Thursday, May 01, 2008

Useful Website - 10 - Find the answer to a question.

The internet is great for doing just that.. Most things you can find an answer to, by just typing in your question into the google search engine, or by searching within wikipedia, but if what your after is more like advice, or something too technical, or something you just can't quite find with google or another search engine, then you could try asking your question on one of the many question and answer websites..

I know of 3 that you could try, there are probably more too, feel free to comment if you know of others..

These are the ones that I know of:

1. Answer Bag
2. Yahoo Answers
3. Fun Advice

Computer says no!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, there's the "how stuff works" site also, with GENERAL info on certain technical things that one might wonder about.

Well, I wouldn't count on total 100% accuracy to this thing. Merely treat it like another Wikipedia. =-p

Wo Dao

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Wo Dao,

always appreciate your comments!

PS do you have your own blog or website?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mango,

I actually don't have a public blog at the moment. Only a private one where I vent my guts out in.

Despite restarting my fruitarian path today, I'm just way too aggressive and violent to be considered one, perhaps because of my current situation. Well, worry not.

Maybe once things change a bit later in the future, perhaps I will start a blog. If you check out the iheartfruit forums or some of the commons I posted here..I've shared such venting with other folks...and boy...was I ignored/deserted...I think.. =-p (I gotta find out). And I mean by people who are actually within my locale..hahah


Maybe in the future, once I'm passive, instead of trash-talking on the net, I'll open up a public blog and report back here. Other then that...being one of the few willing people who'd manage the path of fruitarianism we go at now.....we're dangerous..hahah


Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

Woops, about the iheartfruit forums..

They are indeed supportive and all...

I just got back from WWOOF'ing due to personal reasons..

And...haven't reported back there yet. I always end up rambling and venting whenever I get on a roll..hahah

Should check out how nasty and philosophical I get..

Yeah, still finding answers n all..with a few tales to share..

Just a minor heads up. =-p


Wo Dao