Thursday, May 08, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 8 - Soap is clean.. Not!

I don't really care what any one says, soap is really just not clean.. It's highly processed and full of chemicals.

Water polluted with soaps and so called cleaning products, dirties and pollutes the earth..

Natural earth on the other hand is fun and cleansing.. A good mud bath can cool you down in the heat of the day, and really cleanse those pores.

I stopped using soap about 22 years ago, and began instead to use just water.. Shortly after that, I quit using shampoo too, and stopped also using detergents and other household cleaning products.. including washing powders..

The most difficult thing was the shampoo, I guess the hair becomes addicted to it, and when one first stops using it, it's like the head craves it or something.. But after just a few weeks, the head somehow adjusts to the lack of the presence of shampoo, and things normalise again..

I really believe that soap is detremental to the skin, aging it prematurely by robbing it of natual oils, and subjecting it to whatever chemicals are contained within the soap..

I know that most of you would probably argue and say that there are environmentally friendly soaps, or that at times, you might believe that the only way to get rid of something is with a soap or a heavy detergent of some kind..

But the reality is probably that so called environmentally friendly soaps are just not as polluting as the other more comercially available ones.. Sure the original raw ingredients may theoretically be relatively harmless, but is the harvesting of them? Or the process they undergo? And the proof of the pudding as they say, is to witness the effect of the soaped up water left overs on the garden.. Will the plants love it, or will they recoil in sufferance?

And as for those times when you're having difficulties with stains.. I say, think twice before bleaching it.. Leave the stain be.. Don't be ruled by fashion or by false senses of smartliness.. Every stain gives the clothing history..

Don't offend others with 2nd Hand chemicals


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Unknown said...

I been using Kaffir lime on my hair and skin.No more soap I take a lot of water showers when I dont have limes.I feel soap and shampoo are just like supplements we dont need them but somebody will say buy this it is good for you 99% of the things we buy and are told to buy are wasteful for us and the planet.
Save the earth plant a fruit tree.
Love Peace and Happiness,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Excellent Cherimoya,
I'm glad you mentioned that.. I often use limes, lemons, or aloe vera in my hair.. All of which feel good, and produce clean garden water..

I also rub fruit skins and juice into my skin and find that to be very cleansing and feelgood too..

And you are so right that most of what is sold is really detrimental to the environment and to our own healths..


Frederic said...

Hey Mango when do you want me to start that interview?

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
Give me a couple of days.. I should send you it by late sunday.. hopefully.. sorry.. bit rushed.. but you're not forgotten..

Frederic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Autumn said...

I also left soap & skin care products behind a few months ago.

It's so liberating!

I'm just using up the last of my Toothsoap, but otherwise I am done with everything but naturally grown SoapNuts for the laundry.

I have also been using lemon or orange juice in my hair as a transitional phase...but other then vanity, I'm lazy, & totally looking forward to letting that go as well & just using water. Of course I think staying raw & high in fruits is key for me. My hair will continue to normalize just beautifully. Actually since I very first stopped with the shampoo (about the time my profile pic was taken in March) I've liked the way my hair behaves much better (did I say I was vain...yah)

(also known around here as autumnrain :)

Anonymous said...

I also use soapnuts for laundry and household cleaning, as well as shampoo and bathing!
I also use good ol' baking soda and vinegar for cleaning, and baking soda for deodorant!