Friday, June 06, 2008

Useful Website - 12 - Alternative to Ebay

Are you looking for a way to sell whatever it is you are selling online, but finding the ebay fees to be too much??

Well, there is a recent addition to the online auction/selling websites available to use now..

It's called WigiX, and you can reach it here:

image-thumb6.png image-thumb6.png picture by mangodurian

It's a true Ebay competitor, and with it you can gain access to affordable items without having to deal with unwanted fees or long bidding processes as is the case with ebay..

Wigix stands for WantItGotItExchange, and is a very recent promising alternative auction website, to Ebay..

Taken from their website, their policy looks promising and more appealing than EBays:

image-thumb8.png image-thumb8.png picture by mangodurian

PS If you are Australia based, you might also want to check out an australian ebay equivelant: ESWAP.COM.AU

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Anonymous said...

another good one is

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous..

I'd..another free auction site is: