Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paul Wodzak

Ever wondered what happened to Paul Wodzak?

Born in Northampton, England, grew up in Wellingborough, Northants, Went to St. Pauls, Our Ladys, Oakroyd and Westfield School..

Worked at Weatherbys of Wellingborough, Gulf Oil at London's Marble Arch, Britannia Music Company in Ilford Essex..

Moved to Germany and worked for Grace GMBH in Worms, then Christian Mikkelsens Institute in Bergen, Norway and Finally as an IBM system programmer for IBMs environmental research center, BSC.. ?

Well.. he grew up..

Became a hippy and nature loving fruit juicing fruitarian.

After leaving Sillyvization behind, living on the road for over a year carrying all his worldly possessions with him on a push bike, travelling through many countries and loosing his shoes.

He changed his name to Mango, and is currently living down under in Australia.

Read more about him(me) here:

My Brief Intro

Want to catch up with me? I'm also on Facebook, under the name "mangodurian elfrugivoro"..

UPDATE - 22nd August 2010:

I'm living in the tropics of Far North Queensland, on the edge of a town called Mareeba. together with my partner and fellow fruitarian, Kveta. I have now have a permanent residency visa for Australia. We are hanging out for a place to be manifested for us.. somewhere secluded enough to practise naturism, and with land enough to plant and care for our own fruit trees.. Difficult when you've been living the past 20 years as a vagabond with restricted cash flow..

In my spare time, I'm writing a book on my life and ethics of the fruitarian diet..

If you want to get in touch, either leave a comment here, or head on over to and use the email form there..

Some interviews taken with me:

ABC Radio Interview
Rudolf Sappel interviews me
Oprah people interview me
Emiles Fruitarian Video Documentary intro

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Anonymous said...

Wodzak hallo?


Anonymous said...

Holy flesh mountain!

long time no hear, how's life treating you kikki?

Anonymous said...

Yes, often wondered what happened to Paul. Take care. Solveig

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Solveig,
life's been good to me.. I have fond memories of my time spent in Bergen.. Hope life is treating you well too.


Amelia said...

You should blog more offen... uncle!