Monday, June 23, 2008

Useful Widget - 1 - Translate my blog to other languages.

For those of you that are unclear.. Widgets are generally comprised of a few short lines of code (usually javascript), that you insert into your webpage. Their reasons for being, are to add additional functionality to your website..

The widget I'm about to show you, will enable you to translate your webpage (or blog) into 1 of about 29 different languages..

OK.. Automatic translation is far from perfect, but is constantly being improved upon.

I remember hearing a story once, of how this translating program, that translated english to russian, and back again, was once fed the sentence:

The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak..

The program blinked and came up with a sentence in Russian.. The user then took the Russian sentence, and asked the program to translate it back into English..

Another blink, and the program said:

The vodka is good, but the meat is bad..

So..With that in mind.. don't expect any machine translation to be flawless, (often far from it!) but if you still want to get your blog translated, all you have to do is copy and paste the following lines of HTML into your blog:

I've already inserted the code in this blog.. - You can see it to the top right of this page, (provided you haven't turned off javascript in your browser) underneath the Paypal button..

If you need to translate from any language other than English,then you'll need to follow the instructions on the google page (see the link under the displayed widget)

Just choose your language, and press go..

Elephant painted onto the artists hand
Elephant painted onto the artists hand


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Anonymous said...

lol i just tried it. Too funny

Anonymous said... offers a way to translate blogs with the help of human translators.