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Fruitarian Interview - 18 - PomeGranate

This is the 18th in a series of interviews with fruitarians..

PomegranateHi Pomegranate,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!

Could you please start off by telling us a little about yourself, how old you are, where you are living/grew up?

I appreciate this opportunity to speak -- thank you Mango.

I am at present living in sandiego --. i feel i am a timeless universal being.

May I ask What kind of diet did you grow up with? Could you give us a rough idea of what you used to eat on an average day?

When the consciousness of who i am was latent -- i ate a south indian diet. There would be varieties of rice dishes and vegatables/fruits--occasionally non veg.

Compare that to now, what does a typical days food intake look like for you now?

Now i enjoy biophoton rich fruits -- avocados, oranges, loquats. apricots, jujube (whatever is in season) generously supplied by my tree family in our home orchard-

So when did things start to change for you? Did you progress slowly to vegetarianism, veganism, raw food and fruitarianism, or was it more of a sudden change for you?? What sparked those changes?

Its been a natural, gradual awakening -- my body is my guide -- it's important to listen to ones body's level of comfort and respond appropriately.

Has anyone else in your family made such changes??

Everyone has been at least for some length of time enjoyed/experienced fruitarianism. The difficulty lies in sustaining that despite the constraints of prevalent culture. I do trust that everyone will open their real eyes(realize) so that they can discern for themselves what is nourishing.

So you have complete faith in the 100% fruit diet right?

A fruit diet is the most ethical as long as one relies on eating.

Can you tell us a little about your health before and after? What about your weight, any major changes?

I enjoy excellent health-always have - i danced in joy with my new baby some 15 minutes after giving birth. Except during pregnancy my weight is constant.

So you have children?

This form has been the doorway to the emergence of two beings.

What do your husband and kids think of your choices of food?

Occasionally there is concern -- since i am not always able to rationalize/vocalize why something feels right for me intuitively.

Do you feel completely satisfied eating the way you do, or do you sometimes crave other foods?

in the past-During emotional challenge -- i used to feel a compulsion to seek comfort in a bowl of rice and lentils - now -- iam more strongly established in my freedom to truly choose what i eat.

I am satiated at all levels.

What was the cooked food you found most difficult to give up?

rice and daal was the deepest part of my food programming that needed to be reprogrammed.

Do you feel any needs to supplement your diet at all?

no supplements.

You have your own orchard right? Do you find that gives you most of what you need, or do you shop around elsewhere too?

the orchard is my supportive family. -- I experience nourishment physically, emotionally, aesthetically -- intellectually -- spiritually amongst these precious WHOLESOME(HOLY) living beings that humanity calls trees/plants.

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting?

They are perfect gifts -- i am so grateful

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

until recently i would share my joy and excitement about my diet with people and urge them affectionately -- to my surprise and bewilderment -- i got angry responses, - i was accused of being judgemental -- now i am more cautious -- but my previous friendships have fallen away.

So how would you answer their questions?

i used to speak with sincerity - with vehemence and urgency - it was my innocence.

i still care, but refrain from speaking -- unless i am specifically asked.

i entrust everyones welfare to the universe.

From the human health concern perspective -- since science is subjective, there will always be many logical reasons to eat or not eat one thing or another.

Do you have a favourite fruit?

whatever is in season tastes best.

So you are getting enough to eat there?

Yes. california is wonderful.

Can you recall the first time you tried any particular fruit?

this morning i got some plumquats. they are smaller than plums. The tree that gifted these fruit is small in stature -- i am surprised to find so much fruit nestled in it.

THE Fruit is cool ruby red, smooth in texture and ever so juicy -- heavenly angel food!

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

I feel very cherished -- where ever i am placed -- will be sufficient.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??

I enjoy excellent health--can dance for hours if i wish and often do!

The universe is a living conscious entity -- like me --it reflects my intentions back at me.

The fruitarian diet and lifestyle are perfectly ethical and support life.

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

i am living proof -- trust no one, but the wisdom innate in your own body.

i would wish to encourage everyone to question what is accepted as norm.

Finally, is there anything you'd like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

I am so excited and happy for aspiring fruitarians.

An exquisite world of aliveness, sensitivity and joy are yours.

It's so simple --- when your choices support life around you -- the universe automatically supports the life in you. It is a mirror of intentionality.


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Anonymous said...

This is a lovely interview PomeGranate (which is Your preferred spelling, as I saw another one with an i at the beginning of the interview?)

Alu gobi was My biggest attachment (although I didn't grow up on it, I did grow up on cauliflower and potatoes cooked and associate those foods with My mother).

I especially like what You wrote: "It's so simple --- when your choices support life around you -- the universe automatically supports the life in you. It is a mirror of intentionality."

It must be wonderful to be pregnant and fruitarian.