Sunday, June 01, 2008

Useful Program - 4 - Get a free copy of LInux

Are you one of the growing number of people dissatisfied with Microsoft Windows and all the faults it has..

Excessive slowness at times, bugs, system crashes, cryptic messages.. Maybe even the fact that you may be running a version illegally.. A copy of XP or Vista that was never really paid for or registered..

Well, I've had experience with much of the above, and had my fair share of frustrated cursing sessions..

versions of Windows XP, off the rack, can cost several hundred dollars US, and I imagine the same goes for Windows Vista, and no doubt there'll be no decrease in price once Windows 7 (Microsofts follow on to Vista due to be released in a few years) hits the streets..

So now I'm considering switching to Linux..

For those not in the know, Linux is an alternative operating system to XP and the rest of the Microsoft stuff..

The most attractive thing about Linux is it's 100% free!! If you are geeky enough, you can even get the source code for it..

- Nothing's hidden!!

There are several Linux Distributions available for downloading for free off the internet (possibly 100s!), but for many of us, downloading a DVD sized program may be just too time consuming, so I've got an even simpler solution for getting hold of a couple of the many Linux versions that are available out there..


UbuntuI'm told that the Ubuntu distro is one of the easiest Linux's for beginners to handle.. I've played around with it a little myself, but never really had the opportunity to fully familiarize myself with it.. At a glance, it is very similar looking to Windows (although under the hood, far smoother!)..

If you want to get hold of a DVD for free, you can do so via:

They'll send one right to your snail mail address, completely free of charge..

2. Oracle Unbreakable Linux

oracleThe same goes for this Linux Distro, someone out there is being very generous, and shipping DVDs worldwide at no cost..

No doubt Bill Gates will still die stinking rich though..

anyhow, get your free oracle unbreakable linux on DVD, directly to your postbox, here:


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Anonymous said...

it's been a while since posting here. =-p

FINALLY! The hop to GNU/Linux I see..hahah

there's loads of other distros in progress. ArkLinux is good, though really concentrated on easy usage, especially to novice users. But you really won't have a total grip on the system critical files, as it's merely "automatic" as a way of safety.

I'm currently using "Absolute Linux" which is like a "simplified Slackware." Which Slackware's one of the mega distros out there. Though it may seem hard to use at first..but you'll get how it works once you really try things with it.

*beh* I got tons more to say.

You'll be fascinated with the stories of how the GNU/Linux system came to be. Just check out and other'll finally be aware of what's going on out there, despite how complicating and "technical" it sounds to the general public.

I made my change about a year ago, and I never regretted it one bit.

I got my own tips and tricks and sources. Need any help? I'll concentrate on being around, I hope. =)

Wo Dao