Friday, November 16, 2007

Topsy-Turvy World - 1 - Mc Happy days!

Proof that the world's gone mad.

There's this ad running here on TV at the moment.. that for every burger you eat, $1 will be donated toward cancer or similar irrelevant research.

What irony! Considering that the very wares being peddled cause the diseases they are supposedly supporting trying to find a cure for..

So smug, or ignorant, in their stance, they are, that they appear to have no fear even, that the men in white jackets should ever really succeed.. Because to do so, would clearly mean the unavoidable downfall and destruction of their own business..!?

Hah! But what chance do we really have of the cancer research people ever really understanding the truth? Indeed would they even want to? How many years have they supposedly been trying? How many millions of dollars are squandered annually in this in vain attempt to combat a wrong that can never be righted through drugs, surgery or chemotherapy (indeed these things alone can often cause the onset of cancer!).

Clearly, (to me at least), only the removal of cause will have any real profound lasting beneficial effect.

The sad reality is that a vast amount of people out there will see such research as being humane, and will support their endevours through meaningless donations, while stepping slowly toward the edge of the cliff themselves.

We truly live in a mad mad world.

PS Here's some real food.. delicious red pawpaw:
red pawpaws

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