
IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0153.JPG picture by mangodurian

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